Obama fear sparks cop killings

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PostMon Apr 06, 2009 12:47 am » by Kyo121

cornbread714 wrote:A relatively sane TV news debate. How rare is that?
It seems no one there was advocating taking away all guns. Of course you should be able to own a hunting rifle if you are a responsible citizen.
Assault rifles, I'm not so sure about that.
It seems to me that a lot of otherwise rational Americans seem to find an irrational sense of security in arming themselves to the teeth.
Personally, I'm sick of fight fire with fire mentality. I grew up with guns, I'm a fairly good shot, but I no longer see the need to own one, myself.
I guess if I really thought 'they' were about to truly take away all the guns, so that they can totally enslave us, I'd probably get my hands on one, but I doubt it would do much good.
I fail to see threats against gun ownership as a central issue in our world, and I sure don't think more guns are the answer.
That's the mentality I feel we need to evolve beyond if there's any hope for us.
Maybe I'm wrong and should start digging a foxhole. :nwo: :peep: :shooting:

first to make it clear i own no guns, but i still like to have the option to get one IF it comes down to it. Way i see this assault rifle vs hunting rifle is, If lets say theoretically you're going to war...which one would you bring? cause lets face it the only reason you'd really need an assault rifle is to defend your liberty and freedom against oppressive power. I think most here would agree that with proper measure there would be little to none gun related accidents, and those people on shooting spree are either crazy or paid suicides. I say paid suicides cause this isn't a conspiracy or anything fancy this is just how laws get pass that would otherwise be thrown out, create a situation or use a situation to further your reasons to put a law into place.

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PostMon Apr 06, 2009 12:56 am » by Mugenroshi8

Talk about the Lunatics running the Asylum. I think we have some things confused here, because as far as I can tell, the only person taking responsibility for what happened, is the gunman himself.

You're correct, I have not heard that it was caused because Law Enforcement responding to domestic abuse, but regardless, it changes nothing. Why? Because some level of personal responsibility needs to be taken here.

That person who must've been recieving quite a beating, had some choices in make in there lives. One would be the choice to dedicate a little time towards Self-Defense, or possibly - and I know this is gonna sound crazy - taken advantage of their own right to bear arms. But, I suppose that person who made other choices on how to spend their time, is just another victim.

As for the those poor law enforcement individuals who lost their lives, well, there comes the question as to 'why?' They obviously had more guns, and they obviously had more manpower (i.e. Federally Funded Gunman)....so why did this happen? Well, one possibility of many, is that of their personal time in training and tactics, courtesy of YOUR tax dollars. But I know, I know, this takes us back to responsibility and personal choices. What a burden.

But the gunman, for whatever reason, is the only one who called his friend and, having excepted he was going to die, carried on with what he had come to do. Again, accepting responsibility for personal choices. Hmmm, never thought I'd say this, but ya know, what kind of messed up society must we live in for the only person in the right to be the one committing murder.

But wait, there's more! Let's ask a more important question: what drove this young individual 'mad?' I know this sound crazy, but bear with me for a few more lines, geez, should we consider the very reasons he gave before engaging in this shootout? Could it really be because the Federal Government is imposing UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun laws and laws on ammo? Crazy I know, but maybe he actually believed it, and if you have been keeping up on any news at all, you cannot for a second wonder if maybe he was correct.

So, here's my suggestion for all those who want to put your choices and the further existence of your life in the hands of the government, in institution whose sole job is to control the mass population, i.e. treat you like a child and protect from yourself:

WARNING: Children do not attempt this without the presence of an adult or government official

Step One: Grab your nipple and twist (this should serve to wake you up).
Step Two: Release your ankles, and stand upright for the first time in your lives.
Step Three: Lift your chin a bit and raise your eyes to level with your sight of vision
Step Four: Take a walk down the road.

CONGRATULATIONS! You've become a man! Now tell me, doesn't that feel better? ;)

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PostMon Apr 06, 2009 2:12 am » by Boaterguy

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PostMon Apr 06, 2009 2:52 am » by Lowsix

Ive absolutely GOT to address the statement that the Gunman was the only one to assume responsibility for the actions.

Here are the facts:

He was living with his mother.
He was asleep, when his dog pissed on her rug.
She woke him up to tell him to deal with it, he went off, got irate and scared her.

He would not calm down, getting more and more angry, so the mother calls the police.
When they arrive, she lets them in. Calls her son out from the back room.
The police began to head to the back of the house. He appears at his door with a rifle and shoots the officer responding in the head..There is gunfire exhanged in this But the first cop is now dead. The gunman is hit in the leg.

Then at that point, he calls out that he has been hit, and will be "standing down", and requests for help..for the cops to come in and help him. Two more police enter, and he is aimed and ready and shoots both of them in the head as well.

The claim is being made that the reason he did the shooting, was about Obama. That is psyop nonsense (in a non formal sense). He did frequent Prison Planet and all that, as well as several white power websites, claiming in several posts that there would be mkType shootings occuring..ie suicide by cops, and that they would be commited by blacks and jews.

Ironic considering his last name.

So he isnt "taking responsibility" because that was never given as his reason for the shootings. That was the MEDIA spin on it.

Now im not sure exactly how you mean it, by saying that 'he assumed responsibility" and I could misunderstand what you were saying...that may be the case.

But he himself did not make the correlation, the media did.
He did not take responsibility in that sense, he committed a senseless act
The mother (also victim) was attempting to help him, by allowing him to remain at home.

We have psychological isues present.
He fired over a hundred rounds with a high powered rifle thru walls and doors, and ambushed the police intentionally.

In cold blood, he lured the police to murder two more of them.
In no way shape or form can it be concluded that he was in the right about anything, becuase his case will serve to speed the process which the media claimed spurred him into his actions. He was a socially stunted sociopath criminal.

Calling his friend to say that he knew he was going to di, right before he shot two more cops does NOT make him the only right one in the situation. Or right at all.
I dont get your reasoning in saying so, and im not lashing out, i may have just misunderstood..
warløckmitbladderinfection wrote:blasphemous new gehenna inhabitant makes god sad...

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PostMon Apr 06, 2009 3:21 am » by Boaterguy

who knows what is really going on in this guys head. the media can only post the facts and alot of the time those facts get twisted and contorted into something that sounds better on the air. the thing is, he was in bed sleeping, correct? His friends said he said he was going to die earlier in the day. unless this guys sleeping habits are incredibly messed up or his friends wanted a moment in the spotlight also. i was watching the tube when this was all going down. the media led me to believe that he was having a squabble with a girlfriend or spouse... not his mother barkin at him for some mutt pissin all over the floor. one thing that is factual is this man is disturbed... period. this one didn't put lead in his head so the shrinks will at least get to exam or try to exam his state of mind. now everything everyone does, rob a bank, shoot your old lady, get 30 troopers chasing ya in your alero, painting graffiti on some out of business pharmacy, blame it on Obama. delusional or just passing the buck. the point is, he took out 3 cops. whether they were good or bad is not the point cause not all cops out there are bad. not up to him to decide whether or not they are when they show up after a 911 call. would have been a different story if they came in his house for no reason at all and started messing shit up. as far as the evidence seems to point, he should get the chamber and more than likely will. He shoulda blamed it on Fox News.

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PostMon Apr 06, 2009 3:29 am » by Kyo121

i really wonder sometimes if this all comes down to lack of discipline from his mother when he was growing up. I don't mean abusive kind now...but america and most western country are too lax on their kids. When those kids grow up on lax discipline more likely or not they'll get into trouble big or small, and instead of doing what's right..the parent usually shift the blame on others like video game, tv, drugs what not. I can understand not wanting your children to "hate" you for being strict but if you do it right when they're older they'll understand and love you nonetheless and they'll be a better person for it, which is what you should be aiming for anyway even if they hate you.

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PostMon Apr 06, 2009 6:16 am » by Darkplanet

cornbread714 wrote:
spock wrote:Yes it is a liberal conspiracy. Every time someone kills someone with a gun the media blows out that the person was a gun "nut" - the insinuation is that all of us are nuts and are likely to go on a spree. As soon as this kind of thing happens - the left jumps all over the right - remember the rave reviews for Bowling for Columbine, where Michael Moore blamed the deaths on evil Republican ideology.

So having the common decency to give a stimulating and thorough reach-around, I'm going to boast that every time the media shows us these things - they are going to slip innuendo that it has something to do with the mentality behind our barbaric 2nd Amendment and that us rednecks that cling to our guns are a subculture.

Hey, what comes around goes around.

I can guarantee it is going to get worse - because the current administration wants the whole of the United States to be perceived as homicidal as the slums inside Washington D.C. - inflict fear to legislate new laws - isn't that what the left has claimed W. did for the last 8 years - and to honestly believe the left wouldn't execute the same tactics? HA HA!

I'll take it even further. The left blamed the right on these tactics for so long because they actually wanted to use them - which is what they are going to do.

Case in point - Obama telling us our economy has gone to hell (which it has on the fear of his leadership) then after he scared the hell out of China too - he back peddles and says it's not that bad. Because he was scaring off his biggest customer.

Prepare to see more "left wing instigated Manchurian Candidates" and for the sensationalism against people keeping arms to protect themselves.

Now more than ever - we need high powered SARs to protect ourselves. And lots of ammo. Better to have it then to be stuck with a butter knife when the liberals come into your home to further their agenda!

Ha - I love this bipartison conspiracy stuff - not only is it fun - it makes sense! I guess I'm starting to turn liberal. I'm gonna see if Pelosi wants to hang out and fish.

Just for fun and debate purposes, I'd like to ask you if you REALLY believe this:

"...our economy has gone to hell (which it has on the fear of his [Obama's] leadership."

Also, I am what I'm sure you would label a 'liberal', but you can put away your butter knife (and SAR) concerning me. Do we really have to paint everything in such broad strokes?

BTW, spock, did you read my response to the links you suggested for me a few days ago?
I hope we can continue our discussion in friendly terms because I might say some things you will vehemently disagree with, but I respect you (and everyone here - well, almost).
I am open to intelligent argument from your point of view. :sunny: :cheers:

THANK YOU! I mean WOW Spock, are you seriously sitting there trying to tell us Obama is responsible for the current state of the economy? I'm sorry man (and I mean this sincerely) but if you really believe that, you are either unwilling to do your homework or you've completely lost the plot. 8 years of irresponsible governance and out of control fascism got you where you are today, not Obama.

spock wrote:I think DarkPlanet and I have a love/hate relationship. I love him - he hates me. But I've had enjoyable times going back and forth on these issues.

That's totally unfair Spock. I never expressed hatred towards you, extreme frustration with your views maybe but hate is something I reserve for a very small few (none of them exist here). I don't have the time or energy to be "hateful" on a message board.

You seem like an intelligent guy which is why it frustrates me even more to hear you recycling some pretty mainstream spin. I know you have the capacity to see beyond it and get to actual, factual info but something is stopping you.

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PostMon Apr 06, 2009 12:04 pm » by Spock

I wait patiently to be able to pat Obama on the back for something - but the bailout money, grossly massive stumulous packages do make me sick.

Also I was hoping for a President that would put his foot down on illegal immigration, institute more of a fair tax doctrine (not just tax and spend) and I'm waiting to see if he has stones in dealing with North Korea, he should have let the military blow the rocket out of the sky. I am against blanket amnesty for the current illegal aliens (W. was for it) but if given amnesty, they need to start paying taxes and lighten the burden. Regardless - I just hate the current tax structure - that's why I haven't voted for the 2 major parties since George Bush 41.

I'll be fair and give him credit when credit is due. But from what I can see the tax plans he has innitiated are just going to make it worse for everyone for generations, devastating the dollar. Russia and China are wanting us all to go back to the gold standard - that's actually a great idea. Time to buy gold!
Around conservatives I sound like a liberal, and around liberals I sound like a conservative.

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PostMon Apr 06, 2009 12:26 pm » by Cornbread714

slushpup wrote:This is what I meant at the beginning how this implicates us on sites like Disclose.Tv and gives the feds reason to consider us in the "threat" category. I wonder which site he visited most? Was he a member here? The government will follow his bread crumbs to where ever he visited. Food for thought. :think:

I'd hardly think of this as an extremist conspiracy site (have you seen some of the other stuff out there?), but you've got a valid point.
I doubt that most of these shooters are 'Manchurian candidates', but I guess it's possible. I do know that the government loves to spin fear for it's own purposes (Shit, I'M starting to sound like an extremist!).
I'm enjoying this debate because, like I mentioned before, I'm torn on the gun issue.
Good arguments, you guys. You give me a lot to think about. :cheers:
Where's the beer and when do I get paid?
- Jimmy Carl Black (the Indian of the group)

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PostMon Apr 06, 2009 2:17 pm » by Spock

I've had that thought in the back of my head the every time I talk about my stance on guns, because it's sad that people that stand firm on the issue of this right can so easily be labeled an extremist. I already feel that most people that don't agree with me tend to see me in the same light as that moronic punk that shot the cops in Pittsburgh. I want a gun in case an idiot comes after me for some reason, such as he lost a video game or he didn't remember to take his ritalin.
Around conservatives I sound like a liberal, and around liberals I sound like a conservative.


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