Otoel shows KnowAwareness how to be a man

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PostSun Aug 14, 2011 4:30 am » by Zer0

Well kid, you have proposed a challenge in the "Christianity is under attack" thread:

knownawareness wrote:Wrong. You see at judgement time people are judged. So the loving God returns to You the love You gave Him/Her. Unconditional love to those who first believe in the love to begin with. You are teaching your children and everything what You think. However You don't know. It is fine to have a belief, but others must have their views. When You attack a view to do with God you do not allow, rather You consider the view to be wrong to (Your Right). The invitation is open to all atheists. This guy considers himself " The Amazing Atheist ". So I challenge Him. I challenge You (boondox) (gonzo63) (lowsix) (giusdude) (Otoel) any others that want to give silent opinions that never reach a comment board. You are the ones with answers right? Well please, I am all ears.

Upload to Disclose.tv

Come bring Your " A " game.

I made this separate thread as to not derail that other thread....

Bitch I take your challenge... let us begin:

You claim to be Jesus? Whats your proof ...a fucking white boy rapping? WTF!

First of all everyone knows white ppl cant rap... if Jesus was really to come back to Earth, do you think he would really set himself up to fail? Oh wait dont answer that....


Your rap makes no logical sense... one moment your talking about someone touching a little girl and then your talking about Toast? FAIL!

All you have done is proven to us you are a delusional piece of shit who needs to stop ODing on Ritalin.

That is all.
Master Raphael wrote:what you call the law of attraction was missing a vital aspect to the theory that I call the law of repulsion ...it is clear I drove the two of you together...using my repulsion not attraction

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PostSun Aug 14, 2011 5:20 am » by Gonzo63

Look, Look Everybody!!! Two egotistical, delusional fucktards are going to simulate intelligent debate! This will be like watching Britney Spears and Paris Hilton take their SAT's!!!

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PostSun Aug 14, 2011 5:36 am » by Aragajag

Oto you know how it works on the site, no call out threads I may not catch many made on the site but I caught this one.
Pablo Neruda:
…and now, nothing more,
I want to be alone with my essential sea…
I don’t want to speak for a long time,
Silence! I want to learn,
I want to know if I exist.

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