Our New Civilization Will Be Based on Torsion Field Technolo

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Our New Civilization Will Be Based on Torsion Field Technologies
by Ed Komarek
Posted: 12:00 August 19, 2009

Our global civilization for the past 200 years has been founded upon and based on conventional materials and electrical and magnetic technologies. Almost everything we use today is based on electrical circuits and magnetism. Our homes use electrical current and circuits for lighting, heating, cooking while our communication and transportation systems all rely on electrical and magnetic fields.

In the 1700s, back in the horse and buggy days, static electricity and lightning were anomalous strange and unusual unexplained phenomena. The people at the time had no idea that in a mere couple of hundred years, knowledge of these electrical phenomena would completely transform human civilization on earth.

People in ancient times also witnessed other strange and unusual anomalous phenomena associated with UFOs and extraterrestrials. Some of this knowledge was communicated first in pictographs on cave walls, then to clay vessels and later after the invention of writing into historical texts in clay and on paper. Still UFOs and extraterrestrials were misunderstood and an impossible enigma for mankind to unravel until recently.

But now in the past 60 years we are beginning to understand this extraterrestrial enigma and are beginning to realize that humanity has historic and genetic roots in other more technologically advanced civilizations with which we co-exist but are largely unaware. The reason we are unaware of these more advanced civilizations is that these civilizations are based on nanotechnology and torsion field technologies. The citizens of these civilizations choose to observe and interact with us using these technologies making them largely invisible to us.

For instance these civilizations seem to use time compression and other torsion technologies to place themselves in the technologically advantageous situation by speeding up their time in relation to our time. In a sense we are placed in stasis of very slow time in relation to their activities so as to almost be at a standstill in relation to them. In this manner their activities and actions are too quick for us to observe or to affect them. Its only when the extraterrestrial activity slows down for one reason or another that we can observe their activities.

Our civilization has now progressed to the point where we are becoming technologically advanced enough to begin to observe and understand anomalous aerial objects as spacecraft with real extraterrestrial occupants. We are beginning to understand the physics involved and how the propulsion systems of the craft operate. All this in turn leads us to begin to understand the technological basis of the civilizations that fly these spacecraft. I find it interesting that the Russians are much more willing to embrace torsion physics but even the American scientists are beginning to begrudgingly admit the existence of these fields as can be seen by this skeptical Wikipedia torsion entry. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torsion_field

It’s now becoming clear to me that these extraterrestrial civilizations are based on torsion field physics just as our current civilization is based on electric and magnetic field physics. Torsion fields are just more advanced forms of electricity and magnetism and so these more advanced technological civilizations are just a quantum jump away from us in their technological development. http://www.amasci.com/freenrg/tors/

We are now standing on the threshold from which we may quickly move from where we now are to where they are in a very short period of time. This fact is scaring the daylights out of the more fearful among us who have in extreme secrecy and suppression obtained this information in advance of the rest of us. There are daunting challenges ahead that must be met and faced in an open and transparent manner not clouded by secrecy and deception.

The national security challenges of trying to control public and private introduction and access to these technologies are formidable. If misused and in the wrong hands these technologies can quickly and easily destroy our civilization. Yet if these technologies can be used and properly controlled, our civilization can quickly transform itself to an extraterrestrial civilization on par with some of the civilizations with whom we co-exist.


I find it interesting that the Russians are being much more forthcoming than the Americans as to torsion theory, research and the actual creation of working torsion generators and other devices. http://amasci.com/freenrg/tors/tors.html They are even now officially disclosing the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials in the latest batch of declassified material. http://hitsusa.com/blog/1092/russian-na ... ncounters/ http://www.ufoinfo.com/news/ruc.shtml I wonder what’s holding the Americans back. :-) Why do the Russians seem to be taking a less reactionary and more progressive public approach to torsion technological transformation that the Americans? http://amasci.com/freenrg/tors/tors3.html

My thinking is that we are going to have to have help in making this transition and so must seek out ethical advanced civilizations with a win-win approach to relationships. I believe this process of sorting out of which civilizations would make favorable allies is already developing in secret and will quickly accelerate with disclosure. It’s just going to take time and experience just as we individuals sort out which personal relationships are good for us and which are not.

There will be plenty of folks who will outline the challenges that lie ahead. I would therefore like to try to outline some of the benefits of a rapid transition to a more advanced civilization based on torsion technological principles. I think we need to embrace change rather than fear it. We need to ensure a balanced conversation in the years ahead.

I have been following developments in the "New Physics" for many years in a sporadic way. I have interfaced with Dr. Jack Sarfatti's Internet physics network since the mid 1990s where these developments have been discussed in a technical manner. My interest accelerated when I had many long phone discussions and email exchanges with scientist Ray Stanford who is sitting on a mountain of scientific data proving the existence of these torsion technologies in regards to anomalous aerial objects. This includes time compression effects that cause the craft to become transparent on film where the occupants of the craft can be observed in detail. http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/2009/07 ... art-1.html

What had been holding me up in my understanding over the years was a word and a concept that would pull all these extraterrestrial technologies of this "New Physics" together. I think the terms torsion, or spin field physics, gives us this unified concept that I have been trying to find and understand as a layman.

I have recently been having email conversations with Richard Hoagland http://www.enterprisemission.com/ . Richard tells me he has been on to Torsion Physics for over ten years and seems to be one of the few people in public besides Ray Stanford who realize that Torsion Physics forms the basis of extraterrestrial civilizations now interacting with us.

Richard says, "Enterprise has been investigating HD/Torsion Physics for over a decade. I have been discussing it almost nightly on Coast to Coast AM." We even have an extensive survey of the field -- including our own work (up to 2007) -- published in "Dark Mission, The Secret History of NASA," Chapter Two."

Richard Hoagland further states in a email to me in response to a rough draft of this article that I sent to him for comment. Richard says, "One last point: the "black" world has been secretly using torsion-based Physics and technologies for decades (how do you think their ships fly ..?); they simply do NOT want this Physics and technology known or researched in the so-called, "white world"; in fact, one source specifically told me (about a year ago ...) that they "would rather lose a major American city to nuclear terrorism ... than give up this technology!" The relevance being, torsion physics can stop nuclear processes COLD ... and, from a remote distance -- thus ELIMINATING any and all "nuclear threats."

This also applies, of course, to any incoming nuclear warheads ... N. Korean missiles ... terrorist cargo containers ... home-made bombs, etc., etc. Because of our confirmation of a laboratory source of torsion field energy, we can now test ALL these claims ourselves at Enterprise and are in the process of extensively testing the first bona fide Torsion Generator we have found, the implications are simply overwhelming. In other words, you haven't gone NEARLY far enough in the implications of the kind of planet we COULD have ... if "they" wanted us to have it." " End quote.

Let me give some examples as to how torsion technologies may revolutionize society. Anybody studying the torsion literature can think up many more examples for themselves. Remember folks I am just getting started researching the possibilities inherent in Torsion Physics with this my first article on this subject.

Today we use an electrical motor and a compressor to run freezers and refrigerators to preserve food, specimens and other things like genetic material. Freezing and refrigeration slows down bacterial processes that spoil food by lowering the temperature. A stasis chamber using a torsion generator would put the food or other material in a much slower time in relation to our time. Perhaps only seconds would elapse with the material in the chamber while days; months years would have passed outside of the chamber. So the food or other material would stay fresh in relation to our time and our activities.

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You know, I just love this piece of work you put together for us. So much of it makes sense in that it doesn't come off as a faulty idealistic statement but instead a rather scientific approach as to how to make a move into a vastly more advanced scientific field then what we currently operate in atleast in the public sector.

If there was ever a good reason for disclosure it is so that we all can move forward with the understanding that we do need to work with other civilizations and that we can't be afraid to face the differences between them and us. The possible dangers of moving to this technology do seem real and that move would indeed be more stable if we are aided in such by benevolent friends.

Hope to hear more good news about this subject as I personally believe the movement to forms of Free Energy is the most important issue we face today. It will bring about positive change in vast amounts for every single one of us.

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Thanks for the post Trinity. The first time I looked at this science I understood it perfectly! Ya the way forward for sure.

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This info. is F***ing Awesome!!!!

Great find!!!

This is freakin' amazing!!!!

No, I'm not excited.


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