Overpopulation is a Myth

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PostFri May 07, 2010 6:03 am » by Knurrebusk

And we could help Greece alone, but what would happen 9 years down the road.
I would rebell with the proud people of Hellas, just posponed the pain, nothing gained.

We can probably feed Afrika if it was a challenge, but I would emigrate if we did, or call myself by antother name when the hatred came.

I fear for the future if this western selfhatred will be used as an selfdestructive mudbath for old sins we all suffer from, I´ll very comfy with history, anyone wanna challenge me on Afrika?

Old Arab History, traderoutes, slaves, master tribes of Afrika, they were fantastic in cruel arian Viking spirit, do not judge anyone!

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PostFri May 07, 2010 7:04 am » by Grows

The video is correct to a degree. Without immigration, the US population would be dropping. The population in Russia is dropping and they have a national fertility day each year to promote pregnancy.

But there are other things to consider. The majority of the worlds population is still 'developing', and they aspire to the standards of the modern world. Conventional fuel sources could not support 6 billion people for long if they all consumed in the way the developed world does. Also, many countries which have developed quickly still have old cultural mindsets requiring them to have as many children as possible. This culture is ingrained in their mindset as well as their religion and cannot simply be stripped away with the advance of modern living. There are massive populations in the East which grew rather quickly due to the importation of technology, modern and pre-modern agriculture specifically.

Basically, the elite are working to limit the growth of less developed nations, knowing that strife, poverty and war will control their numbers and power. This is done mostly for selfish reasons, but one should also consider the implications of 6 billion and more, living a modern life with old style cultures. War has always been the answer for these societies when stress levels arose, and indeed the modern optimistic view, riding on the back of previous conquests, may be the unrealistic one. Human nature is not as good as it's made out to be, if the current state of reality is to be the measure.

Without industrial fertilizer, the world wouldn't support half the population it does today. Most of the ariable land is being used, and nations are turning to their deserts and deep water wells to expand. South America is the big exception, but their ariable land is quickly being converted. I think it is possible for a collapse to occur, even if the best efforts were taken, and I think this is why the elite have chosen to hasten the collapse and rush in a 'new era' rather than take their chances at being real champions. As bloody as the past ever was. Still human after all this history. Cold and calculating, lacking the foolish optimism of the commoners.


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