pakistan:suicide bombing on a mosque packed with worshippers

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AKHURWALL, Pakistan — The toll from a suicide bombing on a mosque packed with worshippers rose to 68 on Saturday, as four others died in an attack nearby, ending a lull in violence in Pakistan's militant-riddled northwest.

In the country's deadliest attack in two months a mosque was reduced to blood-spattered rubble strewn with body parts after a suicide bomber detonated explosives as worshippers attended Friday prayers.

The blast, which occurred in the Darra Adem Khel region, was followed hours later by a grenade assault on a second mosque in the same area, which killed at least four people.

"Sixty-eight people are now confirmed dead in the mosque suicide bombing," top local administration official Shahidullah told AFP.

The official said the death toll might rise after many people took away the bodies of their loved ones from the site of the attack so those were not included in the grim counting process.

Dozens were critically wounded and officials fear the toll from both attacks could rise.

Suspicion quickly turned to Islamist militants known to operate in the restive region which is on the front line of the US-led war on Al-Qaeda.

Khalid Umarzai, a regional administrator, suggested the attack could have been retaliation for military operations targeting against them.

"An operation is going on by the army and Frontier Corps (paramilitary) in the Darra Adam Khel area. We had been expecting such attacks," he said.

The first explosion turned worship into a bloodbath in Akhurwall village, part of the semi-tribal northwest area of Darra Adam Khel, about 140 kilometres (90 miles) west of the Pakistani capital Islamabad.

Eleven children were among the dead, said a local official.

Only one wall was left standing and the concrete roof collapsed, leaving bloodstains, human remains and hair scattered in the debris.

Houses near the mosque were also damaged, including that of Wali Mohammad, the leader of a pro-government militia that had clashed repeatedly with local Taliban militants until reportedly cutting a deal earlier this year.

Although the Taliban denied responsibility, a local elder blamed the group, suggesting it could have been acting to punish Mohammad's militia.

Witnesses said the bomber walked into the mosque and shouted "Allahu akbar" (God is greater) before a deafening explosion.

Dilawar Gul, 30, said he was collecting donations from worshippers when he heard the suicide bomber shout.

"Then I heard a huge blast which flung me to part of the mosque where the roof didn't collapse, and I survived."

Local administration official Gul Jamal Khan told AFP that 61 people had been killed and 104 wounded.

Local elder Sohbat Khan Afridi blamed the Taliban, saying Mohammad, who formed his tribal militia in 2007 to fight the militants, has a house close to the mosque, although he is understood to live in Lahore.

The Taliban and the militia, which is known locally as a lashkar, clashed repeatedly in the area but this year reached a compromise in which blood money was paid to the Taliban, Afridi said.

But Azam Tariq, spokesman for Pakistan's Tehreek-e-Taliban, denied that the faction was involved. The Taliban routinely deny attacks that kill civilians but have been blamed for some of the country's most devastating bombings.

At least four more people were killed and 14 others wounded when hand grenades were thrown into a mosque in the second attack 20 kilometres (12 miles) away, a hospital official said.

United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon, the European Union and the United States condemned the attacks, with Washington saying they had "brutally targeted innocent people" at places of worship.

Ban Ki-moon "is dismayed by the indiscriminate killing of civilians in a place of worship, which no cause can justify," his spokesman said.

Around 3,800 people have been killed in suicide attacks and bombings, blamed on homegrown Taliban and other Islamist extremist networks, since government troops stormed a radical mosque in Islamabad three years ago.

The United States wants Pakistan to do more to fight insurgents crossing into Afghanistan and fuelling a nine-year Taliban uprising there.

Friday's bombing was the deadliest in Pakistan since a suicide attacker slaughtered 60 people at a Shiite Muslim rally in the southwestern city of Quetta on September 3.

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Another example of this posters tendency to promote religious hatred.
And it goes on and on, shameful to be honoust

It is not be promoting divisions based on religion, nationality or race that we will solve anything in this world.

On the contrary, the ones promoting religious intolerance actually WORK for the ruling elite, that much is clear.

And I'm not talking about people reporting on religious or 'terrorist' events, that can be like any other topic,
no, this kind of poster is way more vicious and only spreads pro-israeli, or anti-muslim topics, just check it out for yourself.
Nothing is hidden that will not be made known,
Nothing is secret that will not come to light

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Zinzana your a pathetic little fuck arnt you

Suspention In Your Breathing Is What Im Leaving Untill It Leaves U 2 Deamons Whisperin The Meaning Of Life In Ya Ear. Right Before They Make Your Mother Fucking Life Dissapear

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viggz wrote:Zinzana your a pathetic little fuck arnt you

I for one can't stand it anymore,
we have had enough religious hatred and intolerance in this world,

everyone is free to believe what he wants,
but promoting hatred and intolerance against other religions only serves the agenda of the ones that divide and control us.
Nothing is hidden that will not be made known,
Nothing is secret that will not come to light

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talk about divide and about that story about the musslim guy who divided his wifes head from her neck....

Moderate Muslim who beheaded his wife claims jailers torturing and plotting to kill him

We have seen again and again over the years that Islamic supremacists never take responsibility for anything they have done, but instead constantly point fingers at others and claim victim status. And so it is with Muzzammil Hassan, the founder of Bridges TV, a network designed to show the true, peaceful face of Islam, and was doing it quite well until Hassan beheaded his wife in its studios. Neither the Buffalo News nor any other mainstream media outlet will explore the abundant evidence that this was an Islamic honor killing -- an ugly result of the contempt for women, and approval of violence toward them (cf. Qur'an 4:34), that mars so much of Islam's teachings about women.

"Beheading suspect says jail deputies tortured him," by Matt Gryta in the Buffalo News, November 17 (thanks to Mark):

A court hearing Wednesday on whether a television reporter must turn over notes of an interview with accused killer Muzzammil "Mo" Hassan instead became a forum for Hassan to accuse his jailers of torturing and plotting to kill him.
Hassan asked a judge to "fire" Sheriff Timothy B. Howard because of the alleged actions of sheriff's deputies in the Erie County Holding Center, claims that a Sheriff's Office spokesman called "preposterous."

Hassan, 45, who is awaiting trial on charges he murdered his wife in Orchard Park last year, told Erie County Judge Thomas P. Franczyk he was attacked and beaten by 16 jail guards -- whom he referred to as "white Nazis" Ñ [sic] Nov. 10 and last Thursday. He also claimed he had been "waterboarded" in the jail.

Oh yes, prisoners are routinely waterboarded in American jails.

"I don't feel safe," Hassan told the judge....
Just imagine how safe his wife must have felt.

Erie County Undersheriff Mark N. Wipperman, who has overall command of all jail operations, said Hassan "has been a troublesome and problematic inmate" since his February 2009 jailing.
What a shock!

"Mr. Hassan's diatribe today in Judge Franczyk's court is preposterous, and the conduct he described in these absurd allegations will never be tolerated in the Erie County Sheriff's Office. Mr. Hassan has been treated fairly and humanely since the inception of his incarceration," Wipperman said.
Hassan, jailed since he turned himself in to Orchard Park police, is accused of beheading his estranged wife, Aasiya Zubair Hassan, 37, on Feb. 12, 2009, in the cable television station they founded. The homicide occurred a week after Aasiya Hassan began divorce proceedings.

Franczyk also reserved decision on a prosecution request for the notes and memos of a WGRZ-TV reporter who conducted a Sept. 8 jailhouse interview with Hassan. In that interview, Hassan reiterated earlier claims that he killed his wife in self-defense because he was a victim of "battered spouse syndrome."...

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