Norwegian Politician Breaks Silence Around Bilderberger Meet

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Norwegian Politician who attended the 2011 meeting,tells about this years top-topics :
(article from,translated via google translate.Link under here)

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PostSun Jun 12, 2011 9:14 pm » by Silversurfer

Ok wheres the info? it not at that link!
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The Bilderberg group met in St. Moritz in Switzerland on Thursday and ended Sunday.

The annual conference draws about 130 prominent billionaires and power of people in politics, economy, media and business, but often criticized for its policy of zero visibility.

Read about the Bilderberg Group in Wikipedia

It is said within the walls of hotels alpine town do in fact never out in public, much to the dissatisfaction among angry activists outside the luxury hotel Suvretta

Has been criticized

The group has been criticized for being a closed elite, and for the possibility that political decisions are influenced without democratic control.

THE CONFERENCE: Erna Solberg was among those at the elite conference. Reuters
But to VG reveals Conservative leader Erna Solberg three topics that were discussed during the meetings:

* The challenges inherent in creating economic growth and innovation, and the EU and emerging economies importance to achieve this.

* The binding between social media and security issues on the basis of the situation can now have in the Middle East and other conflict areas.

* Future demographic challenges such as China.

- Have meetings been rewarding?

- They have lived up to expectations about the discussions at top international level. It is clear that when you can chat with participants as England's finance minister George Osborne, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, China's Deputy Foreign Minister Ying Fu, queen of Spain and President of the European Central Bank Jean-Claude Trichet, so it is both rewarding and educational

- Need to talk freely

Apart from the regular force people, was this year's list of participants characterized by top managers from including Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

- What do you say to criticism that there should be transparency in the forums that discuss / influence policy?

- There is a need to be able to speak freely and directly from the liver. It made no decisions, but you get key decision-makers honest opinions. The value of the discussions had been less if there was no prohibition and if the quote referring the press had been present, "she said.

Royal Palace declined to comment beyond the fact that Crown Prince Haakon was actually present at the luxurious hotel in St. Moritz.

- He was invited down there, and he participates in the meeting. I can not comment beyond that, "said assistant communications manager Sven Gj Gjeruldsen, told VG.

Bilderberg group calls itself a "small, flexible, informal and off-the-record international forum in which to (¿) achieve mutual understanding," and points out that the meetings do not result in the voting, resolutions or policy statements.

Secrecy surrounding the group's activities have given rise to numerous conspiracy theories where it is feared that important global issues affected.

Also, former chairman of the SAS and the Norwegian Hydro, Egil Myklebust, and the University Rector Ole Petter Ottersen, representing Norway at the conference. Previously, among others, Jens Stoltenberg, Siv Jensen, Johan Olav Koss and Eivind Reiten participated.
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Erna Solberg: We discussed the global economy, social media and population growth

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