Nuclear False Flag Warning Columbia South Carolina

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PostMon Sep 09, 2013 4:20 pm » by Spock

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Lindsey Graham: Attack Syria Or Iran Will Nuke Charleston

There’s a reason U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-S.C.) refuses to show up for public meetings unless they are attended by his hand-picked supporters: He knows only a pre-selected group of ”sheeple” will sit in silence and swallow his increasingly shameless fear-mongering.

At an invitation-only breakfast for establishment Republican types in Mount Pleasant, S.C. this week, Graham said that if America doesn’t take military action against the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Iran will acquire a nuclear weapon by the end of 2014.

“I believe that if we get Syria wrong, within six months – and you can quote me on this – there will be a war between Iran and Israel over their nuclear program,” Graham said, according to U.S. News and World Report.

But the fear-mongering didn’t stop there. Graham says this conflict will come home to – of all places – Charleston, S.C.

“It won’t come to America on top of a missile, it’ll come in the belly of a ship in the Charleston or New York harbor,” he said.

Wait … what?

We’ve heard some over-the-top excuses in support of American military intervention in the Syrian civil war, but this one takes the cake.

As we’ve stated repeatedly, our government had no business getting involved in Syria in the first place and has no business escalating that involvement through direct military intervention. The American people don’t want this war. Our allies don’t want this war. Our generals don’t want this war.

More to the point, there is no compelling national interest served by getting involved.

“The national defense is a core function of government outlined in our constitution,” we wrote recently. “But in no universe is intervening in this conflict – on the side of terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda, no less – acting in defense of those interests. Intervening would, however, encroach on the sovereignty of another nation, incite anti-American fervor in the Middle East and fundamentally make our people less safe.” ... harleston/

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PostMon Sep 09, 2013 4:24 pm » by Spock

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PostMon Sep 09, 2013 4:29 pm » by Spock

I hope nothing happens and this is all just unfounded fear-mongering. My son attends college in Columbia.

As I said last week in an another thread, a friend on mine saw (2) BLACK C-17 military cargo planes doing touch and goes last week, the only marking on them were giant red numbers. Of all the ones I have witnessed, I have never seen black ones.

Then confirmed on the radio, last week, the international airport here in Greenville was closed to air traffic while it was utilized by 19 navy cargo planes. Then later found out that anytime a nuke is in transport, air traffic is "sanitized".

A lot of coincidences that keep me on edge with all this.

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PostMon Sep 09, 2013 6:45 pm » by SolStone

Read Toxic's response in my thread, I believe it is one of the first two listed. It fits what that parasite in your town hall meeting was threatening.

post905565.html?hilit=Syria warning for US#p905565

I have no intent to spread fear, but I feel it is wise to keep cautious at this time. Reasons:

1)Support for an attack on Syria is failing.

2)September 11th is approaching; astrologically a sacrifice will be offered between the 11th-13th.

3)The information the Whitehouse is terrifying congressmen with is this very information: that a boatload of chemical agents will come into harbor and onto American soil within a year. We can expect this false flag much sooner (this year) as the timetable for Syria must be followed through to handicap Russian and Chinese influence in the middle east (prior to US/UK/France/Germany opening up governmental contracts freely throughout the region).

Personally, I do not feel Columbia is in danger.

Obama is close to getting his cranium splattered on the sidewalk by all the dirty money handlers pissed at his inability to get their corporations into Syria and Iran in-line with the timetable; of course he's going to make all the political parasites wet themselves with stories of attacks on US soil! Not warnings - threats.

What this is about is:
Asian regional interests vs European regional interests
in the procurement of the Middle East, for top slot in the NWO pyramid scheme; Asia or Europe?

Africa is the prize and has been the quiet target whilst the middle-east has received all media attention the past decade. Reason? Much more Asian influence in Africa than European, which is why the European regional powers are so loud on the middle east; it is their last hope for remaining off the bench in the coming decades. China owns the majority of interests in South America; Central America is still being contested.

I am not sharing this information in any kind of support for those murderers in office, but showing why the killing of Americans is nothing in the scheme of global events; events to keep the cogs turning according to the projected timetable. This can all be changed, and is changing, but these are the reasons these events are taking place at the present time.

Keep your heart on what you desire and I am sure your son will be fine. Old systems are failing and these are the last threats they are issuing before things drastically change within the political structure of our own nation (US).

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