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http://www.myfreedompost.com/2009/11/ob ... gores.html => DAMN THE FACTS! OBAMA'S FANATICAL FAITH
It's taken him ten months, but between a hectic golf schedule, frequent pick-up basketball games, White House parties, accepting the Nobel Peace Prize for potential, and "dithering," President Obama has been busy canvassing the Washington, D.C. area in search of a new church that would measure up to the high standards and ideals he's accustomed to with Marxist, racist, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, his pastor and spiritual advisor for twenty years:

That's right, folks. The president's faith has been restored and it should be no surprise that the church that he has chosen is the prosperous, faith-based, "Reverend Al Gore's Church of Global Warming". Rumor has it that the Obamas had been strongly considering the Church of Scientology, but now that global warming has been officially debunked as a science, Reverend Gore's house of worship seems to be a better fit. Other churches to be in contention were the "Church of the Sky (is falling)", and the "Church of the Earth (flat, that is)".
President Obama will make his announcement at the Copenhagen Global Warming (Correction: "Climate Change") Summit next month. The president's timing is impeccable, as he'll also declare that "Reverend Al Gore's Church of Global Warming," has been selected as the official church of the world. Leaks of the president's Copenhagen speech have hinted that other religions would be ridiculed because of their "lack of faith", even quoting the biblical scripture, "Oh ye of little faith".
There is a reason why Will Rogers said that there are "three kind of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics." For the proof, one needn't look any further than the revelation this week, as anyone with common sense suspected, that "scientists" have been purposely falsifying research in favor of supporting their "theory" of man-made global warming. Multiple emails detailing various strategies for fudging the data, in essence, "Hiding the Decline":

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