NEW Image of Nessie (video available)

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Hello Nessie, it must be that time of year... amateur photographer snaps 'large black object' moving beneath waters of Loch Ness

By Hugo Gye

PUBLISHED: 07:28 EST, 26 August 2013

An amateur photographer has captured an eerie photo from the shore of Loch Ness which could encourage those who believe in tales of a monster living beneath the surface of the lake.

The image was taken by David Elder at Fort Augustus, at the south-west end of the 23-mile-long body of water in northern Scotland.

It shows a long bow wave apparently caused by some sort of disturbance on the surface of the loch.


Mystery: This bizarre picture of an unexplained phenomenon was taken from the shore of Loch Ness

The 50-year-old photography enthusiast insists the only thing that could have caused it is 'a solid black object under the water'.

Mr Elder, from East Kilbride in Lanarkshire, was able to take still photos as well as filming a video of the mysterious scene.

'We were at the pier head at Fort Augustus and I was taking a picture of a swan at the time,' he said.

'Out of the corner of my right eye I caught site of a black area of water about 15ft long which developed into a kind of bow wave.



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Swamp gas.. nothing to see ere

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Weather balloon

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This is one of the only videos I uploaded to test the youtube uploader

It looks ALOT like the same creature

This one is from Iceland.....

Lagarfljót Worm

uploaded: Jun 12, 2012
Hits: 590


The Lagarfljótsormur, Lagarfljót worm, (or simply Iceland Worm Monster) is an Icelandic lake cryptid which is purported to live in Lagarfljót in Egilsstaðir. Sightings have been logged since 1345 and continue in the 20th and 21st century, and an origin of the creature is given in Jón Árnason's collection of Icelandic folktales and legends published in 1862 and 1864.

The serpentine creature is said to live and often be sighted raising its back above the water in Lagarfljót,[1][2] a freshwater, below-sea-level, glacial-fed lake which has very poor visibility as a result of siltation.[3] It is described as longer than a football field, or 300 feet (91 m), and has also been reported outside the water, lying coiled up or slithering into the trees.[4] Sometimes it is said to be as long as the lake itself, 30 kilometres (19 mi).[5] It is a "many humps" type of lake monster, rather than the simply serpentine type of, for example, the Loch Ness Monster.[5]

The Lagarfljót Worm has been sighted several times in modern times, including in 1963 by the head of the Icelandic National Forest Service, Sigurður Blöndal, and in 1998 by a teacher and students at Hallormsstaðir School.[5] In 1983, contractors laying a telephone cable measured a large shifting mass near the eastern shore when performing preliminary depth measurements, and when they later retrieved the non-functional cable, found that it was broken where it had lain over the anomaly

Read more: ... z2dGGd6GHG


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There's something in that Locke.

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