Norway: UFO “Hyperdimensional Portal Area” over Hessdalen.

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Norway is not new to this kind of inexplicable phenomena.
After the spectacular misterious Spiral in skies of Tromso, my attention unavoidably has gone towards to the which one phenomena that from beyond twenty years undoubtedly is the “inexplicable phenomenon” most followed scientifically: “The lights of Hessdalen”, in Norway, for the study of that which, at the moment, maybe is the higher density area of UFOs in the world.
Whitnesses and some reserchers claim that there is some underground ET base in Hessdalen, which someones describe as a “Hyperdimensional Portal Area” or “Stargate.”
From the beginning of December 1981, from the areas around the valley of Hessdalen, the Oyongen lake and Alen, were brought back hundred of observations of UFOs. The witnesses had spoken about strange luminous phenomena for which nobody, neither profane neither experts, had been able to offer a satisfactory explanation.
Scientists from all the world have monitored, analyzed and verified what happens in skies of Norway from the beginning of years' 80.

And it is still…. Alive! :alien:

Many instrumental analysis, searches on the ground, scientific hypotheses and least certainties or no certainty.

Many testimonies of in broad daylight regarding UFOs sightings come from the inhabitants of the region with indeed impressive descriptions (great objects in the shape of sigar that hovering over the valley), but also many scientific scientists, analysts and photographers have brought back this kind of sights.

The phenomena began to appear like lights of various largeness and intensity, that they flew between the mountains. Frequently they appeared to south, moved with a wide fan of speed, were stopped instantaneously, they went up quickly in the sky or they laterally jumped, with unusual aerial maneuvers and to accelerate until 100,000 Km/h.

Many of the objects did not have a shape clearly defined but others were described like ovoidals with some kind of “window”. Other witnesses supported to have seen like sigar objects or disks, often with a species of strange diffuse brightness. In almost every case a single object for time, and without some audible sound. The inhabitants of Hessdalen and the narrow area, like for example the Oyongen lake, since bring back the 1981 testimonies from the eminently ufologic character that are not only limited to the description of blurred spheres of light but also of objects clearly structured of several forms and solid shape: flying discs, triangles, ovoidals and sigars…

It seems indeed that over Hessdalen, in Norway, there is one Ufo “hot spot” or an “Hyperdimensional Portal Area” or “Stargate.”

Very interesting documentary – People and reserchers claim there is some underground ET base in Hessdalen, Norway.
What it makes an huge impression are the accurate and reliable testimonies of the witnesses and the analisys of world-wide scientists.

Please watch all.

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