Officer Jack McLamb Exposes FEMA Death Camps

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PostSun Jul 28, 2013 9:38 pm » by Phoenix rising

At the Ron Paul March on Washington in July 2008, Jack McLamb comments on how 911 was an inside job and exposes FEMA camps. Yes, thats where folks on the red, blue, pink and yellow lists are going! Mr. McLamb also warns that you should get guns and ammunition soon.


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PostMon Jul 29, 2013 12:10 am » by Orifaidoe

the red dots on the mailboxes look like it was made in MSpaint...

just sayin...

dont add BS to your post or people wont take it seriously

and that officer wont last very long im afraid...


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PostMon Jul 29, 2013 12:28 am » by Constabul

This crap is old hat, and deserves to be in the hoax section of the site. Fema death camps have been talked about in the 80s, 90s and 2000s, and now continuing through 2013. how long do we have to wait to get rounded up in mass?
I want a job at one these camps cause job security seems to be top notch. To be fully staffed and rdy to go at the drop of a hat for over 30 years..
Better job security then any other job market.
This has damn near entered the realm of galactic federation of light.

You know the threat of an over reaching government is vary real. Corruption and the complacency is appalling. This type shit is hurting the cause. As it puts those who point out the before mentioned problems into the nutter house when viewed by the general public when this type shit is associated.
Why the hell do they need camps when no one has the balls to stand up and stop them to begin with.

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PostMon Jul 29, 2013 3:02 am » by SonOfGodEternalFlame

People want everything to happen on their time line but it don't work like that! This stuff is real
and very dangerous and is being slowly set up the past twenty years but has kicked in overdrive
as we see now. 911 is just the doorway and permission for all the unconstitutional stuff happening
Obama we need a domestic police force (police state) more powerful and more funded than the military to reach the national security objectives we want to reach
Then you have the N.D.A.A.
basically authorization to suspend the constitution. Drones over america, D.H.S stock piles ammo armored
personnel vehicles, N.S.A. targeting Americans. I.R.S. targeting Americans. Using the word TERRORIST
while at the same time they fund Al Qaeda in Egypt, Libya and Syria and that's why they lied about Benghazi .

(1) We propose the establishment, under executive order of the President, of a permanent War/Peace Research Agency, empowered and mandated to execute the programs describe in (2) and (3) below.

This agency,
(a) will be provided with non-accountable funds sufficient to implement its responsibilities and decisions at its own discretion
(b) will have authority to preempt and utilize, without restriction, any and all facilities of the executive branch of the government in pursuit of its objectives.
It will be organized along the lines of the National Security Council, except that none of its governing, executive, or operating personnel will hold other public office or governmental responsibility.
Its directorate will be drawn from the broadest practicable spectrum of scientific disciplines, humanistic studies, applied creative arts, operating technologies, and otherwise unclassified professional occupations.
It will be responsible solely to the President, or to other officers of government temporarily deputized by him. Its operation will be governed entirely by its own rules of procedure.
Its authority will expressly include the unlimited right to withhold information on its activities and its decisions, from anyone except the President, whenever it deems such secrecy to be in the public interest.

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