ORMUS and Global Warming

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ORMUS and Global Warming
By Barry Carter

I have been working on figuring out ways to mitigate or reverse global warming for over a decade.

Global warming is caused by a variety of factors which include changes in solar radiation, changes in reflection from the Earth's surface and probably the largest factor which is increased "greenhouse gasses" like carbon in the atmosphere. A 1994 Greenpeace document titled "The Carbon Bomb" describes how atmospheric carbon contributes to global warming and suggests some remedies that might be instituted to reduce atmospheric carbon.

In 1995 I scanned "The Carbon Bomb" and in 1997 I sent the electronic version to Jay Hansen, one of the leading researchers on peak oil and global warming. You can read "The Carbon Bomb" on Jay's site at:


In 1998 I wrote the following article:


and put it on my forest web site.

In this article I cited research about how reductions in forest health and growth were exacerbating global warming and asked:

"What are the economic impacts of global warming? How will this affect commerce? What have the recent "natural disasters" cost and how are they related to global warming or ozone depletion?"

I believe that global warming and the end of the petroleum economy are the greatest threats to our well being as a culture and as a species. In 2002 I wrote the following about this:

"As corporate, governmental and religious structures grow very large and powerful they tend to loose track of the other needs of the people they were built to serve. They also tend to maximize short term "profit" by "mining" resources without consideration of sustainability. Supply lines tend to get longer, more interdependent and more fragile.

Our food supply capability is a good example of this. The small, local, family farm has given way to large, distant corporate farms. These large farms are much more dependent on petroleum for running equipment and for shipping food to the distant consumer. As nearby petroleum is "mined" out, the supply lines for it grow longer and more difficult to support and defend. The large corporate farms also become more and more dependent on chemical poisons and fertilizers to maintain production levels because they have depleted ("mined") the mineral productivity of the soil.

As nearby soil is depleted we must go further and further to find productive land. This same scenario has been repeated over and over by every city-based civilization in the past. At some point the supply lines and profit margins are stretched so thin that the smallest disruption can bring the entire structure to the ground."

You can read about how the Easter Islanders destroyed their own resource base in a similar way at:


I believe that the interrelated problems of peak oil and global warming pose the greatest threat to our modern culture. I also believe that ORMUS has the potential to provide the most significant contribution to solving both of these problems.

Here is why I believe this:

First: Atmospheric carbon comes from the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, changes in ocean currents and the melting of the permafrost in arctic regions, among other things. If there was a way to increase carbon sequestration (the binding of carbon in trees, soil, sea water and agricultural plants) this would pull carbon dioxide (one of the largest contributors to global warming) out of the air and lock it up where it no longer works as a greenhouse gas.

It looks like ORMUS can more than double the growth of plants and this will sequester more carbon. The walnuts at:


and the oranges at:


more than quadrupled in size after being given ORMUS sea water precipitate for four years.

The trees they grew on also showed similar increases in growth as you can see here:

http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/tw/ ... arison.jpg

These changes in agricultural production should also apply to increases in forest growth if ever ORMUS is applied to entire forests.

Second: The underground ecosystem is also significantly enhanced by ORMUS. There is probably more biomass underground than there is above ground. One very significant component of this biomass is called mycorrhizal fungi. You can read an article I wrote in 1997 on mycorrhizal fungi in forest soils at:


Sea water ORMUS precipitate typically doubles the mass of mycorrhizal fungi in soil within a month after application. Since these fungi are the largest organisms on earth, ORMUS can significantly increase the sequestration of carbon in agricultural and forest soils.

Third: Mycorrhizal fungi feed plants by dissolving minerals in the soil and helping to transport these minerals to the plants they are attached to. This reduces the need to add nutrients and fertilizers to the soil. Since these nutrients and fertilizers often come from petroleum sources and must be transported using fossil fuel fed vehicles; reducing the need for fertilizer in half will also significantly reduce the release of carbon into the air.

Fourth: The nutrients that have been put into solution and moved into the associated plants by the mycorrhizal fungi will remain bioavailable and eventually will make their way to the ocean where they will feed the ocean microorganisms which are one of the earth's greatest carbon sequestration factors. These ocean microorganisms are finally being recognized as comprising one third of all of the earth's biomass as you can see at:


They are also a major factor in global climate:


Also see:

http://www.nhmag.com/master.html?http:/ ... ature.html

http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.h ... nted=print

http://www.bio.utk.edu/wilhelm/Wilhelm% ... %20P&P.pdf

Fifth: Plants that are grown with ORMUS supplements have increased sugar content in both the edible and in the more "woody" inedible portions. This means that they will produce more alcohol per acre if fermented.

Alcohol is a major fuel in Brazil where dual fuel cars that can be run totally on alcohol are being produced. See:


It looks like ORMUS can double, triple or even quadruple the plant production on an acre of land and that ORMUS also increases the sugar content of these plants by 30% or more and that ORMUS makes the brewers yeasts hardy enough that they can make higher percentage alcohol before they die. If these observations are consistently confirmed by the growing body of agricultural experience with ORMUS, we may see as much as a ten fold increase in alcohol production per acre with ORMUS. Already alcohol is "about one-third less expensive than gasoline"; see:


If we can get only twice as much alcohol per acre (instead of ten times as much as I suspect we can) it will still be much more competitive with petroleum. See:


Add in the burning of biomass, the use of biodiesel and other bioenergy products that would be increased by the greater productivity of ORMUS crops and we should see a significant reduction in the burning of fossil fuels and their contribution to atmospheric carbon.

Above are the most accessible and easiest to implement changes that ORMUS might create toward mitigating global warming and disruptions from peak oil but other alternative energy related changes have also been suggested and these might also reduce the production of greenhouse gasses.

The following are more speculative ways that ORMUS might reduce greenhouse gasses:

Sixth: David Hudson originally built his plant in order to supply ORMUS rhodium as a catalyst for use in fuel cells. He claimed that the ORMUS rhodium catalyst worked as well as metallic rhodium in these fuel cells. One gentleman who worked for Hudson also told me that they were running one of these fuel cells on alcohol and switched to water to shut it down but it did not quit working when it was running on pure water. ORMUS rhodium looks to be way more abundant and inexpensive than metallic rhodium. Fuel cells contribute way less greenhouse gasses than other energy generating systems.

Seventh: I have heard that something like half of the electricity generated in the U.S. is wasted in conversion and transmission line losses. If metal transmission lines could be replaced by ORMUS transmission lines then our energy use would be significantly reduced with a corresponding reduction in greenhouse gas production.

Eighth: Energy storage is crucial to making solar, wind and hydroelectric energy competitive with fossil fuels. Cheaper and more energy efficient ways to store solar energy is essential to its popular use at night and in the winter time. A typical household requires twice the number of solar panels in the winter to supply the amount of energy that solar panels provide in the summer.

If ORMUS could be used to store energy, as Hudson suggested in his lectures, then ORMUS batteries might become a useful alternative to existing energy storage options.

Energy storage like this would make roof top solar electric systems viable where energy could be stored in the summer for use in the winter.

Ninth: They could also be used to power electric cars. Here is a quote from an investment promotion by a company called Profit Technologies which suggests that an ORMUS osmium battery has already been tested:

"THE OSMIUM BATTERY of the future will be capable of holding a single charge up to 3,000 miles."

You can read a bit more about this at:

http://www.mhonarc.org/archive/html/pro ... 00050.html

I have heard that this osmium battery was the size of an ordinary automobile battery yet provided all of the energy to power an automobile for 3,000 miles.

If the energy to power a car can come from a 22 pound battery instead of an 80 pound tank of gasoline then many additional energy savings become possible. The car might be powered by four ten-horsepower motors in the wheels that are connected to the battery by wire rather than being powered by a much more powerful motor that wastes much of it's power driving the transmission and differential. The lack of a transmission and differential would, in turn, reduce the amount of structure that is needed to support them. Thus you could significantly reduce the total weight of the car with a corresponding reduction in the amount of energy needed to power the car.

Tenth: David Hudson and Jim both noticed that some of the ORMUS materials would "disappear in a flash of light" when dried out in sunlight. This suggests that there is some sort of energy conversion happening. Might it be possible to capture this energy before the material "disappears in a flash of light" and thus create a more efficient solar energy collector?

Eleventh: True "free energy" systems have also been suggested in connection with ORMUS. This connection is the most tenuous but has a great potential to change everything.

After he accidentally got his hands in some powerful ORMUS material my friend Jim noticed that he could not touch anything without a "spark" jumping from him to what he was touching. This phenomena continued for months after he got his hands in the energetic ORMUS. You can read about Jim's experience with this at:


The energetic phenomena that Jim experienced have also been noticed by other ORMUS researchers and are being replicated in an ORMUS product. The "Spark of Life" water from Ancient Transformational Technologies is capable of delivering repeated shocks to large circles of people for several months after it is made. You can order this water by calling:


You can find more info on this water at:


It looks like this ORMUS technology is capable of tapping into the "zero point" energy that runs the universe.

Here is a quote about this zero point energy:

"Mainstream science is now coming to a decent understanding of the vacuum of space. They are referring to it as the seething vacuum. The vacuum of space or the zero point energy, (it is called the zero point energy because it is the energy present in an absolute vacuum, no gas or solid matter, at absolute 0 degrees Kelvin) is now conservatively estimated to be 10 to the 99th to 10 to the 100th power per cubic centimeter. To get your mind around this much energy, one must first visualize the power of the sun. Then multiply it by 100 billion and then let it burn for 100 million years. That is the approximate amount of energy there is in 1 cubic centimeter of space."

Put in another way; every electron spins a trillion times per second. Most atoms have several electrons and there are a quadrillion atoms in every cell. There are 75-100 trillion cells in the body. One physicist told me that the energy of one electron is enough to power all human endeavors on earth from now till the sun goes nova. You can read more about the energetics of ORMUS at:


Twelfth: The anti-gravity potential of ORMUS might be used to generate power. Hudson spoke of this anti-gravity potential and the Essene claims that he has made an anti-gravity platform. Victor Grebennikov, a Russian entomologist, claimed in his book on entomology that he built an anti-gravity platform from the chitin of a certain insect. This chitin may be an ORMUS source. You can read an English translation of this chapter of Grebennikov's book at:

http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/wg/ ... ov-Eng.htm

I have arranged these ways to mitigate global warming and peak oil from the easiest and most effective to the least likely at the end. The first five items could be implemented on a small scale by virtually everyone who reads this.

I would rather see more discussion of this aspect of ORMUS technology than discussion of the "red lion", the pure "annealed" white powder of gold or the Philosopher's Stone. Even if one is capable of living a thousand years by eating the Philosopher's Stone, I suspect that this is dependent on having food to eat and temperatures cooler than the surface of a planet like Venus (a good example of a runaway green house effect).
http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/tw/ ... arming.htm
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Great topic :flop: here Duck, very in depth info posted, I dont profess to understand much about this subject but it cropped up in another thread the other day concerning colloidal silver and gold, which you contributed too.
Is another name for Ormus Manna a life force as documented in the Bible?
concerning salt water and its abundance and an answer to fossil fuel depletion, there is a procedure for using this common earthly product to combust as long as the salt water is exposed to radio frequencies?

Could be a reason why UFO's and USO's like to be near the sea. :look:
http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/09/ ... 6430.shtml

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Thanks and yeh manna is the same thing supposedly, interesting topic this is thought someone would like it :wink: now back to pizza lol
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theduck wrote:Thanks and yeh manna is the same thing supposedly, interesting topic this is thought someone would like it :wink: now back to pizza lol

Still wading thru your info, late one for me tonight I think!
My manna is a Cuppa Char... :banana:
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Really interesting here ! :look:


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avimoas wrote:Really interesting here ! :look:


Thankyou :flop:
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