New Israeli law will see biggest ethnic cleansing of Arabs

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A highly controversial bill has been passed by a narrow margin in the Israeli Knesset which will lead to the second largest ethnic cleansing of Arab Bedouins since 1948.

The bill, which was recommended in 2011, is called the Prawer Plan Law. It includes the expropriation of 80000 hectares of Arab land in the Negev Desert and grants the Israeli Authorities strict enforcement mechanisms, such as implementing forced evictions and home demolitions without judicial outcomes. Any complaints will be left to the authority of the Israeli Prime-minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who gave full support to the bill as part of his policy to expand Israeli settlements in the area.

The bill will further see the ethnic cleansing of 30,000 Bedouins from their homes.

Abbas Further argued that although Israel has proposed a 50% compensation, the Arab Bedouin community will receive less than 16%, and Israel has disregarded the indigenous Arab Bedouins historic ties to their land.

The bill was passed by a margin of 43 in favor and 40 against, leading to a heated debate in parliament.

Arab member of the Knesset Ahmad Tibi criticized the bill stating that this was the biggest ethnic cleansing of the Arab Bedouins. He said "This is an usurping bill! It expels people from their lands and homes for the second and third time after the tragedy of 1948." MK Jamal Zahalka walked out of the Knesset in protest stating "This is not a bill, it's a strangling," Both were unavailable for comment following the bill's passage. The law was endorsed by the Israeli right wing Minister of Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat and Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein who said they would file a complaint against Zahalka to the Knesset Ethics Committee for protesting the bill.

Israel has proven again, that by passing this law it will not only continue to expand its illegal settlements but remain defiant against peace talks brokered by its ally the US. According to Arab Knesset members, this bill will lead to the biggest ethnic cleansing of Arabs since 1948.

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