Not tha President but tha ELITE controls tha USA

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Not tha President but tha ELITE controls tha USA

LONDON - The American investigative journalist Russ Baker, among others published in The New York Times and the German magazine Der Spiegel, wrote a book about the Bush family. Here are five questions about whether Baker's book Family Secrets, following the publication of the memoirs of former President George W. Bush, Tuesday, entitled Decision Points.
Why did you write a book about the Bush family?

"I wanted to figure out what the motives of the Bush family, which has been so controversial and devastating for the public interest. In addition I found thousands of new facts, which shows that the president not only a powerful elite controls the United States. The Bush family is part of this network with bankers, intelligence agencies, oil companies and military leaders. This elite created presidencies. And still is.''

You name an example?

"The elite junior wanted Bush as president, so he was like a doll in a decor. He was purchased at a ranch cowboy put down as a believer. So he had a "real American" are definitely going to win the Democratic candidates Al Gore and John Kerry later. Meanwhile, the ranch has been extensively sold just another Bush lived in Dallas, as for his presidency.''

George W. Bush says in his book that he still stands behind his decision to invade Iraq in 2003 because of the presence of weapons of mass destruction, which turned out not to be. How do you see this?

"The real reasons have to do with power and money, both public interest and private interest. Thus, Bush even let slip that a private presidency suggests only that a successful war! Furthermore, both Iraq and Afghanistan, many minerals. The same applies to the Netherlands, which used to have colonies that now empty and took over the business. So does power.''

Why reported major news organizations like CNN do not?

,, Beat the mainstream media here daily news and are without depth research into the big picture. It is so that everything we know is a conventional story until someone new conventional materials is making the story changes. I am a forensic investigation allegedly started and little by little digging and research. This is common in archeology and science, so why not in history and journalism.''

Incline your book, not a conspiracy theory?

,, This term is used by people who do not want certain information and explanations up again, despite the facts.''(Reuters)
11/07/1910 10:10

'Decision Points' vs. 'Family of Secrets'

Investigative journalist Russ Baker provides the stunning counter-story to what's in George W. Bush's new book.

Battle of the Books! Help support investigative journalism!

A docile and unquestioning media has lapped up George W. Bush's self-serving new memoir, Decision Points, making it instantly the #1 title in the country. The book's purpose is to rewrite history, prepare the way for more Bushes to seek high office, and generally guarantee a GOP return to power. If you doubt it, you didn't notice the chief architect of the Republican sweep in November: the Bush family's key operative, Karl Rove. Or Jeb Bush's recent testing of the waters for his own run for the top.

Decision Points serves as absolution for the past and talking points for the future. What it does not provide is the real story of the Bush family and what it represents. That story is darker and deeper than anything the conventional media has even hinted at. It has long-term implications—and will affect all of us for years to come. It is the story told in Family of Secrets.

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