North Carolina Cops Can Scan Your Finger Print When You Get

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North Carolina Cops Can Scan Your Finger Print When You Get a Ticket

There is a new program called Rapid Identification Cops Technology in North Carolina. The program will allow police officers and other law enforcement officers from other agencies to scan people’s fingerprints when they are out in the field. They use the scanned fingerprints and compare them to a database of fingerprints “right on the spot,” they do not have to go to a police station.

The proponents of the program say that the scanned fingerprints will not be stored in the County database, but we have heard that promise before, as in the case of the scanned backscatter and x-ray images that were stored by the TSA that came from a Florida Courthouse.

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that is stupid
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Hmm. Fucking fantastic. Because we don't have anything else in this state that we need to be spending money on. And because our cops aren't lazy and corrupt enough.
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