New evidence of GM crop danger

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PostWed May 02, 2012 5:34 pm » by Drjones

Ok, folks, hope all is well with you, wherever on this fine globe you are.
Anyway was reading this health article actually based on the actions of Vitamin A, please read on.

Researchers find potential 'dark side' to diets high in beta-carotene ... -high.html :rtft:
''The research also has implications for efforts to bio-engineer staple crops in developing countries so they contain excess beta-carotene, which is considered a sustainable way to provide these populations with pro-vitamin A. Existing projects include production of golden rice in Asia, golden maize in South America and cassava in Africa.

"A concern is that if you engineer these crops to have unusually high levels of beta-carotene, they might also have high levels of these compounds," Harrison said.

- He's basically talking about 'these compunds' as cancer causing, clearly evident from the studies this IS what happens. Furthermore with regards to vitamin A and this research the scientists were using SYNTHETIC molecules, not nature made, hence all the negative reactions observed my opinion. Furthermore, i have to add i often find scientists to be some of the dumbest human beings on Earth. :bang;

'Curley manufactured a series of beta-carotene-derived molecules in the lab that match those that exist in nature.'
- That's the illusion, the molecule may appear identical but it is NOT, it will not have the vibrational energy or god force if you will when man makes it on his own, in nature a symphony of harmonious high vibrational enery energises the molecule, we don't have a machine that can see this but from my own experience i KNOW this to be true and this is the best way i can put it. Nature has the god force behind it, man made laboratory molecules, not good. Also nature always has an orchestra of other elements present in food/produce.

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