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NASA Artist Impression.

Is it true that our Sun very slowly orbit around itself? Could a binary star a reason?
Is our Sun and its binary star orbiting each other similar to how Pluto and its moon orbit each other? unlike how moon orbit earth.

Most Solar system in our galaxy has one or more binary star companions.
Why would be our Solar System an exception?
Its unlikely that Solar System without binary star would have
planets with elliptical anti-clockwise orbit and tilted North/South pole axis.
Planets in Solar System without binary star would have exactly circular orbit of planets.
yet our solar system has planets in anti-clockwise orbit with somewhat elliptical orbit and tilted axis.
Pluto is good example of elliptical orbit. also suspected as ex-moon of Saturn. What caused pluto to dislodge from Saturn?
Uranus and Neptune planets has very titled Axis as if some Jupiter sized body passed by between Uranus and Neptune Orbit.
Uranus is so tilted on its axis that it rotates on its side and one pole always faces Sun. odd isn't it?
Neptune's axis is tilted 30 degrees.
Venus rotates clockwise yet it has anti-clockwise orbit. very odd.
was Venus orbiting our binary star before and then recently got captured by our Sun some 10,000 years ago?
Even Earth has elliptical orbit which brings it closer to Mars or Venus for some time.
Also Earth Axis titled somewhat because of major Earthquake few years back?
this seems odd because if this was really the case, shouldn't Earth axis tilt somewhat on every major Earthquake? why it doesn't? i think only some large planetary body can cause Axis tilt.
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