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#OpPrism, #AntiSec, #Anonymous

Upload to Disclose.tv

Published on 12 Jun 2013
Greetings NSA

We have learned much over the past week about your absurdly abusive anti-privacy programs at the heart of your massive data collection and intel gathering operations on ordinary citizens. The latest 2 programs of which, PRISM and Blarney, are among the most intrusive to date, far more Orwellian than George himself could have possibly imagined.

We stand firm before you today, unafraid, unabashed, and unshaken by these discoveries, and serve to inform YOU - the tables shall be turned upon YOU. YOU have aroused our curiosity, YOU have established the course that we shall set forth, presently. YOU are they who will soon have to answer for your actions. We are watching. We are coming. We shall move with great resolve, idle no more, to uncover and expose the extent of which YOU invade the private lives of your everyday citizens and likewise our brothers and sisters around the globe, collectively humanity as it exists, all in the name of straw men and imagined opponents, designed to keep the People afraid, silenced, compliant, obedient.

You may have fired the opening shot, but rest assured, WE shall deliver the final punishing blow. We will expose your transgressions against the People, making the light of day shine upon your dark and sinister deeds, methods, and practices.

The time has come. The time is now. The fight you have brought to our doorstep shall be met with equal and opposing force.

You bet your ass you can fucking Expect Us.
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