Official existence of E.T's = Death of Religion?

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PostTue Feb 01, 2011 1:46 pm » by Mediasorcerer

this is the problem with viewing the creator from the perspective of middle eastern religions,[or any really]
i dont find any contradiction with the idea that et,s spells the end of "god" quite the contrary,if anything it proves god even more so,i guess i dont see god as any kind of entity,more like universal consciousness,that pervades all matter all space,all time,so everything is just another aspect of that divine source,infinite,unknowable,undefinable,but indelibly involved with all that is.
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PostTue Feb 01, 2011 2:48 pm » by 8pointed1

I don't think generally that disclosure would bring about the death of religon,there would be waxing and waning in different aspects and areas of religon.there would certainly be some form of widening and streamlining of particular doctrines.For me the cause of concern stays with the propaganda and thought processes,for example : before E.T there is 'us' and 'god'.......After E.T there is 'us' and 'god' with a group of beings between 'us' and 'god' that it seems have been acting and playing like 'gods'.

Let me put things on the other foot for you,think about this example:
Say we discover a grave on mars one day,the deceased is definitly alien and has been buried with a sword...........Is this species warlike and hostile or is this species honourable and spiritual through some form of warrior code?.
your millitary advisors want to go to defcon 5,your scientific advisors are saying they and we have common ground........yet your religous advisors are remaining tight lipped on the subject,ask yourself why.
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