Oil spill 'will shape how US thinks about environment'

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http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/world/us_and ... 307782.stm

US President Barack Obama has said the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico will have the same impact on the US psyche as 9/11.

In an interview with US website Politico, he said the disaster would "shape how we think about the environment... for years to come". :nwo:

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PostMon Jun 14, 2010 1:30 pm » by doommongerer


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I know - my thoughts within a few days were 'False flag'

the gulf incident is a perfect thing to say 'look see how bad oil is! this is why we must quadrupal prices & tax you much more for 'green solutions' we need cap & trade & carbon credits' which by all accounts was a dead bill, never to be passed.

meanwhile the environment will of course get even more polluted, as its all a scam.
just like the fed reserve was implemented to prevent another great depression :roll: great job! as we're now in the Greatest Global depression

and then Theres all the supporting 'circumstances' the CNN clip on here: we're being Blocked, media black out, soldiers, no one will talk and we're being lied to!' CNN

goldman shorted the gulf, betting on disaster, 1 day before it happened (huffington ). they along with BP's CEO also sold billions in shares, trillions even? just days or a day before it happened! google it!

Then theres the media reports of some 'strange' Haliburton crew arriving on the rig 1 hr before it blew!?

If this gets much worse though: killer gasses in the air, eruption into lava, or a sea floor collapse, causing a tsunami well inland into america, killing millions..a globalist- eugenicist- satan worshipping conspiratorial plot could be argued! but really it could be as simple as a torpedo from a north korean sub (stationed near argentina) - an actual attack from one of america's old enemies

-shrug- no matter how you look at it, It ain't good
yes i know ain't isn't a real word, but than is reality really real lately? :dancing:
Restoring Sanity and or Keeping Fear Alive! :wink:


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