New Jersey UFO Investigations: UFO over nuclear power plant

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SALEM NUCLEAR PLANT UPDATE – On April 17, 2009, a UFO was observed not far from the plant above its electrical power transmission lines. Investigation has determined that two towns near the UFO sighting location had electrical blackouts about the same time as the sighting. Thanks to Bill Levine

CHATHAM I awoke at 1:30 AM, and looked out toward the western sky on June 2, 2009, and saw a large reddish-golden orb hovering above the trees. Initially, I thought the object was the moon, but upon returning to the window several moments later it was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport

ATLANTIC CITY Louis Cataldi writes, “On June 30, 2009, I was crabbing when I saw the silver cigar shaped object at 3:54 PM, to the southwest behind the Ventnor Water Tower. I was by the water wall at 123 Kingston Avenue and saw it about three miles away. The object disappeared from view after 30 seconds in cloudy sky with a bright sun shining through. I am sending this report from my cell phone as I do not have a home pc. Thanks to Louis Cataldi,

PLEASANTVILLE. I am 22 years old and very smart, so I will try my best to make this report brief. On June 29, 2009, at 4:40 AM, I was about to fall asleep sleep when I noticed an unusually bright star outside my window. I realized that the star’s light wasn’t staying the same, it was changing brightness, getting brighter, then dimmer. I noticed a blinking light on the left side and a brighter blinking light on the right. I looked around and saw a real star in the background. I knew that the one blinking light on the left was far too dim to identify as a plane. The blinking light on the right was not set to a perfect sequence or timing. It came off and on, but again, much too slow to identify it as some type of human aircraft. The object had several random tiny specks of light blinking all around it. I watched the hovering object until 5:20 AM, as the night became day and the star-like object disappeared. I completely ruled out a helicopter, plane, flare, star, or satellite since the object was hovering several centimeters horizontally and vertically and not stationary. This object was hovering at a very high altitude for over 30 minutes before disappearing.

The UFO I had seen last summer was also a star-like object, but shot off at incredible speed. The other was a Black Triangle that I saw three years ago between March-April about 9:30 PM. It had no visible lights and was flying low under the clouds with complete silence. I had a feeling that it was a foreign object not from this world. Thanks to MUFON CMS

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