Osama Bin Laden Demonized - He wasn't so bad

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PostSun May 08, 2011 1:05 am » by Roadkill

Looks like he had a pot garden. My opinion of him has been totally changed. He has been demonized by the west. He wasn't so bad. I have elevated him to a piece of shit.

Does pot create revolutionaries? Che was a big time toker. As was Castro in his youth. Our founding fathers grew and I assume used, cannabis. Could the reason it is outlawed because it makes revolutionaries (and Osama was a revolutionary as well as a terrorist.)?
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PostSun May 08, 2011 2:21 am » by X-mog

When you consider that he forfeited a fortune to his fellow men, women and children, at least to his kind, he was seen as more of a robin hood in their eyes. Although, chances are they're unfamiliar with that particular English story. I never bought ANY of his oil so I'm not connected to this bullshit in any way shape or form. Old binnie prefers hash if I'm not mistaken. To be shared with friends on the hucca.

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