New game coming out -- Dark Void -- Based on Real conspiracy

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PostSat Jan 16, 2010 11:57 am » by Terrac1de512

This game looks awesome, complete with the "Watchers" from ancient texts, the Bermuda Triangle, inter dimensional aliens, Vortexes to other dimensions,Nicola Tesla, etc.. the game makes full use of Nvidia Phys-x technology too.
check out the developer interviews for the back story..
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PostWed Jan 27, 2010 6:00 am » by Iamcare

I was going to do a post about this game!
The game is shit and curse you Capcom for going so monumentally downhill in the last few years but the story is fuckin spot on!

First level goes like this.

it's 1937, Dude crashes his plane in bermuda triangle due to electrical disturbance, ends up somewhere looking suspiciously like the hollow earth.
there he finds a cargo cult of other survivors worshipping a race of technologically advanced beings called the watchers who fly around in saucer shaped craft.
After being attacked by the creatures you flee to a mountain cave where you find none other than nikola tesla sat in front of a huge array of coils and generators who gives you a prototype jetpack he's been working on.
At which point you team up with a few rebels, known as 'adepts' who fought off the watchers long ago, and take on a huge robotic beast called the 'Archon'

The loading screens say things like

"The watchers have been helping the fascists, and driving humanity toward world war"

"All humans have hidden potential, adepts can tap into that potential and use their powers for the benfit of mankind"

"The survivors are building an ark to escape the void, the location of the ark is a closely guarded secret"

and thats just the first level, I'm currently helping tesla find his 'directed energy weapon' which will power the ark.
I played the whole game with a bit of a :think: face.
And I know they put this shit in videogames aaaaaall the time, but this is easily the most blatant I've ever seen.

Interestingly on the day the game was released, Nasa unvelied it's first ever personal flight suit:
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But again, the game is shit, play mass effect 2 instead, interestingly subtitled (fight for the lost)
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PostWed Jan 27, 2010 6:11 am » by Castortroy

Whether it's this or the movie Legion or whatever.... they are bits of truth coated with a generous amount of pure BS.
More or less, based on truth but overwhelmingly LESS. In this case virtually none.

Just trying to cash in on things that are coming to light now. Just like everything else. "greys are good, the others are bad". OK.... good luck with that.

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