Nibiru Planet X - ELEnin Dwarf Star 2011

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PostFri Jun 17, 2011 2:00 am » by Boondox681

after reading the thread,i take it you believe NASA's propaganda and take them to be a credible source.
there goes all your credibility. :D


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PostFri Jun 17, 2011 2:15 am » by Relevant1

hybridtheory wrote:
nothingmatters wrote:When will we see Nibiru what date ?

ask nasa for a date! what the foook is a date going to do?
and its all made up huh?
well tell that to the people of peru who got hit by a 6.6 thismorning or the folks that live on the 1/3 of africa thats breaking off into the ocean..
tell that to the super volcano in chili or the massive earthquakes they started dealing with..tell that to japan..
oh no..its all this haarp! lol my fookin people are numb to facts..
i rewmember growing up as a kid the news, press everyone was blowing that story up in 1983..
we went out and got our first telescopes and everything! i was there! lol

the vids i posted are real fake ass bs..

and who the fook sais anything about elenin? nope..i'm talkin planet x..
i'm not harold fookin camping or wtf ever..
i dont make silly predictions..i find the facts and deliver them..but there is so much historical documentation on planet x over the last 8,000 years that dtv would shut down from loss of bandwidth if i tried to put it all here..

so why dont both you fooktards explain why we have these comets comming in more and more each year and increasing in climate change and in pole shift?
why are all the planets doing this and our sun at the exact same time?
do you two numb nutz even know what the Oort cloud is?
were these comets are comming from?
nope ...
cause you block out the truth , dont do your fookin homework..or a couple of disinfo fags..

I remember that Planet X thing back in the early 80's. I was in 3rd grade and we watched it on the news in class.
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