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Dear Reader
search Nibiru in sky-map and you will see this ... t_type=bmp

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That pic sure reminds me of this...

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well thanks for the information but all this could be anything.... its like watching a cloud forming some shapes... this is all about imagination... where is solid proof/evidence?????

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PostSun Dec 19, 2010 2:40 pm » by Stratafire

Well as a theory postulated (in this case) is the following..

Lets say that we are dealing with the concept of of "extremely" longevity based Carbon based organic lifeforms (people tend to call Nephilim or other such things) ..

The current form of human DNA was postulated to be able to last 1,000 years as a common, but genetic anomalies and inbreeding have reduced the DNA lattice integrity to about 70 years (averaged), add chemical dependencies and environmental toxicities, and you have variable sea of life ranging from 40 to 100 years..

Now lets go ahead and add the polarity inversion (a common event that happens as proof is forthcoming now from substrates in the geological upheavals of lava formations as an example) ..

Let's say that (as an advancement of a current competing theory) the concept of geological upheavals, climatic changes, and a severe reduction in the atmosphere of this planet (a thinning) which has been shown to have reduced from 400 miles to about 200 miles currently due to the solar interactivity having been reduced until recently, which in turn would be similar to removing a few layers of insulation from a house that is in a near absolute zero temperature condition at all times (it will affect weather patterns and conditions including hydrothermalclines in the oceans depths which affects current flows..

Now if these long living organics have prior knowledge of events that are common occurrences within the natural cycles of this earth we live upon, then they would be able to "condition" the general "short lived" populations of this earth by implantation of false articles of writing, stone carvings, and other various forms of communications, at the demise of each cycles conclusions of the planet, that is to say they could "condition" a more amiable population into believing a specific set of "life" conditions since they would be a physical keeper of prior historical information in comparison with the current events that are unfolding..

The theory is simply, that if there is a "natural" event that happens every so often, then an entire religion, and entire premise of society can be built upon this for each cycle of the planets natural occurrences, with specific information "regulated" to those that "give themselves" over completely to the supposed "gods", who are nothing more then long lived organic entities, who have spent many cycles refining the techniques of population control.

Past civilizations are inherently similar to each other in progression, up to the moment of destruction, with survivors working to set the rules of the new generation, with "pledges" being given a sense of power and control over the new population (same old same old)..

There is subtle hints of an "undertow" of lies and deceit in every "ancient carving" and writing found, and for those articles or physical evidence that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt this to be the case?, they are destroyed or are hidden from sight by the followers of some hidden order of religion (the recent removal of artifacts underneath the sphinx as an example, which was carried out under the guise of night)

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that is nothing,get some real evidence

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