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Ok skeptics/experts - Is this Nibiru?

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Joined: Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:44 am

PostMon Apr 26, 2010 9:14 pm » by Mikyz

symbolon wrote:
One so called expert on ATS was saying "Brown Dwarf"?
So what's the bottom line here?
"Just facts please, Sir" as Joe Friday always says ...

There aren't as yet any facts to be published, since none of 'us' are in possession of the facts. In view of this there is no point whatsoever to argue about this like demented misunderstood children.

WHY? I'll tell you why.
Cause many of us and especially truth seekers have become AWARE that governments are liers and cannot be trusted. All authority official figures and gov departments like NASA (Never A Straight Answer) are not truths as we have been dumbed down to believe and obey via media, education and chemically through food/water/vaccines/pharma.

The proof of what I am saying is all around us
1. The staged 911
2. Climategate world-control taxing atempted scam
3. Manmade Swine Flu
4. A president that will not produce a birth certificate
5. Manmade Aids
6. No WMD found in Iraq
7. Al Quayta does not exist
8. Healthcare taxing & control scam
9. Stealing and missing trillions of $ from tax payers
10. Chemtrails and HARP secret adgendas

We are no longer BUYING into their lies and have to find truth for ourselves.

The circling of a very large and very bright object on a satalite photo and LABLEING it as Venus is not proof of nothing, especially when it comes from a GOV agency!

Mayby it is Venus - well then the "powers that be" at least acomplished at least one thing for sure, they got YOU and ME and the guy who titled a vid with "WE GOT ABOUT 2 WEEKS LEFT" to run around and waste a lot time over nothing!

Or was it all for nothing - I think not - Its showing that more people are in FACT waking up and are QUESTIONING these evil controllers.
The real war "Liers verses Truthers" began on 911.

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PostMon Apr 26, 2010 9:34 pm » by Symbolon

We already know the facts regarding those ten points you made. That does not however mean that we are as yet one iota closer to the truth whether or not Nibiru exists. Getting all pissy over this doesn't help either. We are all on the same side here.

So what if it is Nibiru? Then what? Since we can't get off this rock, I am not going to spend the last two weeks of my physical life in fear.

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PostTue Apr 27, 2010 3:08 am » by Shadowkhas

cornbread714 wrote:Not exactly...

As I said..."are doing"..."going"...they're in the process of getting there.
They haven't always been in their same positions. They departed both from Earth, and have been spreading out. Eventually, they will reach the opposing side of the sun.

mikyz wrote:The circling of a very large and very bright object on a satalite photo and LABLEING it as Venus is not proof of nothing, especially when it comes from a GOV agency!

The fact that you need someone to be telling you whether it is or isn't "Nibiru" is saddening. Studying physics can help you make decisions for yourself. Basic observation, with a knowledge of planetary motion, will get you far.


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