Pakistan warns US over drone strikes

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The United States seems to be in no mood to stop assassination drone strikes on Pakistan's tribal areas.

The latest drone attack on North Waziristan province, bordering Afghanistan, killed at least 18 people. The government of the newly-elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has opposed the CIA-led drone campaign and sought its immediate end.

Now the country's interior minister has warned that the continued US drone attacks may lead to direct standoff between Washington and Islamabad.

At a news conference, Pakistan's foreign ministry spokesperson said that US use of drones is a major hindrance to mutual ties between the two countries.

According to human rights organizations, nearly 3500 people, mostly civilians, have died in drone attacks in Pakistan since 2004.

The unilateral attacks have been the major source of growing anti-American sentiments in Pakistan.

Recently, a top court in Pakistan also directed the government to use all available means to stop US drone attacks.

Pakistani Prime Minister has called a meeting of heads of political parties in Islamabad next week to evolve a strategy against the continued US drone attacks. Experts believe that the new government needs to do more than a mere condemnation of these strikes.

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The only thing that surprises me is the fact they have waited this long to get shirty about it
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