Oscillating species in plasma waves

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PostTue Mar 24, 2009 1:30 am » by Cornbread714

And why do we assume that alien species are our size or form? It now appears that comets, for instance, could have carried the seeds of life, and that organic lifeforms are perhaps spread throughout our own solar system.
Why do we continue to think humans are so unique when there appear to be a myriad of lifeforms, great and small, who swarm the universe?
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PostTue Mar 24, 2009 2:00 am » by Muchtyman

Hi Slushpup

Just a thought.
you will remember a guy called 'Debris' who posts videos on Disclose of poor resolution snaps , and then invites you to examine the Aliens exposed, Any connection ?. Any relationship ?

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PostTue Mar 24, 2009 4:04 am » by Pauldamo

you should have researched the site from where you got this story,very dubious to say the least,they think advanced ET civilizations are responsible for every natural event like galaxies forming.this is another story from their site.'A ginormous gas cloud a million light years across, a billion light years away has started showing the sign of forming a massive galaxy like that of our milky way. An advanced extraterrestrial civilization is giving birth to a baby galaxy.

The cloud is collapsing into stars. At the core of the galaxy, a black hole has formed, and is growing. A massive millions of miles long particle collider is gfrom the core of a supermassive exploding star (or from sevving birth to a black hole at the center of the baby galaxy. The mass of the black hole controls the size of the galaxy itself.

As the black hole grows, it has started to emit a very powerful wind. This is not from the black hole itself, but from a disk of material — called the accretion disk — that forms around the black hole. An advanced anti-matter technology is used by the Type V extraterrestrail civilization to make matter swirling around the hole, eventually falling down the drain. This gas gets extremely hot, and may also have magnetic fields, and these combine to blast out a gale of subatomic particles.

The wind is reaching out into the galaxy and is blowing away all incoming gases right at the ring of temporary singularitythat might otherwise reach the black hole. It is also blowing away gas farther out that would otherwise form stars. The galaxy stoped forming stars near its core, and the black hole stopsed growing. The birth of a galaxy is compelete in a massive artificuial test tube. The extraterrestrial technology demonstrates its massive power.

Please understand, it is not happening now. It actually happened 13 billion years back very close to quasar, SDSS J1148+5251. We''re seeing this as it looked when its visible signature was emitted 13 billion years ago, back when the universe was only 6% of its current age. The extraterrestrial civilization created the galaxies one after the other since then. Our milky way is no exception.'

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