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NM, May 31, 2009 - seen in the distance hovering over mountain as the sun was setting
driving west on Interstate 10 around 6.50pm(local time), seen object hovering in the distance ( southern sky )observed object until the sun went behind the horizon and lost sight.
Object did not move for the time I observed it. also witnessed by Passenger. I did take pictures of the object. found it strange the object had no lights, showed no source of anything powering it. it did not move from the time I witnessed it.
it was near Las Cruces, NM where there is a miltiary base and a military UAV test sight.

FL, June 1, 2009 - orange flashing lights, one large and one small. No noise, and hovered
I noticed a orange flashing light at about 3:30 (stone sober) and I figured it was a Florida Power and Light truck. It did an abrupt turn around and at that point I took notice because I figured there was a utility problem.
I got up to check out what was going on and the flashing lights were now hovering 30 plus feet off the ground about a hundred yards from me. I watched the lights and object for a couple of minutes and I figured I would either wake my wife or get a video camera. I wasn't scared but just in awe and intrigued.
I ran over and shouted to my wife to wake up and it took about 45 seconds to get her back to the spot I was standing.
The object had moved another one hundred yards or more across the lake to partially obscured area. My wife and I could see some of the bright orange lights thru the trees still moving about but our line of vision was obscured at that point.
I walked into the bedroom to go to sleep after five minutes and noticed it was 3:30 am.

WI, June 1, 2009 - 4 diamond-shaped objects (almost in a diamond formation) flying south with the 5th object circling the other 4.
I am a stay at home dad. We have a sliding glass door going to the deck facing north. I am always on the look out for planes and chemtrails and whatever else may be in the sky. My daughter and I also like to look at our flowers and birds and other wildlife.
So monday about 11am I see what I at first thought was a flock of birds flying south towards our house. They got closer and I realized that they werent birds; they seemed to be 5 wide, narrow diamond shapes. What really then got my attention was when they made 45 degree turns, all in tandem, with no sound whatsoever.
They seemed to reflect sunlight when they were facing about southwest it seems. From that angle they appeared to be metallic without a doubt. When they "turned" in other directions they appeared more of a light brown, almost grey color.
There were 4 diamond-shaped objects in the middle, all in a diamond shaped pattern. They remained in that formation the entire time. There was a 5th object that seemed to "orbit" the other 4, first one way then another. As soon as I could get my camera they faded into the sun. There was never a sound.

NY, May 25, 2009 - Bright metallic cylinder observed hovering (in controlled fashion) over Hudson River in lower Westchester
I was sitting in front on a laundromat (between Gold St and Union Place) on a retainer wall, waiting for my cousin to finish doing his laundry. I was looking out over the Hudson towards the Palisades when I noticed a very bright object hovering in the sky over the Hudson River between Yonkers Train Station and Glenwood Train Station. The object was cylinder in shape with well defined edges, appeared "solid", and had an extremely shiny surface (like mylar). It was rotating clockwise at approximately 6-8 seconds per revolution, was tilted at approximately a 45 degree angle, and was at a height slightly above that of small planes and helicopters usually seen flying over the area. From my perspective, the object measured about 3/4" to 1" in length and about 1 centimeter in width. The object hovered at first then slowly moved in a zig-zag fashion (rotating slowly as it went) first moving Southeast, then moving West - climbing as it went. I did not see any windows, fins, wings, tethers or anything else attached to it. It did not behave like a balloon and I could not hear any noise associated with it nor see any exhaust. I did not notice any planes or other aircraft in the area at the time. The sky was clear and the day very sunny. My initial reaction was confusion at seeing a "tube" in the sky then bewilderment and amazement as i watched it for close to 15 minutes until it faded from view.

LA, May 31, 2009 - I saw my first UFO over New Orleans this afternoon.

A friend came back from doing my clothes at a laundromat at about 3:30 pm and when I opened the door for her she said come out and look at this. So I hobbled out onto the porch on my walker and looked up to where she was pointing and I see a sliver of a metallic object. It had a red/orange glow near the center that went on and off and a bright white light that went on and off. I was thinking that maybe the white light was a reflection of the sun. I don't know. It seemed still for about 5 minutes and then started drifting. It was out of my sight within about 2 minutes. The friend and my neighbor watched it for another maybe 3 minutes until they lost track of it behind the houses. I was seated, they were standing and had a better view. One thing unusual is that when I first spotted it there were 2 very small clouds near it, otherwise the skies were perfectly blue.
My first impression of the object was that I was looking at a disc shaped UFO that was turned so that I only saw the side. I am not sure, it could have been a cylinder. It was very exciting for me to see it and I tried to vector it closer. I sent it telepathic messages and even spoke out loud to it, inviting it to come closer.

AR, June 1, 2009 - Two amber lights abouv Estrella Mountain...Hovering and then fading in and out.
Driving home form Phoenix heading south I witnessed what appeared to be military flares directly ahead of me however to the west above Estrella Mountain were two bright amber lights that were not moving at all. I know what flares look like but these would be a constant brightness for several minutes then they would blink out but come back in the same exact spot. I have seen these before, even low in the sky above the town where there are no military exercises. They just appear at random in the same spot usually and stay hovering for hours. This time one dimmed out and came back then several minutes later they both were gone. Someone should definitely camp and post up somewhere over in the Estrella range because no doubt they will be back again.

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