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PostSat Nov 02, 2013 7:37 pm » by Mr.Manunnaki

Cool blog about the Blue and Red Kachina.. ... 9444,d.bGE

The Sumeriens and Hopi connection...

The stone tablets of the Hopi..not sure if they contain Nibiru info, but a good addition... ... 9444,d.bGE

Gregg Jenner Nibiru. ... 9444,d.bGE

Info on the seas heating up,although its mainstream..i thought i would add in relation to the unusual weather side of things... ... 16297.html

Quote by Velikovsky...
"The evidence is also overwhelming that the great global catastrophes were either accompanied or caused by shifting of the terrestrial axis or by a disturbance in the diurnal and annual motions of the earth. The shifting of the axis could not have been brought about by internal causes, as the proponents of the Ice Age theory in the nineteenth century assumed it was; it must have occurred, and repeatedly, under the impact of external forces.
Thus for the geological evidence we came to the conclusion to which we had also arrived traveling the road of historical and literary traditions of the peoples of the world - that the earth repeatedly went through cataclysmic events of a global scale, that the cause of these events was an extraterrestrial agent, and that some of these cosmic catastrophes took place only a few thousand years ago."

I want to add some more about him another time,and im looking into ice core data as well.....

continiued.... :flop:

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PostSat Nov 02, 2013 7:48 pm » by Mr.Manunnaki

This is interesting,an article about Russian D.U.M.B.S. gets you thinking..

An article by Zeta talk...again, if you can get past the stigmatism, there are some noteworthy points included in this...

Some stuff about the Dogon and Zulus,about their interpretation of what many Tribes/cultures describe as this 'Dark Star/Sun' and its effects and the signs it brings...

i've got some more links, but i guess i should save some for next time...peace.. :cheers:

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PostSun Nov 03, 2013 4:51 am » by Temps13

Thanks Man,I'll check these links out.
Veliskovsky is mentioned a lot by a great many writers on these subjects,I also agree the Earth had its tilt I see no reason it wouldn't occur's bound to..
Not sure about the Hopi but it does seem the Anasazi were trying to avoid aerial detection by somebody or other..
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PostSun Nov 03, 2013 4:38 pm » by Mr.Manunnaki

No worries Temps...Just thought i would add a few links here,sorry to overload.. but this is the best place for them i suppose..the Authors here, have noticed that there might be a representation of Nibiru in bank notes,an interesting observation :think: ... -iraq.html ... -iraq.html

This is quite some videos and informamation about the Annunaki,Nibiru,,artifacts so on....

Theres some interesting points in this article,i thought i would put it up although there are certain things i disagree with.. ... ssue-8.pdf

This one contains representations of the seven 'Stars/Moons' as Andy Lloyd has mentioned,about Nibiru..quite a good article.. ... to-nibiru/

Something extra you might also like here T, about the Annunaki and alchemy... ... 9444,d.bGE

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PostSun Nov 03, 2013 6:56 pm » by AuroraNemesis

Hi Guys :wink:

I thought I'd try a little mental excersize in light of everything everything we've discussed. This may not be directly related to Nibiru, but it does have to do, in a way, with ancient aliens (the Annunaki or whatever they mau be called), and ultimately with the TRUTH that we are all seeking.

Temps, the tables you posted with the reigns and lifespans of the kings, assuming that the years stated have been calculated correctly, does lead to the inevitable question: how on earth (no pun intended) did they live so long.

Manu you mentioned going deeper into the conspiracy theories and how someone is stopping us from being all that we can and withholding the true nature of reality.

I think we can all agree that human potential has, (and continues to be to this day) been deliberately curbed, our DNA has been culled (90%-97% of non coding DNA sequences), our mental and psychic abilitites locked. We have shown accounts of a golden age of man, where death and the fear of it, was not such an issue, and our abilities flowed freely.

You have brought in here a score of valuable information, amonst which is the symbolism of the Freemasons and the secrets they hold, as well as other similar secret societies, the Cathars, Alchemy, etc.

I have recenlty posted from Bramley's Gods of Eden and the forbidden knowledge, according to him that the Annunaki witheld from us : that our soul or spirit is immortal and can inhabit an immortal body, perhaps at will , retaining its identity. I have also posted from that controversial site whose owners claim to be the real Illuminati (assuming that susch an order can still exist for millenia, especially since they claim their origins to be with Pythagoras), and the amazing secret they posess which is well, the Holy Grail.

Below are links with the interview from an alleged 12th degree member, with regards to this secret, a link from a fairly recent discussion from David Icke's forum, which inlcudes the interview, as well as other info, especially since their links don't work properly (ironic considering their stance :mrgreen: ), as well as the link to the Cathars: ... ati(903482).htm ... 153&page=2 ... athars.pdf

The things is, all of the above, and everything we have been discussing, seem to be interconnected.

Look at these paragraphs from the Cathar file:

"They claimed to possess a secret Book of Love (Mari, TARA). This mysterious manuscript is attributed
to Jesus who gave it to John the Divine. It was transmitted through the centuries until the Cathars
and the Knights Templar adopted it. The Book of Love was the foundation of the Cathar Church of
Love or Amor (the reverse of Roma).
The existence of this lost (or hidden) gospel was revealed when the Catholic Church subjected the
Cathars and Templar (in 1308) to torture. Its contents were a secret skill (symbolized by the Templar
skull) said to grant one the ability to control the forces of nature and to transform ordinary human
blood into that of the wise, holy and pure blood of life of the immortal Illi or Illuminati (not to be
confused with the contemporary group calling themselves that name). It is equated with the Holy
Grail.According to the Cathars, one object of Earth life was to make over the human body as a worthy
vehicle for the light of the Holy Spirit (love). The point was to know the Grail not as a cup, but as a
process. Jesus was its modeller. Insight into this teaching radiates from the name of the Cathar’s
home, the Languedoc. Named after the pre-Flood language system, the Cathar priests claimed Jesus
preached in the Language of Oc .

Enlightenment is exactly what the Cathars claimed they received from the highly symbolic language
of Oc. It is of interest that the Egyptian hieroglyph of the heron/phoenix, the ‘bird of light’ (akh) ,
so closely matches the stylized fish glyph of Jesus , though it predates him by millennia. In
addition, these two symbols are structurally identical to the mathematical sign sometimes used for
infinity , which spells OC. It is the root for ‘octo’, or 8. These symbols suggest a continuous
transmission of knowledge of the secrets of light."

And then:

" “Ar” means “before”. “Ari” is the root for Arian, the Gnostic Christian doctrine voted out during the
pivotal first council of Nicea, convened in 325 by Constantine I to formulate the Christian doctrine.
Arians said Jesus stood between God and man. The Niceans said he was God. They won more votes.
The Arian view became heresy. Aria also is Aryan, meaning “noble,” “cultured,” ‘high born” or
“pure”; hence, the ari element of the word Catharic.
These definitions powerfully illustrate the profound interest Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler had
in the Cathars. They were ‘Aryan’. They carried the noble wise blood of the god race. More
importantly, they knew how to create it within themselves.
Children of Atlantis
According to Budge’s Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Ar means, “to make do, to create, to form, to
fashion.” It is the root of Ari, the creative god. In Egyptian, Ari-en means “made by, produced by the
lady of the house’. These definitions shed light on the Cathars and their prominent lady, Mari, their
Pure Goddess.
It was ultimately the Cathar’s linkage with Mari and their Aryan – or even Atlantean – connection
that assured their extermination"

I would like to draw your attention the the statement that the Grail is not a cup but a process, the transformation of blood into the pure blood of the ILLI.

So, what if the ultimate secret that has been witheld from us for millenia, is that our soul/spirit is immortal, as the gods, that we can leave our material bodies, materialize and dematerialize at will, with full use of out psychic/mental abilities? What if the blood tranformation is the unlocking of the 90%-97% non coding of our DNA? The true knowledge and potential that we are cut off from, and not just cut off, hell we don't even know that it exists :o

Now imagine that there is a process, a way which has been recorded in the depths of antiquity, or even a device that tells you how or helps you unlock this potential. What then?

Ultimately we are all death cult. We have so many fears, we are trapped, controlled and manipulated by the PTB because we are afraid we will lose what we have in this life, because as far as we are allowed to know that is all we have (promises of paradise in the next life based on the if you obey so and so slave pardigm don't cut if for me. If we are to do good and walk a virtuous path it has to be because we truly chose to do so and not because we are afraid we will end up in hell, it has to be of pure and not self serving only intent).

But what if that fear were removed? What if we knew we were not going to die but would continue, retaining our memories & identity (what is the point of lessons, of learning experiences if you can't recall them? How will you know what you did wrong so as not to repeat it? Could it work in this life of you couldn't remember anything you learned and did?). What then? Could we be controlled? Could we be coerced through fear into playing anyone's game? The game of the Annunaki, Yahweh, reptilian shapeshifters (by the way Manu in regards to this fear mongering theme and the Lyra system, and as I've said before the Andromeda Council, Galactic Federation of life, etc. I have come to the conclusion that it is all nonesensical fear mongering. Interdimensional, awful looking beings that can mind control us in for me the modern equivalent of the Church's demons, same paradigm, dressed up for the modern scifi world. My advice to you, and I mean this as sincerely as possible: in your quest for the Truth, disgard any fear mongering ideas that ultimately leave you feeling weak and unable to act. Embrace that which empowers you :) )

I may digress from the main topic, but what if the above is what the Annunaki cut us of from?

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PostSun Nov 03, 2013 7:49 pm » by AuroraNemesis

And more on the above passage concerning the Cathars: ... enry04.htm

Note the Mari and E.A. connection!

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PostSun Nov 03, 2013 9:25 pm » by Mr.Manunnaki

Hi Aurora,great amount of info there,thanks..very thought provoking.. :wink:

I fully agree the soul is immortal...but where do you stand on reincarnation?,and that if you learn all these lessons, even if it takes millions of years many lifetimes/incarnations,you can ascend to be a master,if you like..

I've never once been a beleiver in the 'one short life' theory,so wouldn't know about the fear with that...and obviously all religions are fear based,i've had first hand experience with that,in my earlier years,but never bought it..

As for our past life knowledge that has been erased,i gather..I get what your saying about the Andromeda Council and so on,but the piece of info i was previously reffering to was not from there..I always check out all sides of the views, even the most obscure and over all the years of looking into this, you do see evidential i have with this galactic battle/politics,possibly likening it to a star wars 'ish',scenario..

As for the fear mongering i have never fell for this, although it is prevellent,...lets say going back to what you said about 'after life' well if you beleieve in reincarnation and Karma, then there is no such thing as a right or wrong act,yet we 'learn' through Karma and this process is what judges us and therefore punishes us (for want of a better word) until we learn these lessons..but this almost contradicts itself if you have evil branches/races..that have ultimatly commited grevious acts I.E the maybe they cannot raise a dimension....its a mine field :think: ...
Although the kind of powers we are talking here, are beyond comprehension,i heard that they can manipulate incarnations,anyway thats another thing...just think the level of tech and so on in the 'public Arena' is hundreds more likely thousands of years behind,what is really acheivable...

I mean i always consider myself a logical as for extra terrestrial races and there appearence, behaviour...then that has infinite possibilities...and as i like to think, there is a polarity in everything,then it would be so universally...i.e so called good and bad..

I remember someone using an analogy about Reptillians went something like.."they are just doing what they do,as in when a lion catches a Zebra" suggesting that perceived heinous acts,from our perspective, wouldn't effect them,as this was their they are just representing the opposite polarity of every thing that is seemingly good.....

I know what your saying, but you have your wires crossed on not scared of nothing..i mean,heck im doing a Nibiru thread,taking into consideration the implications of this info and evidence and what it could potentially mean for us..and i am expecting a child in two weeks!! my intention has been to get to the forefront as much info and evidence on Nibiru as possible for people,while i still have the spare time, before my kids here....

I know that some may say the subject of Nibiru is a fear tool,to entrap the populace into helplessness...
Or even that it is a catalyst for change and it will be a spiritual awakening..

Well theres the two apposing sides there roughly..i would think, that given all the evidence from our modern history and present...that it, indeed, can get no worse for this Earth/ as for bad E.ts they are no doubt out there and there is no point hiding from that fact..
So in a nutshell depopulation is clearly an agenda! as any good conspiracy nut should therefore without freaking out,i fully advise people to prepare i.e food,water,gold,essential supplies, tools..and if your that concerned, move geographic location away from the coast,thats all you can do,like i say no fear people! some may think that was an over the top setence but given all the potential scenarios, it makes sense i.e money inevitably becoming worthless and finance collapse,martial law,hyper inflation and others i've forgot..

I don't mind putting my neck on the block as for opinions to Nibiru..i will summerise..

There is a decent amout of historical evidence for previous global cataclysms.that do fit the bill of a 3600 year cycle and they suggest that if we go by a 3600 year cycle then we should expect something now..

There is a wealth of Earth changes and record breakers of all kinds going on, period, on The Earth and in Space,even magnetic pole shift!this is also occuring in the Solar system

Sun activity/Earth 'events' during line ups of the Earth/Sun and comets

Orbital anomalies of planets...

The asteroid belt, fitting the story of the Sumeriens,so if for a moment we beleive in them being our creators,then the idea of Nibiru and the 5 th planet must be equally considered...

Bodes law predictions

Animal die offs


Astronamer deaths

Nasa lying about space info

Removeal of videos, (regarding Nibiru) off the Internet(even this thread Lol)

Depictions of the mini constellation consistent with the supposed amounts of planets moons,in old/new coins,notes stone art,paintings

Sumerien,Hopi,Zulu,Chinese,Egyptian texts /teachings,just to name a few, who all have reference to their own interpretation, of this Dark Star where the 'Gods come from..

Then there is the very intrigugeing, shall i say... photos/videos..and what with the dissent these usually get,as being passed off as lens flares, i have left them until later,in the thread,although there are geniune ones amongst the sea of dis info..

Large infra redTelescopes being built,on masse over the world particullarly the southern hemisphere,even by the vatican..

Depictions in logos

I know i've missed loads of the puzzle outjust off the top of my head, its all in this thread,apart from the deleted pages and videos? lol..

I have never wished to instill fear to anybody whilst passing on this info...but at the end of the day,the info and evidence is there and all around us and needs questioning...I do beleive there are initiatives in place, on a large scale by tptb to quell the surfacing of this information,and dis info,which has taken many forms?? I mean 've connected as many dots as possible.. of which there are fact too many not to take notice of...So its there for those who want to listen...

Sorry to blurt that out 'A' sure you'll understand my methods, under the circumstances...

The Truth will be acheived! I can assure you...

So look into this folks and do whatever your Heart/higher self...intuits you to do so...peace.. :cheers: :flop:

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PostSun Nov 03, 2013 10:12 pm » by Mr.Manunnaki

Mr.Manunnaki wrote:i fully advise people to prepare i.e food,water,gold,essential supplies, tools..

some more to add...

Silver,seeds,mentally/physically/spiritually prepare as well,for any outcomes.....shits getting real....quick.... :flop:

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PostSun Nov 03, 2013 11:14 pm » by Temps13

Move away from civilization,you can buy a house in Finland in the lower Arctic circle for 5 grand..
Bloody cold though..I am thinking about establishing a base there near Oulu ,but all my friends think its a crap idea

In the old days,6 thousand years-4 thousand years ago type thing,the ptb (gods) still wanted humans all collected into the cities,this is why they allowed any city humans to take mountain dwelling humans as slaves or any that lived apart from the cities..
I haven't read the links yet,I gave myself eyestrain gaming (Assassins Creed) so I had to give my peepers a rest lol,so I'll comment before on the previous posts & the links after..

I agree with Bramley,I'm glad you read that Gods of Eden..what did you think of that book Aurora? Man if you haven't read this book,it's definitely worth a read.
I keep thinking of the lines in the Sumerian text that goes on about creating man & says 'the spirit,which in a god has ripened" & "that spirit,in a blood kin be bound" (or something)-It seems the slaughtering of the god Qingu/Alla with 'incantations' to bind his intelligence to ours was more symbolic than science,but the bit about the spirit ripening over a long lifetime makes sense,doesn't it?

I need to look at this Illuminati site properly before commenting,& also lets see who it's registered to.

We have had our potential stifled by design & I would (hypothetically) bet my life (this body) on that lol..
Human mainstream material science might fool some people into thinking that they know how it all works,but it's just the most popular theory from the 'right' person..they don't have clue (at civilian level)..I mean,they scoff at some people theories then accept the most half baked,speculative theories as fact merely because they came from the 'right' person-wtf is that..our intuition is worth more than that in some matters..

I like this discussion as we are beyond having to prove ets exist,we know what they've done to us & why..we even know how..which question should we be asking next?
Will catch up & comment properly :cheers:
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PostSun Nov 03, 2013 11:30 pm » by Mr.Manunnaki

Just a quick summink to add here guys,in relation to whats been said about our genes and abilities, that were left out/turned off in the making of humans...i think the way style of how we are educated and raised, to think a certain way by society,(is it right brained? you know what i mean though) additives in water and food play a part maybe?and possibly control of the 'matrix', in say the form of communications towers that disrupt us on different levels and frequencies,maybe pesticides in friuit n veg,GM foods...just as some quick examples..there are more factors as well maybe?....

But also have you thought about the effects 'vacinations' have? here is a presentation by an ex doctor about what effects they really have and why she rejects them...its an interesting watch,not the greatest quality though... ... _ujmBoamlR

edit .cool Temps...nice idea about Finland..and yes there are plenty of matters still to put forward and debate... i also caught up on two videos...and they were fantastic..ill comment later. :cheers:


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