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Hawk you keeping us on our toes?
I read you consider that Nibiru exists yet I'm sure you'd be the first to be well content with an actual fact photo of it in deep space, you remind us to keep wading through the mud to find the real gems which are there even if its once in a blue moon, er I mean a red sun, brown dwarf whatever.
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seahawk100 wrote:
seahawk100 wrote:
vulcanic wrote:Charles Fort never tired of pointing out the mistakes of astronomers. It is hard to explain how 15 noted astronomers, during the years 1645 to 1764, reported observing a satellite of the planet Venus. Its orbit was calculated by the German mathematician Johann Lambert, but it was not reported seen by anyone after March, 1764. It is equally difficult to understand how, beginning in 1762, for more than a century, astonomers reported the existence of a planet even closer to the sun than Mercury. In 1859, a scientist as renowned as Leverrier, who discovered the planet Neptune, announced that he had calculated the orbit of the planet following six observations. This planet was given the name of "Vulcan." The last reported observation of "Vulcan" was in 1876, and it is now said to have never existed.

That is interesting! How could they just dismiss the factual observations of so many astonomers? Do they think that it was some kind of mass, ongoing hallucination or something?

Massive eliptical orbits don't make sense, because they were never seen again. Venus' satelite was observed for 19 years, and then vanished. "Vulcan" was observed for 114 years, and then vanished. The only sense that can be derived from this,is:

1. They were somehow destroyed, by an asteroid, or something else.
2. They were "moved" elsewhere, by some unknown highly superior race of beings from elsewhere in the universe.
3. That they were actually some kind of massive "ships." that were intelligently guided.
4. The instruments of the period were inferior, and caused some kind of inner-lens reflection, under certain circumstances- like maybe with variation of quality and precisness of lens- irregularities between lenses. Why only venus and the sun affected? (by the "satellite" and "Vulcan.") Maybe the particular qualities, or make-up of light emmitted by the Sun and by Venus? Stretching here, but very interesting quandry. I had never heard of this particular piece of atronomical history.

Very interesting, to say the least, Vulcanic. Thanks for sharing.


i agree too with you, i know these astronomers must have saw something and i think your ideas are good :flop:

only other idea i can add is maybe the orbit itself is very odd and it's only visable for a short time every 100 years or more or it got caught in one of our planets orbits and has crashed.

I thought about the odd orbit possibilty, but could it be such a long orbit that it hasn't been seen in 133 years?- and at the same time be such a slow orbit that allowed it to be viewed regularly for 114 years? It seems that you could make sense of one or the other, but together, they seem to contradict that theory. Vulcan would have to have a "long" eliptical orbit, and then circles the sun for 114 years, and then changes it's orbit again- to the long eliptical one. Not feasible.

Plus, if it were closer to the sun than Mercury, which averages 36 million miles from the sun- earth is 93- then how could it possibly have escaped the sun's gravitational pull? The sun's mass is 333,000 x that of earth, and it has a pull 28x the amount of gravity on earth. So if anything, it crashed into the Sun- that's a possibility, I suppose. .

hard to say but it is very interesting.

could the ancients have seen something like this and something on earth happend like claimed gods 1st came have been linked into it?

That, is definately a possibility, if it's true that extraterretrials actually visited/ were here at that time.

its well known that the ancients were obsessed with the heavens and they linked events on earth to the passing stars. this could explain storys of nibiru.

Yeah, if Vulcan/Nebiru, was observed near the sun at that point in history, then it seems reasonble, at least, that maybe it was slowly spiraling inward, toward the sun, due to the Sun's constant gravitational pull. So, perhaps it got to a "nearest' point- where the gravity overwhelmed/out-weighed the equilbrium of balance/distance- in relation to the size of Niberu/Vulcan- and it went quickly spiraling into the sun. It would be interesting to see what kind of anomalous activities were recorded, regarding the sun, at that period of time- 1876

I was looking for info. on solar activity for that time period, but have run out of time.


i found this
Note on the Sun-Spot of April 4, 1876

Top of page
(Communicated by the Astronomer Royal) ON the publication of Herr Weber's observation of a round spot seen on the sun on April 4, reference was made to the photographs taken at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, on the morning of that day, and it was remarked at once that there was a small round spot in a group of faculse near the north-east limb in the place indicated by Herr Weber's observation. The position of the spot has now been measured on the two photographs, which were taken at 2ih.

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PostTue Dec 01, 2009 11:49 pm » by Realorfake

pindz wrote:
mep630 wrote:this is a retarded thread dude. Just more nonsense. Just because you dont believe in something don't make it not true.

cant agree more with Mepster ..

pinzhead, the fact that you agree with someone who didnt read my post in its entirety again continually highlights your never ending illlogical or unhelpful contributions to this place.

in other words, it make u looka dum dum
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PostTue Dec 01, 2009 11:51 pm » by Savwafair2012

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wicked cool. The last few years must of been one hella ride for them.
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In ancient Roman religion and Roman Neopaganism, Vulcan is the god of beneficial and hindering fire,[1] including the fire of volcanoes. He is also called Mulciber ("smelter") in Roman mythology and Sethlans in Etruscan mythology. He was worshipped at an annual festival on August 23 known as the Volcanalia.

Vulcan was identified with the Greek god of fire and smithery, Hephaestus

Vulcan's oldest shrine in Rome, called the "Volcanal", was situated at the foot of the Capitoline in the Forum Romanum, and was reputed to date to the archaic period of the kings of Rome,[2][3] and to have been established on the site by Titus Tatius,[4] the Sabine co-king, with a traditional date in the eighth century BC. It was the view of the Etruscan haruspices that a temple of Vulcan should be located outside the city,[5] and the Volcanal may originally have been on or outside the city limits before they expanded to include the Capitoline Hill.[1] The Volcanalia sacrifice was offered here to Vulcan, on August 23.[2] Vulcan also had a temple on the Campus Martius, which was in existence by 214 BC.[1][6]

The Romans identified Vulcan with the Greek smith-god Hephaestus, and he became associated like his Greek counterpart with the constructive use of fire in metalworking. A fragment of a Greek pot showing Hephaestus found at the Volcanal has been dated to the 6th century BC, suggesting that the two gods were already associated at this date.[3] However, Vulcan had a stronger association than Hephaestus with fire's destructive capacity, and a major concern of his worshippers was to encourage the god to avert harmful fires. His festival, the Vulcanalia, was celebrated on August 23 each year, when the summer heat placed crops and granaries most at risk of burning.[1][7] During the festival bonfires were created in honour of the god, into which live fish or small animals were thrown as a sacrifice, to be consumed in the place of humans.[8] Vulcan was among the gods placated after the Great Fire of Rome in AD 64.[9] In response to the same fire, Domitian (emperor 81–96) established a new altar to Vulcan on the Quirinal Hill. At the same time a red bull-calf and red boar were added to the sacrifices made on the Vulcanalia, at least in that region of the city.[10]

In addition to the Volcanalia on August 23, the date May 23, which was the second of the two annual Tubilustria or ceremonies for the purification of trumpets, was sacred to Vulcan

vulcanic has spoken......

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PostWed Dec 02, 2009 12:07 am » by Seahawk

bladerunner wrote:Hawk you keeping us on our toes?
I read you consider that Nibiru exists yet I'm sure you'd be the first to be well content with an actual fact photo of it in deep space, you remind us to keep wading through the mud to find the real gems which are there even if its once in a blue moon, er I mean a red sun, brown dwarf whatever.

Hey, Blade!

No, not really, just worried about my own toes. Heh heh. But it's fun discussing the possibilities with others that actually think about what they're reading/ saying. Not everyone does that. V. does for sure. Yes, I believe in the possibility- considering all the worldwide documentation, from various historical civilizations, with so many similarities to each other, I can't help but consider it. I have no reasonable proof or corroboration yet, but I still look, listen, and consider it. It's a fascinating subject, that's for sure- imo. Yes, I think that we'd all like to see an actual photo of the real thing. I think. Then, there's the issue of how exactly it would affect us, and earth. I don't wanna go there, though, until I know for sure if it actually exists or not. I think that if I have to die by having a huge planet crash into me, or essentially bake/ freeze us, then I don't think that I'd like to have to think about it for too long in advance- the shorter the better, you know what I mean?

Cheers to ya, Buddy!


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