Non-albino Blond Baby Born To African Parents

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She fucked a white dude:-)
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electrobadgr wrote:She fucked a white dude:-)

either that, or some of their ancestors did...

it's unlikely, that the genes of a white ancestor come through after generations, but it's not impossible

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They are like any two 11 1/2 year-old-boys. Best friends that aren’t above the occasional fight, the bond that Koen and Tuen share goes deeper than squabbling.

Looking at them, it might surprise you to learn that not only are they brothers— they’re twin brothers.

Dateline has been following their story since they first arrived in 1993.

The two boys are growing up in a world that sees color everywhere, but in a family that says it’s color blind.

Wilma Stuart, mother of twin boys: We are so used to it we don’t see that they are different in color.

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