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oil spill agenda

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Joined: Sat Apr 24, 2010 4:53 pm

PostFri May 28, 2010 11:50 am » by Noetic

Yes I hear what your saying dr,,funny how pons fleischman [look them up]were approved this year after decades of trying to show the world their work,oddly enough a few ppl have gotten patents and are starting to sell joe cells,aka stan meyer devices,,but stan meyer himself was killed decades ago for trying to give away the know how of this tech.this truely is the year guys like me get to say i told you so,,Ive been into alternate fuels,namely hho since I was a small child building my first electrolyzer out of stuff in my grandmothers kitchen at about 5 years old,i wasn't allowed to play with lighters so I asked my grand dad to take his lighter to the bubbles and they popped like firecrackers.adn ive been using this knowledge since then,nothing could stop me from believing in this,even when science teachers tell me that it uses too much power to be efficient,I had to prove otherwise,and I did.the fact is any car can be converted easily without anything on the electrical system being upgraded.if you have a battery and alternator in your car all you have to do is change the fule tank to an electrolyzer made of stainless steel and use the existing power running to the fuel pump to power the electrolyzer instead,plug your fuel line into it and maybe a regulator and tada,your done buying gasoline forever.

the powers that be killed stan meyers to stop this,but now they're letting people have it to escape their monopoly?!?! what gives?what are they upto? or have they just realized that thanks to guys like me who have told 10's of thousands of people about it they can't keep the lid on it anymore?just imagine how many pople that ive told about have told fact there was a couple of guys on cnn the other day selling their device they call the hydra,I'm willing to bet I'm the one that told them about this tech,ive been around for along time,been online since the beginning.I hope for bragging rights it was me that told them,either way Im happy for them and proud of them also.
patent pending lol


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