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I have always lacked at English and grammar. My brain is geared more towards: science, math, and creative thinking, I even failed an English class in highschool due to that issue, but had straight A's in chemistry, science, and even physics.

The problem I have is getting ideas from my brain to a keyboard in a way people can understand and comprehend them. Even famous people like Einstein and Tesla we known to be lousy at getting ideas from theirs brains into written form.

I have begun also to start to write my own research articles, the first one I posted here 2 days ago and I will use that post for this example. I did not find this website until AFTER I posted it, and decided after trolling the DTV facebook page, where my post was featured. (Thanks DTV Admin!)

One thing keep popping up, interesting article but this guy needs "better writting skills". So I found this free online tool to help with that. I will only use this for research articles, not every post I make.

Here is the website I found and what this tool does...

Tests Document Readability

Readability Calculator: ... mprove.jsp

This free online software tool calculates readability : Coleman Liau index, Flesch Kincaid Grade Level, ARI (Automated Readability Index), SMOG. The measure of readability used here is the indication of number of years of education that a person needs to be able to understand the text easily on the first reading. Comprehension tests and skills training.
This tool is made primarily for English texts but might work also for some other languages. In general, these tests penalize writers for polysyllabic words and long, complex sentences. Your writing will score better when you: use simpler diction, write short sentences.
It also displays complicated sentences (with many words and syllables) with suggestions for what you might do to improve its readability.

Basic text statistics are also displayed, including number of characters, words, sentences, and average number of characters per word, syllables per word, and words per sentence.

So here is an example with the post I recently made. The results are not too good, about one quarter of my sentence's should be written, and you need 12+ plus years of education to comprehend it.

(Most newspapers are only written around an eight grade reading level)


Number of characters (without spaces) : 11,391.00
Number of words : 2,503.00
Number of sentences : 117.00
Average number of characters per word : 4.55
Average number of syllables per word : 1.55
Average number of words per sentence: 21.39

Indication of the number of years of formal education that a person requires in order to easily understand the text on the first reading
Gunning Fog index : 12.54

Approximate representation of the U.S. grade level needed to comprehend the text :
Coleman Liau index : 9.60
Flesch Kincaid Grade level : 11.01
ARI (Automated Readability Index) : 10.70
SMOG : 12.07

Flesch Reading Ease : 54.22

List of sentences which we suggest you should consider to rewrite to improve readability of the text :

And as taught to many in the early years of school a simple formula can be followed to achieve that: The WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, & WHY WHO: Image The Alpha-Draco Star System Reptilian shapeshifters, as many have come to call them are also known from the star system they originate from, known as Alpha-Draconis.
Some may refer this to this as the dimension as where we can travel too when are pineal glands or 3rd eyes are activated, as it would explain why black magicians activate the 3rd eye for opening portals for entities to travel through, known in the occult as the "left and right hand paths".
After the Atlanteans discovered how to unveil the shapeshifting reptilians after infiltrating the political class, the Alpha-Draco hurled the ice comet known as planet Venus in the solar system and destroyed the planet.
In any system also where "slaves" are used, as in humans being created and being used to mine gold for the "god"s in ancient times, the slaves would need to be stronger then the race they are working for, or they would mine it themselves.
Some species are most likely able to create large amounts of gold with advanced chemistry techniques, so genetic manipulation of an entire species to mine it over thousands of years seems like a lost cause and waste of time.
They found a humanoid species on this planet known in modern times as Neanderthals and mixed their DNA with the Draco to create modern man as a slave race to mine gold, a resource they needed for their own survival.
They also control this planet through the many secret societies and black magic cults around this planet to carry out their agendas, and attain "human sacrifices" for their sinister "blood magic".
Some know them as the "Illuminati of Zion", some people may just refer to them as "The Fallen Angels That Serve Lucifer in Hell", and in Atlantis Thoth referred to them as "The Dark Lords of Illusion".
There may also be other species helping the reptilians, even of their own creation, known as some as "Archons" or the iconic alien grey to help control the growing human populations.
This would mean the biblical story of God and Lucifer was the start of their reign, and the whole reptilian conspiracy is an allegory of the serpent nature of evil within man.
This involves reptilians coming from a planet known as Nibiru that take a 6,600 year orbit around our solar system, and came to planet Earth, known as Tiamat to the Draco.
We now build our homes and structures with cheap building materials and execution unlike the perfect stone structures we have left behind from a much more "advanced" ancient cultures.
An Introduction Into "The Reptilian Conspiracy" You may or may not be familiar with the "Reptilian Conspiracy" so in this post I will go over the basics.
What I find most interesting is also is that this statue sits near a source of water, a requirement according to occult rituals to open inter-dimensional portals.
I will be making a part two of this video soon to maybe a voice over or better story boards, it was one of my earlier videos, and I acquired better title software since then.
Here in America we also use the eagle's head as our national symbol, its only because its the closet thing to a reptilian's head they can use and get away with.
The Alpha-Draco first invaded this planet many thousands of years ago when the planet was known as Maldek, and a civilization existed known as Atlantis.
Evidence of much more enlightened ancient cultures are all around us, so they are holding humans back of our full potential, spiritually and technology.
This is why shapeshifting is such a deadly weapon for an invasive alien species, and how alpha-draconians can take over entire civilizations easily.
Alpha-Draco can consume the DNA of creatures and reconfigure atoms (matter) in to a living breathing holographic illusion, like appearing as a human.
There were multiple races of beings coexisting on the planet at the time, as well as huge animals on the main land masses known to most in modern times as dinosaurs.
But in reality the reptilians are nothing more then the iconic "wizard of oz" behind the curtain, making them seem bigger and more fearsome then they really are.
It is only the theories peddled by modern researchers which call then "scaled reptiles", while in all ancient cultures these creatures were referred to as "serpents".
After watching hundreds of hours of videos, and countless hours more reading and debating the subject, I will share the theories I find most plausible, as well as some of my own.
The "Cremation of Care" ritual, dating back thousands of years, requires the sacrifice of human children to "wash away the sins of the elite" each year.
They could also like here on Earth keep entire civilizations from ever becoming advanced enough to ever become a threat to the Alpha-Draconians.
I suspect if this is the case then the "Dark Lords of Illusion" or "Illuminati" are nothing more then a military type command post for the Alpha-Draco.
That is because the shapeshifting is an Illusion, and not biological in nature, as with an octopus for example, which can perform shapeshifting as well.
What does seem to be a good motive is the reptilians preventing advanced species in the universe developing to the level of being a threat to them.
The Atlanteans lived on the infamous island colony, away from other continents at the time known as Lemuria, Mu, and Hyperborea.
This would explain why all major religions do not teach us to meditate and activate our pineal glands, but yet to be servants of god with nothing more then faith.
I also believe that each offers clues to the whole truth of the subject, and each has evidence to support them, but each theory also has parts that don't add up.
I have come to believe as well the word "LORD" really means 'Loyal Order of the Royal Dragon", taking their orders from the "ascended masters" or commanders.
Also of interest is how many other civilizations are under control of the Draco, and how much across the universe does their influence reach.
But common sense tells us it would be the same "powers that be" that control the wars, debt, and suffering on this planet, as most of it is non-human in nature.

Anyway have some fun, or use it to write some better threads. Post your own results also on threads you wrote or find...

But if your serious about thread writting and blogging your own ideas, this tool could give you a serious edge on the competition :flop:

I am using this for a new research article I am writing, so well see how that comes out!


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