Osama bin Laden is dead. Posted 01/03/09

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PostSun Jan 04, 2009 8:05 pm » by Drjones

towelie wrote:Hes definatley real there wouldnt be pics of him shaking Bush's hand if he wasnt, wouldve been more convincing if hed been made to look like an enemy the whole time instead of pals with other "leaders".

Well fair enough m8..havent seen the pics myself but it was just a thought..... 8-)
911 was an inside job,Osama or no Osama so it dont really matter...we need to be more aware the next time our great human essence is attacked deliberately...Jan 21st/22nd anyone :?: :scary:

Also i do not know if anyone has ever thought about 911 this way before about it being an "inside job"....say for instance it WAS NOT AN INSIDE JOB and what we are told was EXACTLY what really did happen..lol...i know....annyways even then it IS STILL an inside job...How?...Well what part of you does all this bad stuff we see on TV effect,what part of your body?........The inside of it....your true self,your true good and fearless self...the "terrorism" is just the start...the way it affects us changes the planet....so what is that then...Even with 911 not being planned by some of our fellow humans or not...it still happened and affected us this way...it affected all the hijakcers who done this terrible act...but why...what DROVE THEM to do this....what i am getting at is their is without question here UNSEEN forces at work....evil forces that seek to destroy and corrupt us...i thinkit is very plausible that elements of our fellow man CAN and ARE in some form in communications wih these forces and use them for their OWN personal agendas of wealth and power...It's definetely onto what David Icke speaks about....other worldly entities...THE REAL manipulation is being played out in the spirit world then is it not?...The only was to battle that is to think ok...THERE IS A BAD force....THERE MUST BE a good force....so THAT is what WE have to align ourselves with....WHAT IS RIGHT :flop: and go from there.

I look forward to your thoughts on this....... :mrgreen:

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PostSun Jan 04, 2009 8:15 pm » by Spock

Love the new pic Hesop!!!! That's an AK isn't it?

You Rock!
All are lunatics but he who can analyze his delusion is called a philosopher.
Ambrose Bierce

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PostSun Jan 04, 2009 9:24 pm » by Drjones

Hey hesop,heads up my friend...Obama is going to come for your AK-47 so just hand it over no problem..do not think about it...do not fight it okay dokes,when the government tells you to do something YOU DO IT..lol.... :hmmm: cos thats they way it is....Baaaaaaahhhhhh
Ooobahhhmmaaaa :sheep:

Nice picture,wish the site would damn change the ridiculously small dimensions of allowed uploads soi can get mine up :oops:

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PostSun Jan 04, 2009 10:04 pm » by Hesop

Hey Spock, Yes, it's an AK. I bought it new just before the rush. Had to buy plenty of ammo too, as supplies are quickly dimminishing. I believe that says a lot, about how the majority of americans feel today. Disinfo polls may try to make you think most folks here are sheeple, but to watch tens of thousands of assault rifles fly off the shelves, and hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammo dissappear from dealers in just a couple of short weeks, would prove that a larger awakening number are ready to stand up for their beliefs.
Lets hope they are not used foolishly.
Also, just thought I'ld periodically change my pic from boredom. :D Thanx for the compliments guys. I do like to hunt, and a lightwieght, high power is easier to handle on long hikes through thick brush. Thats where the pigs are. :D

Drjones, when they get to the point of collecting civillian firearms, I will simply retreat into the wilderness. The only other option is this......................

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PostMon Jan 05, 2009 4:45 am » by Alcyone


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PostMon Jan 05, 2009 6:44 am » by DLPCA

In reviewing the NYT article this immediately caught my attention:
The Death of bin Ladenism
Published: July 11, 2002

This was published 7 years ago, yet shown in print January 2009...what is the truth about Bin Laden's death?

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PostMon Jan 05, 2009 11:07 am » by Drjones

Hey Hesop they will not like you not obeying their rules and retreating into the wilderness,THEY will come for you there too in time...would you be prepared to kill these people whatever branch of the government they may work for...i mean what is the deal with all these drones,dont they stop and think for a minute that if you take one persons freeodoms away you are also taking your own.I think it would be quite scary if Obama did pass some law that requested that every american give up their right to bear arms,we would have to see that as proof of an incoming dictatoship the likes of which we have never seen and thus this must be fought to the death if need be.I live in poor old UK we do not have legal access to firearms....i got a baseball bat dammit...shit lot of good that's gonna do me :?: :oops: .Anyways if they take me i'll be kicking and screaming and the most incoperative SOB in the history of SOB's. :mrgreen:
Aaarghh-Do thy own bidding not that of others and in this case the NWO :flop:

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PostMon May 02, 2011 6:35 pm » by Elmajiko

Who cares that he is dead. I dont believe he did it, I personally think the corporations did it.
Thats my opinion. bc All paper trails lead to local american business. All evidence was denied to the public regarding anything that links bin laden to 9/11. It suits the USA for him to be dead that way nobody can hear his side of the story and just keep believing the bullshit. It all doest add up. People can go ahead and believe the bullshit!!
So in my opinion WHO the fuk cares hes dead.

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PostTue May 03, 2011 3:30 am » by Alexnz

The photo has been faked.

http://ramkshrestha.wordpress.com/2011/ ... o-is-fake/
look at this. i found it searching through the web. Look at the mouth and teeth theyre exactly the same.

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PostTue May 03, 2011 3:51 am » by Nightfallen

alexnz wrote:The photo has been faked.

http://ramkshrestha.wordpress.com/2011/ ... o-is-fake/
look at this. i found it searching through the web. Look at the mouth and teeth theyre exactly the same.

Yup the photo was a fake, indeed.

To me this whole "Osama bin Laden is dead" thing stinks from head to toes.

Just a few days ago (if I recall well) I was reading about how there's supposed to be Nuclear bombs that will go off in Europe if Laden gets killed. Oh, what a coincidence, a few days later "he's been killed" with no true evidence to back it up, save for a fake photo. I mean, come on. Pretty convenient if you add it up and pretty fishy too. And no, the word of a politician (in this case Obama's) doesn't really mean shit, at least to me it doesn't.
"The edge... There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over." (Hunter S. Thompson)


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