Obama, Gaddafi, and the end result...

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PostFri Jan 18, 2013 9:38 am » by Chronicnerd

So I had to make mention of this connection:

Obama bypassed congressional authority, and helped aide Al Qaeda soldiers kill Gaddafi.
He made a stink about it when he did it:

First we have the whole bypassing congress thing:

And then you have all of this mess surrounding it:

The rebel commander Obama helped admitting having the links:

More information:

He helped get guns to Al Qaeda fighters:

Of course there is this:

The *REALLY* interesting part?

Algerian Interior Minister Daho Ould Kabila said the 20-odd militants entered the country from nearby Libya in three vehicles, in an operation commanded by extremist mastermind Moktar Belmoktar, who is normally based in Mali.

"The Algerian authorities have expressed, many times, to the Libyan authorities, its fears and asked it a dozen times to be careful and secure borders with Algeria," Kabila was quoted as saying on the website of the newspaper Echourouk.

The militants made it clear that their attack was fallout from the intervention in Mali. One commander, Oumar Ould Hamaha, said they were now "globalizing the conflict" in revenge for the military assault on Malian soil.


The freed militants had been imprisoned in Tripoli's Abu Salim prison by Moammar Gadhafi's regime during the height of the insurgency in Iraq, according to Noman Benotman, once a senior figure in the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. Benotman said he believes as many as 600 militants may have been among the prison population at Abu Salim.


Mali is 100% Al Qaeda now, due to the shift of "power" in Libya...uh...which our President helped in:

So, take from this what you will:

- Obama helps Al Qaeda rebels overthrow Gaddafi using U.S. Military forces (missiles, drones, and troops).
- As the rebels pushed forward, they started freeing prisoners (estimated 600 were Al Qaeda militants).
- Recently the "One eyed Jihadist" and 19-20 other Al Qaeda militants crossed over from *Libya*
- They took hostages and the rest you can read in the new...

Wow...you know...this is pretty much a direct impact of our President's actions. While Gaddafi was by all means a "bad man"...he kept the "bad *men*" from being able to do what they are doing today:


He created a "buffer zone"...which while Gaddafi was brutal...it kept specific radical regimes busy and not able to centralize, organize, and have some real power to push back.

This all falls under the direction and orders of our commander in chief....

His decisions about Syria, Libya, Egypt, Mali, and various other regions of the middle east, have pretty much "pulled the thread" that kind of kept that whole region together.

So, now here we are... literally not but 24 hours after our president was *so* focused on making his #1 priority to screw with the 2nd amendment...on TV...and while all of that was happening?

Yeah... Al Qaeda was striking from the very regions he had made a "better and more secure democracy".

Not sayin'

Just sayin'

All you left wings out there can surely point to Bush for most of the Iraq and Afghanistan war...but all of this mess....yeah... that was the whole "Arab Spring" and Obama "helping the rebels"...

Again... the under dog... doesn't matter if the under dog is going to come back some day and bite you...just to *help* the poor rebels with their goal...from the bad man...Gaddafi...

This *appears* to be, in my opinion, a pattern coming from him that has a very long trail.

We can't pin *EVERYTHING* on President Bush or the Republicans... we *CERTAINLY* cannot pin the more recent events on anyone but...


It was his orders...his call...his actions on "who to help" and "who to kill"... which has led us to where we are today...

Yet...amidst all of this...while this whole thing was happening (as in while the Al Qaeda terrorist group made it across the border...) our President felt the *most important* issue was to figure out how to get *less guns* into American hands...

Never mind the fact that we still have no director of our CIA.
Never mind the fact that we still have no defense secretary determined...
Never mind the fact that we still have unanswered questions about Benghazi...
Never mind the fact that we have a serious debt ceiling issue and economic crisis at hand...

Let's put all that down....just forget about it...

No...what he has been doing during all of this...

Is messing around with the 2nd amendment in ways that are almost...after reading his 23 executive orders...which by they way...*awesome* that he *actually* has an executive order which basically states:

Hire a new ATF director...

Which is really his job anyway...so...uh...he wrote himself a memo to himself...as an executive order...to do his job.

The CDC report is awesome as well... figure out why Americans are so violent... that is priority #1!!!

Uhu... really awesome... and I would be willing to bet that 99% of those ~almost~ 51% voters that won Obama's 2nd term really couldn't understand and debate these issues with any meaningful results...


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PostFri Jan 18, 2013 10:26 am » by Iwanci

To state that people are politically ignorant is an understatement.. people generally vote for the person who presents well, speaks well and is able to upease their fears with rhetoric.. makes people feel warm and fuzzy.. why...??????????

This is why...........

Image GIFSoup

people can't hanlde the truth... and this just about sums up the very reason why we have a whole different world of underhandedness and deceipt.

To be truly honest as a politician you need to be able to say...

Image GIFSoup

Saying "I DONT KNOW" is one of the most honest things our politicians can ever state, however, it is also one of the statements that will ensure that they are never elected..


Because, we like to think that ONE person has the answers to everything, that one political party can perform miracles... anything less is just not an option for us..

so what happens next?

Image GIFSoup

we keep repeating our mistakes, going around in circles, we keep perpetuating the problems and at best we solve one issue and create 3 new ones.

Honesty means we need to hear what we do not want to hear from our politicians, and we need to demand transperancy at any cost.. we need to know that there are no smoke and mirrors and that the PTB are trying their hardest to solve the problems and not simply mask them.

By voting people in who we KNOW are not telling us the truth but are only telling us what we want to hear means we are asking to be deceived.

anyhow.. my two cents...
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PostFri Jan 18, 2013 11:12 pm » by Chronicnerd


Very nice... and indeed my personal perspective aligns with your two cents...however I have come to understand that in order to change anyone's perspective one must articulate their perspective based on factual information backed by mounds of references, and most importantly try to avoid going into an emotionally infused spurt...

I have been known to be a bit :yell: from time to time, but that generally attracts like energy...kind of like the *perceived* tone of anyone's post could ignite a series of mental social masturbation in a more furious fashion than most typical face to face debates.

Either case, it is going to be a long next couple of years... so we all might as well realize at this point...whatever happens from here on out... it is the *common people* (as in those who do not control the U.S. Government or any other government for that matter) that end up feeling the aftermath of our governments' political circuses...and by the way....they are charging all of our "Credit Cards" and the future generations' "Credit Cards" while they do all of this nonsense.

As long as everyone even partially agrees this philosophy, then when the *poop* hits the proverbial fan people need to start paying very close attention to the details of who is saying what...because the more misinformed you are the more frustration and anger you will have when you are presented with a very ugly truth...which in the end...we are *all* responsible for this...some much more than others...but every person counts...and if you go out and vote just "because"...or you think you "don't have time to research or watch the news" to make a well informed voting decision...

Yeah...*any* person who can honestly say to themselves that they don't know half of what is happening in our government and/or has a "foggy" recollection of our constitution or historic background and is willing to ~make/take the time from this point forward to review over our history as well as read up and double check our politicians' claims~ as part of their *duty* to one another and one self...will be worth their weight in gold in my personal opinion...

The boat to the land of "continued growth through the practice of self education and motivation" is getting lighter and lighter each year...

Freedom is a term used frequently by many, yet I fear that there are very ~few~ people willing to be *realistic* and *pragmatic* about their endeavors to achieving balanced freedom.

A bum has 100% freedom from everything and everyone, yet is always hounded by the reality of weather conditions and the consistency of daily hunger. There are programs to be used, not all great, but the programs have been there for *decades* and yet we still end up with those who chose this path in life or feel they are helpless to do anything about it.

An honest and hard working higher income bracket specialist in any field that comes to mind finds themselves torn between the luxuries of a higher income and the prices one must pay to get to that place. There are many professions where people have spent a decade busting their butts waiting tables or doing what it took to make ends meet as they make their way through school, only to find that when they get their "first real job" as the specialist they have studied to become...they discover that the foot race has just begun...and there are all of those people who work above you and a whole new ladder to climb. Those who persist and do well find themselves with the freedoms that come with having money. The new clothes, car, home, and...wife/girlfriend.

The bum can go where they want when they want to...they might work from time to time...no bills...no real address...and just whatever comes to mind or happens to pass your way...unless you are a bum because you are an addict...and then that is its own personal hell...yet they are still "free" to do...what they want...as long as they "feed the monkey" on their back...yet free...none-the-less.

The specialist is bound by schedules and is lucky if they can get a vacation...and depending upon whether they are married or not...spend their vacation the way they want to...or perhaps the way the family wants to...which is still more work....but...the freedom to have all of that ~experience~ while alive in this world. Sure they might have wanted to do nothing more than just sleep or perhaps take that new fishing boat they bought last year and actually use it...because all of the weekends they planned to use it there was always "something that came up".

They are both free...to chose their own vices...and experiences...whether they are good or bad...they are *free* to do so...

However, many people think freedom should go hand in hand with *equality*, and it is this pairing of the two ideologies that I believe is a large contribution to our problems today.

Freedom is nothing more than being able to make up one's own mind as to what they wish to do...or wish to not do...if nothing binds one from being able to act upon impulse or even contemplation...then one is truly free from all things at that point in time.

Equality is something that can only exist when there is more than one person being taken into consideration as one further refines the concept of "Freedom" (as per definition) to something of that which is not quite *complete* freedom but can be considered "the closest thing to complete and equally shared freedom amongst all people".

Equality is nothing more than the simple truth of: is it "equal" or not?

This is where a very long debate could be started... but the end result is that as long as all people can say that they have done their *very best* from the day they were born to the present day in all aspects of their life, then we would *naturally* have true equality because everyone did their best on all fronts.

However, this requires everyone...from all walks of life...to take this perspective every moment of their life and *act accordingly* if they *truly* agree that we *all* should do everything we can to better ourselves each and every day in all aspects of our lives.

Historic human nature as well as my own personal and honest answer to this question of myself tells me that we, as a race, do not collectively *truly* believe in *true* equality.

From those who have to those who have not...there are those who have incredible stories of coming from *literally* nothing...to complete "success"...and there are those who started out having everything and ended up with nothing...both paths were based on *personal* decisions and agreements with *OURSELVES* as to what the whole concept of "sharing freedom with one another equally and responsibly" truly means.

Actions speak louder than words... I love this phrase because it is a very simple truth and we all would be wiser if we reminded ourselves of our own personal responsibility as humans evolving in this universe that the only way we will see *true* world peace is the day that everyone can agree with this general philosophy as well as take actions derived from the fundamental relationship between freedom and equality.

What we personally want can sometimes blind us from not always taking this perspective and asking oneself if one's actions would be something driving towards *equally* shared freedom or not.

Two lower class income children grow up in separate homes. Both live under similar conditions in their families and lives.

One child grows up to be <insert profession here> and has made a better life for themselves and their family.

One child grows up to become a criminal and ends up in jail.

Both children lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same school.

Both children have similar health conditions (good or bad) and are pretty much given the same "starting place in life".

Just taking these two scenarios into consideration, did both children/people take all actions possible to "do their equal part" or perhaps one child redirected their hardship induced negative energies towards the drive to *break the cycle* and perhaps one child redirected it in a more self destructive way.

One could run through two rich men...one takes their wealth and spends it on *people* through investing in research and development as well as college educations and the like... the other takes their wealth and continues to grow it or just blows it on random nonsense.

Again, there are two people...are they both doing the best they could to "equally share the responsibilities of freedom" or not?

These scenarios are not only easy to follow, but are based on scenarios that happen all of the time.

So, until *all people* can truly understand the fundamental principles...which requires many of us "house cats" that watch the world from our windows (TVs)...there is room for everyone to contribute in some way or another...even if it is only educating one self a slight bit more than normal...every single inch we all take forward toward the concept of "sharing freedom with one another equally and responsibly" will make all of the difference in the world.

Yep...that all is about the state of things...

The principle concept applies to all of mankind.


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PostFri Jan 18, 2013 11:50 pm » by The57ironman


.......actions do speak louder than words.... :flop:

....talk about leadership with a moral compass...... :peep:

....go get 'em , big boy...
if you don't like my opinions....please lower your standards Image


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PostSat Jan 19, 2013 1:01 am » by Endtimeman

It is not impossible that our great and wonder leader my get a well deserved impeachement by some members of congress, simply for comptempt of congress first then for breach of the constitution, which he appears to feel is there for convience sake. Besides why does he need a congress when he was elected a second term as command in chief that know what there is to do and will do what he is allowed, because things are allowed him though all things are not expedient, for example, why both asking can you do this please when you can say do it you have no choice or be stone of the people? Why bother with congressional approval on minor things when you can bypass them and you can say they're not going to agree with me anyway and they don't like, I just know it? Besides I have executive privilege, and so what if impinge a little into the legislative powers, what harm can they do me, just look at this Bengahzi affair when I blatantly lied or hid the whole thruth about some terrorist faction, what did it get me what did any get me, even if I have the Nixon effect about me. That would the thinking of a socialisting minded fellow.

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PostSat Jan 19, 2013 1:10 am » by Iwanci

Like your thinking Chronic... :flop:
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PostSun Jan 20, 2013 7:52 am » by Chronicnerd

Iwanci wrote:Like your thinking Chronic... :flop:

Even if I believed that those who do not share in the same "responsibility" equally should not be able to share in the same "rewards" from being responsible?

If we are all *truly* trying to be *equal*... then I am not quite sure why America is currently going down the path we are going... because while I do not think there are as many "rags to riches" stories as there are "rags to middle class" stories...I think there are more stories of "rags to a higher tax bracket" than there are people who just "don't share in the same responsibilities".

Easiest way to fix this?

If you pay taxes... you get some form of additional "vote" or perhaps like a "fraction of an additional vote" (not based on what you made but just that you paid your taxes)... so you know... those who *actually pay taxes* should be counted as 1 vote (plus the fraction).

If you are on unemployment or have been without a job for longer than 9 months from the date of the election, then you only get 1 vote.

The rules and all that could be made to be as fair as possible...but then it would do 2 things immediately:

1.) Make the more "big government" minded officials *really* want to get *everyone* working (and paying taxes) because they would want the votes.

2.) Under circumstances such as today's day and age, it would act as a self righting mechanism to prevent politicians from "buying" votes by promising "free stuff", as well it would *reward* people who are actually *paying* for all of the bills...

Everyone still gets a vote... just if you have been "pulling your fair share" and paying the bills... there ought to be *some kind* of reward...

Otherwise... why bother?

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