Obama Visits Berlin For First Time

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Barack Obama visiting Germany after attending the G-8 summit in Northern Ireland. The city center was closed off for several hours. NGO reactions and demonstrations were kept well away from the Brandenburger Tor where Obama's speech was to be held. Only 4,500 were able to attend the U-S president's speech while the rest watched him on television screens on the sidewalks.

While Obama was busying with his visit to Berlin, Amnesty International took actions to evidence Obamas unkept promise of closing Guantanamo.

Another important issue was the US Drone attacks that are raging on against other countries and are considered as a violation of international law.

During the press conference Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were confronted with several questions concerning security issues like the usage of drones, suspicion of chemical weapons, terrorist activities and civil wars in the Middle East. A positive highlight was Obama´s call for a reduction of nuclear arsenals, however he avoided to discuss specifics around weapon deliveries to Syria.

Meanwhile, Stefan Liebich from the Left Fraction commented on Obamas approach to the current civil war in Syria.

Barack Obama´s short visit to Berlin made German authorities to mobilize 8,000 security specialist and policemen over the past three days .

This was the 1st time Barack Obama came to Berlin as the U-S president.

50 years from John F. Kennedy´s "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech, only time will tell how Obama´s visit will impact transatlantic relations in the future.

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