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PostThu Jul 12, 2012 10:58 pm » by Willease

Rkobilan wrote:@Willease666 No drugs here. Just been reading everything posted here for the past two years. You mean to tell me that in your mind you can't grasp and electromagnetic pulse being sent from three satellites (Cut, Lob, Fix) that send a beam/pulse not visible to the human eye. Yet shows up as a light ball when flying around creating the circle on camera?

The Earth herself is an electromagnetic spheroid Willease. The plants, animals and even you can tell which way is North from the various amounts of magnetite in our/their brains and spines.

Please explain to me why you have such a problem with this. Is it not plausible knowing that there are at least 13,500 satellites orbiting this earth, some with holographic capabilities?

Your comment struck me as funny that's all.
If you can imagine that there are satellites creating crop circles, that's fine. At least it's the most original explanation I've ever heard.
I too have followed this for years and have spent countless hours researching the phenomenon. But I have never seen any proof that they are anything but man made...which would include your theory.

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PostThu Jul 12, 2012 11:15 pm » by Cognoscenti

@ Rkobilan: I appreciate you ability to think outside the box. However, all evidence points to a non-human intelligence as the creator of the phenomenon. What is required to disregard the Human Satellite Microvwave theory is the fact that the CC phenomenon has tapped humanity many times in recorded human history as if to ask: Are we ready for contact?. Or, in my theory, perhaps their purpose in historical times was only to give credibility to the fact that crop circles are NOT unique in human history, and therefore the modern era of crop circles is not simply a product of avante garde human artistic expression.
Dr. Robert Plot, a chemist and the curator of the Museum at Oxford wrote a detailed account of crop circles in his book "The Natural History of Staffordshire" which was published in 1686. In it he provided diagrams of simple circles, ringed circles, circles inscribed in squares, and spirals, complete with diagrams. After his study he claimed their origin had to be atmospheric and he hypothesized "shaped thunderbolts" as the causative energy. No humans at that time would have dared to claim their creation for fear of being buned at the stake for practicing witchcraft. Colin Andrews inteviewed many farmers in southern England that reported crop circles on their farms since the late 50's, certainly prior to the development of the kind of satelllite technology that you suggest. In addition the largest category of CCs which show religious symbology or mandalas and then placed in fields for all to see does not fit the military mentality. And why would they need to continue testing for at least the last thirty years? At the same time, when enquired, the military denies any interest in the phenomenon. This claim has also been documented as false in Colin Andrew's book "Government Circles" in which he provides documentation that the Queen and Parliament and the military are quietly very interested in investigating the mystery of crop circles, but they don't want you to know it.

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PostFri Jul 13, 2012 12:00 am » by Shemagh

The Tully Saucer Nests, Australia 1966. The inspiration for Bower and Chorley to create their intricate designs, and inspired all the others that followed. Humans have the capacity to produce the most incredible art, in all forms. Why do some people find that so hard to understand. These crop circles were created by us, humans, we should be proud of it, instead of trying to prove we could not possible have done it.


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PostFri Jul 13, 2012 12:12 am » by Thewatcher

This is an intriguing subject crop circles.

I am of the belief that yes probably the majority are fake, " like the one the OP has posted IMO",

But then i see ones like this and think hmmmm interesting,

Upload to

Very much open to debate the crop circle subject I must say.
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PostFri Jul 13, 2012 2:18 am » by The57ironman

willease666 wrote:I too have followed this for years and have spent countless hours researching the phenomenon. But I have never seen any proof that they are anything but man made....


so you definitely don't believe in the

''cheney - halibuton micro-wave haarp earthquake hurricane mind-control machine'' .. :mrgreen:

.....does anybody remember where frutty stood on that..?.. :mrgreen:

.....cropcircle theory is fun to think about.. :cheers:
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PostTue Jul 17, 2012 1:16 pm » by Rkobilan

@Cognoscenti Very good points. @ Willease666 Roger That!

I will counter by asking what the sphere like object with the two rods sticking out of it is. You know, the one that is in between God and Man painted on the ceiling of the Vatican. Clearly, thinking in the box would show the depiction of a Sputnik like era and style satellite on the ceiling of the Vatican when no such technology existed in that historical period. Or did it and the common man still is clueless to what is really going on?

On DTV there is a plethora of information that Lukas and his group of Mods like squirrels (in a great way) collect and maintain. Within the archives Cognoscenti of pictures, there is a photo of a black box type object over the north pole. Sure looks like are rather large satellite to me (unless it'sused to repel CME's). However. using today's technology that satellite is not captured on any system that tracks them that I can gain access to.

My point is as I stated previously there is much the common man does not know let alone understand. To respond to your thinking out of the box comment... Thank You I take that as a compliment as it was on DTV that I read about Sir Francis Bacon and some of his thoughts. I'll paraphrase one, "It isn't until you look at the earth from afar that you really see what is going on." I took that statement and layered it over what DTV offers like using onion skins to trace but still the entire picture. Not only do I see what is happening on Mother Earth but that thought process allows me to see from other perspectives as well.

This shows technology that has reached the barriers of our solar system and beyond! It shows that us common folk are at the very least, 100 years behind the government science funded projects that we paid for to begin with. It shows collectively how Man as a species has been lied to their entire existence based off of the riches ability to fund, hide and ingest all the knowledge themselves while creating groups to go forth and foster Bull Shit for everyone else to follow.

Like Lemmings if you will or billions of mice in a global maze (of life) or worse, using the onion skin analogy, layer the movie the matrix over the earth showing how 98% are connected to the electronic stimulation, 1% has figured it out that the other 1% runs the whole show.


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