Ouija Board Experiences

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PostWed Jul 16, 2008 7:54 pm » by Ironmancwb

rachel444 wrote:I read the first part of the story, and although I don't trust the board entirely, I have used a pendulum and used it is a similar fashion. Like the poster, an ET made contact through the crystal.

I believe, as long as, you have your faith in the Lord, and hold true to His words then you will remain free from darkness.

I agree, that I don't think organized religions have all the answers and have been feeling that way for a long time. Like the poster, I have felt that many of them lacked the one important element that Jesus/Yeshua left us with.

'Love the Lord, with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind, and your neighbour like yourself.' He didn't say join this church, or go to that church,and I will love you all the more-it was simple and true.

So if somebody is seeking truth, and not using it for fun and games, I think if you have enough faith in the Lord, it can act like a form of communication like the telegraph machine, except between dimensions.

Personally, I don't like Ouija Boards, and feel much safer with my pendulum. I guess it is because I know I am in complete control of the crystal, and nothing can enter me without my permission, as I can quickly cut out the session by closing it down.

Also, the poster and his friends were clear-headed, not acting like fools, and were serious about what they were doing. They weren't practicing black magic, or doing anything sinister, prior to using the board. Most of all, they had their faith to sustain them throughout, and too be honest, I want to read some more of it.

Amen,these so called mysteries if a parker brothers game ,are nothing more than 1 of the many tools of deception the devil uses ,hes not stupid people, IN the last days he will roam about as a lion seeking whom he can devour..(Holy Bible) and all sorcerers will have their place in the lake of fire

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PostThu Jul 17, 2008 3:43 am » by Triana

I don't normally subscribe to many forums, but found this by accident. Because of the subject matter, I felt it very important to comment. I'll first give you two experiences I had with a ouija board.

When I was about 10, a friend and I "played" with one in her basement. The spirit identified himself as Grandpa Stanley C... (not giving the last name). He said he was murdered in Warsaw Poland and gave a year in the mid-1800's. My friend, Linda, had never heard of him, so went up and asked her father, who confirmed it. Totally freaked us out and we never touched it again.

When I was older, my daughter had friends over at the age of 13, and in a short time a spirit was answering their questions. Having read some on the dangers of the ouija, I didn't feel right stopping them, yet I was very uncomfortable with it and started praying. All of a sudden the board got very erratic and then stopped. They kept coaxing it to speak to them again and asking why it had stopped. It came back long enough to tell them that I had to leave the house. When they asked why, it answered "God." At that point, they realized it wasn't a good idea to keep doing it.

There is a book I read years ago, "Ouija: The Most Dangerous Game" by Stoker Hunt... you can get it right now on Amazon for $2.12 (cheapest). If anyone is wondering if its really dangerous, read that. You can also read many frightening ouija board stories here: http://paranormal.about.com/ ... this is a site where people write in with their own stories of paranormal happenings.

People who perform exorcisms will tell you, as will any pastor/priest who's paying attention at all, ouija boards are one of the fastest ways to become possessed. Even if you don't get possessed, evil spirits can follow you around for the rest of your life. You may or may not be aware of it. It's not a toy... its for real. Not only can it follow you for the rest of your life, it can also attach itself to the rest of your family and your children when you have them. This is what's usually called a "generational curse."

Regarding the person who feels safe using a "pendulum." You seem to be a Christian, but the Bible specifically condemns use of any such devices or practices. The pendulum is no safer than a ouija board. You are inviting evil spirits into your life. This is an open invitation, with you (a Christian) voluntarily giving permission to the spirits. This is why God forbids it.

You think you are safe because you're a Christian, but even Christians can be possessed and have generational curses on them. Bible gives several instances. The reason is that you have done it voluntarily... YOU GAVE PERMISSION, the open invitation. God can't go against that, as it was your own choice. All he can do is wait for you to come back. You'll have to renounce your use of those items and ask God to remove any evil spirits that attached themselves to you because of it.

The idea that if you're clear-headed and not acting like a fool, it can't hurt you, is nonsense. Remember you're dealing with principalities and powers, evil spirits, supernatural beings who have been around thousands of years at the very least. You really think you're smarter than they are?

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PostFri Jul 25, 2008 4:36 pm » by Symbolon

I have read this thread with interest and I totally agree with you. I have to advise against the use of this 'tool'. It is dangerous, there is no doubt about it. The use of the board is the same as opening the doors in your own home to strangers saying, "Everybody's welcome...hell, anybody's welcome".

Most will wander past and there will be friendly guest's....but it can also happen, that one of these day's there will be one energy entering the home unannounced who will do damage. There are entities who are trapped within the confines of their own suffering, who in actual fact need to be released from their voluntary confinement. They can attach themselves to you and/or your family, and they may even prefer the light of your children. There just is no telling as to their agenda. When this happens i guarantee that people will be at a loss as to their next move. Many of them will be difficult to remove. Free will exists there too as it exists in this world.

I have had many diverse personal experiences involving the board and what it can do. I also know of one man who got shot dead on account of dabbling with things he didn't understand.

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PostFri Sep 12, 2008 1:00 pm » by Irishbanshee

I remember when i was about 13 and my cousins and i were bored,so we decided to make a board.We tore up bits of paper and got a tray and a glass.Then we started we thought it was the others moving the glass an we were saying stop.We were asking stupid questions but luckily never asked when we would die or anything.The room got very cold and we got afraid so we went downstairs and opened the door of the kitchen and seen their granda sitting there,nothing unusual except he had been dead for years.We were always told that he had died in hospital but he died in the house,we got really freaked and left.We decided never to mention it or anything but for weeks we felt like there was something following us around and we were always cold.It got to the stage we were afraid to sleep so in the end we went to the priest and told him.He said he didnt want to mention it but when we went in to him he got an energy off us and it wasnt very nice.He said a few prayers and told us not to mess with stuff we dont understand.He also said the entity was stealing our energy[for want of a better word]and it wouldnt have been long ill it made an appearence.Now after that i would never mess withit but my boyfriend was going to do one up with his friend cause he knows i dont agree with it.But i said it coiuld follow him home and not to do it,he didnt.

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PostFri Nov 07, 2008 12:42 pm » by AnnaMarie

Most interesting thread. Personally, I cannot understand how the thing ever became marketed as a"game"! It most certainly is not. As for a personal experience, I have an opposite one.
My ex-husband and I built the house I live in. While it was being built, a dear friend, Carole (who is deceased not please pray for her) and I prayed over all four corners of this house and put holy water and blessed medals in each one before they were sealed up. Also, as a matter of course, when we moved in we invited our parish priest over and he blessed the house and us. It was very lovely, but nothing dramatic.
A few years later, when our sons were teenagers, unbeknown to me, one of their friends brought over a Ouija board and of course they tried it. The kids reported to me that although they had had results with the thing at every other house they had used it, in my house it did absolutely nothing! No matter what they did, it just laid there. They further reported it seemed to them there was some sort of barrier stopping everything they tried.] I then told them about the blessings I and my friend had prayed for, and the continual prayers I offered even now for my home and everyone who came into it. My sons of course knew about our house being blessed, but I had never thought to tell them about the rest. Not one of them had counted any of this into their calculations when they tried to make it work at my home. However, every place they had "played" with it before had trouble with strange occurrences, and one had a dark entity plaguing it for quite some time.
All in all, don't mess with it! Don't break it, burn it, or anything but bury it...AWAY from your home! As another person said in their post, there is a reason God forbids this sort of thing.
Say a cleansing prayer, ask to be forgiven for giving to this ridiculous temptation, and be done with it. God bless and keep you. :owned:

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PostTue Nov 11, 2008 9:57 pm » by Nalee14

It was a couple years ago, when I used to be really in to playing the ouija board, this one evening when me nad my sister where playing it, we discovered the spirit in the ouija board name to be Marca, a women who was in her 50s who had died of a ca accident. She would love to play waith us everyday, we got really hooked on it. We asked Marca questions about our family, first we asked if my mom and dad where going to stay together, she said in the future within the next year coming up that they where going to get divorced, next my sister asked if she was going to end up marrying the person she was with, Marca replied yes, then I asked about me, how things where looking for me in the future, she said me and my boyfriend if we didnt stop arguing that things for us where going to go down hill. Extremely and that something very bad was going to happen to my boyfriend if we didnt stop it. (at that time we where going through rough times me and my boyfriend!!!) I asked her what? she replied " you will see" telling me I basically need to make things right between us or something would happen to my boyfriend. Well 1 year after that everything that Marka had said had scaringly came true. My mom and dad got a divorce, my sister got married, and My boyfriend went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing in his sleep, this came out of nowhere!!!! I couldnt believe it!!!! the doctors did tests and everything and to this day do not know the real reason to why that happend to him, said it couldve been a virus that attached his heart, he stopped breathing for a while n came back n when he came back he went into coma and was hospitalized for two weeks in intensive care, when he came out of coma he was braindead. It came as such a shock, n after that I have had nothing but bad luck in my life. COINSIDENCE??? U tell me?

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PostWed Nov 12, 2008 12:57 am » by Mahsooyee

My experiences with a Ouija board was when I was 16. I was in the Job Corps in Battle Creek, MI at the time. Four of us were in the assistant's dorm room where we played with a board that someone had recieved as a gift. We like most people asked the usual trivial questions. Then we got curious and wondered as to who we were talking with. The board answered and all I can remember is that it was a male from the 1800's. Anyway the planchette moved with ease for us. Then we asked for proof of being in contact with a spirit...it replied to "watch the clock"! There was a large electric clock on the wall and we all turned our attention to it and began to watch it not knowing what to expect. The clock stopped running for a full five minutes!! It was kind of strange and errie...we examined it afterwards and could not see anything visible e.g. frayed wires, etc., we then reset it and plugged it back in and it ran perfectly everyday afterwards. We soon chalked it up to some kind of possible freak electrical disruption of some sort although nothing happened to the lighting in the room. We got back on the board and asked for more proof...it replied "dog". I had a mixed breed dog named Mister. Mister was asleep on a bunk in the room. He suddenly yelped, jumped off the bunk, turned around and began growling intensely at the bunk for a few minutes with his hair raised and fangs flashing. He stopped and went under the bunk. We all were kinda feeling something weird in the room during the whole time but no one would approach the bunk. I don't know if we were reacting to the way the dog was acting or actually felt a presence. It was riveting to say the least!
Then someone got the bright idea to ask the board to materialize a demon...suddenly the door opened to the room and in walked the area supervisor. He looked at each of us and asked what we were doing. We responded nothing... just messing around. He turned and left. We all looked at one another and voiced concern. Was he a demon in human form ? It was just so coordinated for him to enter the room immediately when the question had been asked. Well needless to say I tell ya...I never messed around with Ouija boards after that.

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PostWed Nov 12, 2008 4:05 am » by Roger

I'm sorry that i do not have an interesting story to tell about these kind of experiences but i do have some questions. I really wonder why people link this kind of stuff to a religion, as somebody mentioned, these spirits could be thousands of years old, more than 2000 years?Older than Jesus? or were these spirits Christians when they were alive? i have no doubt that these games could be dangerous, but can it also be a good experience? Are there any other (less dangerous) methods than a Ouija Board? :ghost:
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." - Albert Einstein

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PostFri May 11, 2012 4:33 pm » by monica44

Having grown up using the Ouja-board from an early age with my mother i know only too well the darkness it can unleash. Sometimes it would be alright but usually there was something quite unholy about who came through. the trouble using using tools that open up other dimensions is you cannot choose who comes through, and i would also say most people do not have sufficient experience in dealing with this sort of phenomenon, being that most of the stories i have read come from young girls "experimenting" who have not got the maturity to cope if anything goes wrong, Fear sets it then things can go from bad to worse, Fear is the biggest Hindrance of mankind, anyway back to my experience or the very last one that ever happened in my family, a couple of weeks before my sister's strange death her and my mum used the board [she died aug 96 bournemouth England]she was warned to watch out, and that death would be soon !! Coincidence ? possibley but its put us off, for sure.
We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey; Stephen Covey. EDIT, spiritual beings trapped in a human experience/prison.


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