New Film ‘Machete’ Evokes Race War

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PostMon May 10, 2010 12:47 am » by Futuju

this is stupid :bullshit:

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PostMon May 10, 2010 12:53 am » by Thesaint

You know I have argued with people about how I though AJ was a hero but (and especially recently after certain members have brought things to my attention, too long to go into now) but I really am doing a u-turn. I am convinced that AJ is a total shill. After seeing that information about the AJ backers and it seems to be totally correct, there is something unsettling about the whole AJ situation. Drextin was right and I used to think he was talking bollocks about AJ but now I feel stupid. Also thank you to that person who opened my eyes, you know who you are I am more convinced than ever. All those AJ believers PLEASE look at that video posted recently about AJ and disney and then try and debunk it. I've tried and I can not. If you wanted to gauge peoples feelings and could do nothing to stop those feelings, what method would you employ to absorb all that anger while at the same time get PRE warnings of the state of the national psych. Would you not put someone to speak on your behalf and be seen to be ON YOUR SIDE. Once you come to trust that person would it not be easier for that person to alter your perspective in times of crisis.

It's one of the oldest tricks in the book it was done with unions who were working for the management but were seen to represent the workers. When the workers had a grievance they relied on the union. The union (for a price) would talk the workers into accepting half or less than the workers demanded. The more the union bosses saved the management the greater the bung to those union bosses. Ask yourselves this, if information was going to come out anyway then if you shout the loudest about that info you are seen to be on the side of the people. The more you look that way the more those people will take their anger out by having you as the sponge. We all have at sometime thought that Alex acted out of character for someone who was for the people. And we know that sometimes he has been economical with the truth but as fans we have made excuses. But I'm sorry there is something not right with this picture. Has he ever told us something that was exclusive to him that someone else out there didn't know. Does he get high profile coverage when he does something that looks as though it's for us. Does the very people he fights against allow him, no even encourage him to run his empire. NO, YES, YES. Look at this vid again and like me try and see if you disagree with what you see on the screen. It's mind boggling.
Thanks to the DOC for first showing us this vid.

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PostMon May 10, 2010 12:55 am » by Reinaul

gov using hollywood to divide and always
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