Noah: the TRUTH is BIGGER than you thought

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PostSun Aug 03, 2014 6:35 am » by Akashicrebel

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JUST RELEASED! Noah: the TRUTH is BIGGER Than You Ever Imagined–The Journey Begins! (Brand New TREY SMITH Video–JUST RELEASED!)

(Before It's News)

Noah: the TRUTH is BIGGER than you thought……the JourNey BeGins

YouTube Commentary:

Published on Aug 2, 2014

Noah, God, Satan, Occult and Flood are ALL now science fact. Noah (the Noah Movie) is a JourNey into the vast evidence of the Global Flood, Occult, Demons, Nephilim, Enoch, the Watchers, The Enki, Tower of Babel, Mystery Teachings of Fallen Angels, God, Satan, Heaven, Hell and dimensions between…. An investigation into the science behind the supernatural. Noah: Welcome to the Journey. the Truth is Bigger than you thought.

There are so many mysteries surrounding the ancient Bible times. One of the most discussed today is the mystery revolving around the ‘days of Noah’ and the ‘Great Flood’. Who were the ‘agents of darkness’ referred to as the Bene-Ha Elohim? Watch Trey Smith’s breaking new release that has taken him over a year to create! It is breathtaking, stunning, and informative all in one. As you watch, time will stand still as you are taken back to…’The Days of Noah…’

I have spoken with Trey off and on over the past year, and I know personally all the careful attention, hard work, time and effort he has put into this breathtaking movie! He is brilliant, talented, and extremely intelligent! This movie is definitely worth the time to sit down with the whole family and watch….ASAP! ... 63294.html

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PostSun Aug 03, 2014 2:15 pm » by Otomon

You guys have no idea....

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PostSun Aug 03, 2014 9:50 pm » by 1ofus

I just spent the last three and a half hours watching this video. I knew going in that it would have a Christian slant because I've listened to some of his stuff before but wanted to watch it anyway to see if there was anything new that I might be able to use.

Although the movie was well done and this guy is obviously a well read intelligent guy I didn't come up with anything new or revelatory. IMO, he does as every other die hard Christian and forces all the evidence he has into the preconceived perspective of "literal christianity" and any and all evidence to contradict that preconceived perspective is disregarded or twisted to mean something else.

For example; in the story of babel the gods are working against mankind and preventing us from achieving what we would have naturally achieved had the gods not prevented us from doing so. IMO, they are/were preventing us from ascending.

Perhaps when Nimrod sees his fathers nakedness it is metaphorically saying that he saw the truth, the uncovered truth of what his father was all about. That truth was the continuation of one man being entitled to more than another even if he has to deceive others for it or take it outright.

The other sons may have wanted to continue the deception and therefore keep it covered whereas Nimrod would want to end it or expose his fathers nakedness. If you believe one is entitled to more you will gladly pay the king tribute if you don't you will conspire with others to overthrow the king and his twisted system.

A better story concerning Noah, in fact it was the direction I thought he was going, would be to correlate the idea of population control or culling the herd to this same story. He makes the claim that it takes five thousand years for the population to go from a handful to six billion.

Perhaps it is all allegory and a twisted perspective that Noah is the story of the culling. You have to wonder how many times this story has played out with a handful of self proclaimed kings deciding there are too many people and it becomes time to play god. Are we at that time again now?

People assume when reading the bible that god is the good guy and he has our best interests at heart. I would suggest that the bible is obviously written from this perspective but would also suggest that he isn't such a good guy and his plan, which is stated repeatedly, is our destruction. Try looking at it from the opposite perspective, the perspective of god wanting to spiritually destroy you which will, in the end, bring physical destruction as well. IMO, it all makes much more sense this way.

I have looked repeatedly at all the information or stories presented in his video and come to exactly the opposite conclusion. Jesus is not our savior, he is the SERPENT, he is a spirit that tries to convince the seeker that they stand apart or above their fellow man and therefore deserving of more respect, position and wealth than his fellow man as well. He and his father are working together to prevent ascension or understanding and he is the spirit that must be rejected along with his father.

He is the spirit of kingship and if we are to survive the coming allegorical flood, which even now is happening, we have to reject kings and gods as both are synonymous with INEQUALITY. As long as there is inequality there will never be peace.

The age of kings and gods must end! Have a great day! :cheers:

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PostSun Aug 03, 2014 10:49 pm » by Sevens

There was no worldwide flood and world civilization is much older than you think and it has already been demonstrated by an opened and revealed book linked to Jesus the Sovereign of this Universe. The Noah story is simply an expansion of an much older local event to suit the needs of a people who was in captivity.

The basis of the video is simply based on an man expanded story so therefore it has faultiness.

God created evolution, its all ultimately creation through an evolutionary process.

More has to be done to demonstrate further from the foundations of the world but all institutions in the whole spectrum are stuck in the mud clinging on to faultiness to maintain but not going forward in the sense of truth, like a sinking ship in the face of truth and being to gutless to go beyond the square.

Individuals are interested in the truth but forget all the institutions there not going to do a thing to reveal the truth and for good reason according to them but maybe the Father of all with his Son Jesus has different ideas.

Jesus did say he would cut the days short or else we would wipe ourselves out, Jesus also said he would reveal all that is hidden but man and his so called institutions are afraid of truth like a rabbit.

Where does the end of BS come from? the beginning, the foundations of the world.

The foundations of the world is the sign of Jonah, the only sign given to those that love God and follow his Universal ideals.

You have to go in the belly of a fish to verify the foundations of the world submerged in the watery abyss.

Man, great with bombs and speaking crap to take over being a liar but gutless when it comes to the truth of everything, wont lift a finger for the truth which includes his so called religious institutions, all of them. In revelation 6 out of 7 churches cop a rebuke at the end of the era of BS crap. They are just as deaf as that killer ideology masquerading in a charade as a so called religion leaving rivers of blood with curse wherever they go by the fruits and witness. Beguiling the innocent unto false promises and lies, false light quickly translating in license over others.


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PostSun Aug 03, 2014 11:22 pm » by Edward777

Maybe the Flood is true but the deeper meanings have been hidden from the common man by the elite who hope for a return to the grandeur of that era: ... tube_gdata

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PostSun Aug 03, 2014 11:48 pm » by Trip

Wow, that was a good one, just finished, ive been talking about some of this even with some of the same pictures. Its so long though I need to watch again to take notes now to comment properly. Although not many new theories are proposed I feel he tied most stuff together beautifully from my own understanding. although I feel a couple of bits were a bit off and only a bit by my teaching, no one man has all the answers. Who could piece everything together.

I would like to elaborate more on wheels within wheels like Enmerkar is pictured with, although one had wings around the wheel, which I feel is to say the circles flew.

I believe they are merkabahs and the wheel within a wheel is the big bright light balls (ORB UFOS) with whats known as a halo ring around them, like the halo ring you can get on the moon. a wheel within a wheel if you like although just my own theory.

Also I would like to share a story of the horned god with my own fish god part mixed in .

To put it simply, apparently before the great flood some tribes lived in caves and the elders or wisest would teach the rest how to hunt, and at this time there where not as many words. They put on head dresses of bulls or honed beast they wanted for dinner and the other elders would throw spears at them, showing the others how to hunt, makes sense? this was also the birth of magic called sympathetic magic to picture something before it happens, and act it out became part of ritual magic. The same goes for the fish head dress, they used it to teach how to hunt the fish originally.

The elders where referred to as gods and mostly had horned head dresses on and when they died they became the horned gods of hunting. This went on for a long time.

After the great flood when some of the giants, the Nephilim, and or sons and daughters had survived in the Andes at Machu Picchu and Patagonia, they used to wear the horned head dresses because they wanted to hide there big elongated heads with hats and whole faces as some where pretty ugly apparently with six fingers and double rows of teeth ect, but more importantly for the reason, it was so people thought they where the gods of old they had heard of and were already used to worshiping, like the golden calf story, so they would do there will.

The sun in between horns was not a crescent moon and star, that came later with miss representations. It was the sun as sun worship apparently came about because people lived in fear at night when it was dark as they could not see predators as well, it was very dangerous they praised the sun when it rose as the some of the night hunters went in. The horns represented the horned god.

Later well nowadays this is still going on, the symbol of the horns and the sun or the crescent moon and star is everywhere, its part of there false idol worship, its the devils work, they even stuck one on the the temple mount but thats a different story for another thread, which is a very important story.

This symbol can be found everywhere the globalist are found, who are satanic not true Zionist as some may say! They cant be both.

Its in the catholic church

Its in Islam which was created by the inner circle of the Vatican and has its moscs next door to catholic churches world wide.

Its in things like the world health organization to anonymous, which apparently is an inside job originally. You will except bit coin ect, although people strongly say other wise about the anonymous logo one, that would be a very big coincidence now wouldn't it.

Enki is the devil if there ever was one.

I really like Trey from what I have learned of him, ive not seen his work till now knowingly, although I must say I have heard the name.

May God bless you Trey, what an amazing effort!

Did you upload this Akashicrebel? is it pending?

"There was madness in any direction, at any hour. You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning"

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PostMon Aug 04, 2014 12:46 am » by Trip

Edit for the post above, sorry for the double post, where it says merkabahs I would like to add and or ophanim as I personally haver not managed to distinguish the physical differences yet in real life as im just learning, although ophanim are known as wheels. any help is appreciated.

Rank Choir of Angels Translation Archangel Sephirah

1 Hayot Ha Kodesh Holy Living Ones Metatron Keter

2 Ophanim Wheels Raziel Chokmah

3 Erelim Brave ones[1] Tzaphkiel Binah

4 Hashmallim Glowing ones, Amber ones[2] Tzadkiel Chesed

5 Seraphim Burning Ones Khamael Gevurah

6 Malakim Messengers, angels Raphael Tipheret

7 Elohim Godly Beings Uriel Netzach

8 Bene Elohim Sons of Elohim Michael Hod

9 Cherubim [3] Gabriel Yesod

10 Ishim Men (man-like beings, phonetically similar to "fires") Sandalphon Malkuth

"There was madness in any direction, at any hour. You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning"

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PostMon Aug 04, 2014 1:01 am » by NamelessGhoul

Otomon wrote:You guys have no idea....



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PostMon Aug 04, 2014 2:15 am » by Kinninigan


3 hours, have to bookmark for later...

But in the 1483 Nuremburg Bible Noah has mermaids outside the Ark...



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PostMon Aug 04, 2014 9:02 am » by Tjahzi

Kinninigan wrote:But in the 1483 Nuremburg Bible Noah has mermaids outside the Ark...



Summary anyone? I'm having problems listening to this guy.

His hands & camera angle are way too disturbing. :mrgreen:

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