Olympic Adverts predicting an attack on London?

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PostWed Jul 04, 2012 11:36 am » by Thor

Domdabears wrote:Anyone wanna take bets?

I bet nothing happens.


You are probably right Dom... :flop:

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PostWed Jul 04, 2012 1:41 pm » by Rydher


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Rydher wrote:Elenin?

yes psy op
It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 300 million cannot replace 545 people who stand convicted -- by present facts -- of incompetence and irresponsibility.

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PostFri Jul 13, 2012 12:54 am » by man2012

i think this big hoax
nothing happens

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man2012 wrote:i think this big hoax
nothing happens

Only time will tell,


Job Introduction:

Take your place in history working to keep the Olympic and Paralympic Games safe and secure
We have a number of temporary security vacancies across all levels - asset protection, access control, patrol, response, search (people, bags, vehicles), CCTV and alarm monitoring, X-ray operating
Many roles require no previous security experience as full training will be provided

G4S is proud to be the official security services provider to 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
We'll be providing a range of security services to over 100 competition and non-competition venues across the country: 

The Olympic Park in Stratford, London
Sporting venues across the UK including St James’ Park
The Olympic Villages and Hotels
Athletes training venues
Logistics centres

Role Responsibility:
We are now able to offer a fantastic opportunity for people who can remain calm under pressure, think quickly on their feet and are good with people. To be considered you’ll need:
A good understanding of how to deliver good customer service
A good standard of verbal and written English
Eligibility to work in the UK (have a National Insurance number)
A valid passport or full length birth certificate with photo ID
Five year’s verifiable work/educational history
To be able to work shifts – usually 12 hours each
To commit to training and be available to work throughout July, August and September 2012
If successful we will offer you:
Pay for attending pre Games training
A Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence worth £220 and valid for three years’
Salary starting from £8.50 per hour during Games time, with higher rates for senior or specialist positions
The chance for immediate work if you are already SIA qualified

 So whatever stage you are in your working life, this is your chance to ensure spectators, competitors and providers are secure to enjoy one of the greatest sporting events in the world.

Although we have a number of opportunities across various locations, you will only need to apply for the Newcastle role and attend one local interview day, where we will discuss all the options with you.
 Click to Apply

The Ideal Candidate:

They left Olympics high and dry – but G4S will still get their full fee....

Private security company G4S will not be financially penalised for failing to recruit sufficient security guards for the Olympic Games, it emerged last night.

The firm has been accused of letting the country down just two weeks before the Games, with soldiers forced to cancel family holidays to ensure venues are protected. But a senior Government source told The Independent that the contract with G4S did not include a penalty clause.

The revelation appears to contradict a statement by the Home Secretary Theresa May in the House of Commons. She told MPs that while the contract was between G4S and the Games organisers Locog, she understood that there were "penalties within that contract".

A source said that in fact it was a pro-rata agreement where G4S were paid for each extra security guard they supplied – and not penalised if they did not make the overall target. "The person who negotiated the contract should be shot," the source said.

It is also understood that the Ministry of Defence – who only found out about the troop request on Monday – have demanded that all the additional cost is borne by the Home Office.

Last night it was also claimed that G4S's recruitment problems may have been exacerbated by the Home Office's delays in vetting candidates.

Theresa May yesterday told the Commons that she was only told that the firm could not honour its contract on Wednesday, although ministers had been aware that extra troops might be needed for a couple of weeks.

A spokesperson for Locog, which negotiated the £284m contract with G4S, said: "If G4S are not providing the same number of staff as they were before, they will not be being paid the same amount of money."

Senior armed forces officers are concerned the extra demands on troops will have a damaging effect on morale. Some will be forced to cancel family holidays while others have recently returned from deployment and will be going almost directly into checking bags at Olympic venues. Some of the troops put on Olympic duty have just received redundancy notices.

Meanwhile people who had applied for G4S's more than 10,000 Olympic security jobs emerged to complain about the company. Some said they had been sent security passes to access Olympic venues before training, whilst others said they had been given the job without any sessions at all.

Regardless of any potential financial cost to the company, the embarassment for such a major player in the security business will be severe. G4S, formed in 2004 by a merger of Group 4, Falck and Securicor, manages six prisons, three secure training centres and two immigration centres in the UK – and it has a world profile to think about too, with 657,000 employees across the globe and an annual revenue of £7.5bn stemming from work in more than 125 countries.

A spokesperson for G4S said: "We have encountered some delays in progressing applicants through the final stages but we are working extremely hard to process these as swiftly as possible."

Profile: So who are G4S?

* Formed by merger of Group 4, Falck and Securicor in 2004.

* Operates in more than 125 countries with 657,000 employees.

* Annual revenue of £7.5bn.

* Provides security services at 14 UK airports and four ports.

* Manages six UK prisons, three secure training centres, and two immigration centres.

* Current chief executive is Nick Buckles, the Essex-born son of a dinner lady.

Surrey Police pull out of £1.5bn contract

Surrey Police has withdrawn from Britain's biggest privatisation contract. Some of the candidates for the job of the force's police and crime commissioner actively campaigned against it, citing G4S as a factor. G4S is on a shortlist of six groups bidding for the £1.5bn "business partnership programme" with West Midlands Police, under which private companies would take over a wide range of policing functions including detaining suspects.


Big news all this at the moment in the u.k.
''The Fear of Losing is the Biggest Winner''


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