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Wall of Salvation

In the last post (on our blog ) of the dream this morning it featured a wall in a house. After I made the post I took a look to see if the wall was mentioned in the prophecies.

In the biblical prophecies it also mentions Joseph in relation to the wall. "Joseph is a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine near a spring, whose branches climb over a wall". Outside our house there was a low wall between us and the house next door.

My son Jordan spent much of his time there with the other children, he liked to be with the family and they loved him like their own, he was usually next door on the computer with Mick before I had a computer at home. Jordan used a computer from the age of four.

The book of Leviticus mentions the calling of the Priest to examine the wall of the house and it mentions seven days. As we pointed out seven is a karmic number and a day can represent a year in Judaism. Seven years takes us to 2018. The chapter is also to do with skin disease, and the Jewish sages know full well that the Messiah as a skin disease, and knows the root causes of what co-creates it.

Stop circumcising children and mutating genetics.

The chapter also mentions that if a person is poor, and cannot afford what as been recommended to them, then they must take the lamb as a guilt offering to make atonement for them. However, guilt is a poison to the immune system and breaks it down. If you feel guilty about anything, then please heal the root causes of it within yourselves. Guilt is the core issue not the root cause. The Jewish sages also knew that I would come to correct them and their texts.

However, we have recommended to the poor with skin diseases to attend a two day Reiki healing training course, as we have witnessed miracles with skin diseases. On our Reiki training courses we also included some self-development, specifically tailored to the energy of each individual group. This week I have been asked about breathing diseases. Reiki is excellent for breathing disease because it increases the oxygen in the blood, this as been proven scientifically. We have witnessed miracles with breathing diseases as well, with those that were willing to accept and follow the instructions given.

If the poor cannot afford it. Then the other choice you have is to listen to the one that can help you to heal yourselves. If you ask me, then all I ask is that you be willing to consider making a donation that is appropriate for your pocket. Even the community of Christ, and his healers had a community purse, although you do not hear the spiritual speak of it or promote it. There are now millions of healers on the planet, make sure you choose a good one.

Leviticus also mentions the walled city and those that owned houses there; retain their right to redemption. It mentions the Year of the Jubilee. The Jubilee is usually considered to be 50 years. After reading the Dead Sea Scrolls I viewed the jubilee as related to the number of signs. However, it was after 50 years that I was compelled to write about the meaning of salvation and distribute it. Of course, this was a biblical sign of the redemption. As an Israeli said 'Joseph began the redemption and Joseph will complete it'.

In the book of numbers, it is written that the Angel of the LORD stood in a narrow path through the vineyards, with walls on both sides. We certainly did, in our first Victorian house we lived off of Vineyard Street, and the walls of the ancient city were on both sides. Of course, there are many witnesses to this fact. Including those that shared the house with us, and those that came to our dinner parties.

When the donkey saw the Angel of the LORD, it pressed close to the wall, crushing Baalam's foot against it. So he beat the donkey again. What is Baalam to do with? Obama, we also wrote about the 'beast of burden' the donkey that relates to Americans. They do love that word ass.

Christians were told that the Messiah would come on a donkey. However, there are many meanings for the word that was translated as donkey. The renowned Dead Sea Scrolls scholar, Geza Vermes wrote that it also means wine, what is the wine to do with? The one mentioned in the book of Malachi, the spiritual alchemist that is the purifier.

The one that drank the red wine that was given to me on the first mission to Israel, by those that knew its importance to the one that the LORD God would send to help them.

In the book of Ezra it states: "Furthermore, the king should know that if this city is built and its walls are restored, no more taxes, tribute or duty shall be paid, and eventually the royal revenues will suffer".

Our God as not forsaken us, he as shown us kindness in the sight of the kings of Persia. He has granted us new life to rebuild the house of our God, and repair its ruins. He has given us a wall of protection.

What is the house of our God?

New Jerusalem that prophet Isaiah called the holy city of enlightenment.

The very first biblical proverb mentions wisdom's rebuke and corrections, that aligns perfectly with the Dead Sea Scrolls. It mentions how she raised her voice in the city square on top of the wall. That was when we went to Jerusalem in 2007 to deliver the covenant for the children at the Dome of the Rock.

At the City gate she makes her speech, the speech she made was to the LORD God at the Lion's Gateway, she made a promise on behalf of humanity, that we will transform the way of sorrow to the way of love. An Israeli musician and Jerusalem peacemaker was with her before she travelled North to Safed.

Isaiah 26, states that God makes salvation its walls and ramparts. Salvation was the mystics prescription for preservation. We have written a whole chapter in the book on the meaning of salvation and how to implement it based upon the true Christ teachings found in scripture. There is also a chapter called 'The Riddle' and proverb one mentions understanding wisdom's riddles. I recommend that everyone reads proverb one in this timeline.

In Rev 13 it states 'This calls for WISDOM' and Christ also told his followers that when she came she would have more wisdom than Solomon.

Isaiah 36 mentions ELIAKIM and the wall, and it is also ELIAKIM that holds the key of David. Isaiah 49, 'See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands, your walls are ever before me.

In Isaiah 54, the walls are made of precious stones. Isaiah 56, it speaks of a memorial name being given to be put upon the wall in the temple. An everlasting name that will endure forever. Of course you are that temple.

Isaiah 58, 'Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings."

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