PARALLEL universe.

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Seems to me that the science channel nailed the needle on the head.
Parallel Universe are the reason why people envision the future.

My best friend who I have known for 14 years has had 3 dreams. 2 I will discuss.

1) Friend Heather was pregnant in dream. There were Christmas lights in the window.
-She woke up and called Heather told her about the event. She counted how many months till Christmas and it was 9 months. 9 Months later here sister was pregnant with her son.

2)My friend had a dream that she was at my funeral. She said it was "Mine" because she didn't see me. She saw my mom and sister from behind.
-She told me what had take place int he dream and having and understanding of what happened in her other 2 dreams I told my sister to prepare herself for a death close to us.
-One week or so later my Grand mother overseas dies and my mother and sister fly out the next day, while I stay home. :think: :nails:

It seems to me that some people have the ability to tap into themselves in parallel universe where situations are the same, but in reality are slightly manipulated.

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:banana: The best way to tap into this sort of power (which we ALLL have by the way) is to become one with your higherself. You have to realize we are in time/space and than there is space/time. We live in time/space where time is linear and we live one life after the other (hense the term past lives) BUT if you could go into space/time the way t"time" works there is 3D how this works im not 100% sure yet but im workin on it. From my understanding its too complex for any of us to comprehend but the best way to put it is like this. Imagine instead of living one life than another and another (linear) you are actually living like however many lives at once but not knowing it. To give you an imaginary diagram invision your hand flat on a table with your 5 fingers spread out. The back of your hand I guess would represent your "higher self" and each finger represents an occuring life (unaware of the higher self and parallel/alternate lives) when each life ends they return to their higher self and than start a new one (lol your finger falls off and you grow a new one) well just joking with the finger but i hope u get the idea. Thats why here WE are supposed to evolve spiritually(Im not telling you go to church or anything like that) but we must all definitly reconsider out habits and start trying to remember what all our inhabitants are and where we are supposed to go. We may have "technological" advancements but they all suck they are garbage. If we could all evolve spiritually we would have WAY better technology believe it or not our materialism to technology is holding us back from kick @$$ technology and wicked toys. Look up David Wilcock and Alex Collier you dont have to believe everything they say (i agree with them) but you should atleast hear what they have to say and consider it using your best judgement. You dont have to believe everything you hear 100% but you should hear it 100% ;) :banana: :dancing:

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Im completely aware of who David Wilcock is. Smart Guy.
He does look like Edgar Cayce, which is pretty wierd.
Anyways. I hear what your saying. Thanks.

I do think we are spiritually evolving. If you look at my response to the person who was talking about the time 11:11
I believe , like you said, we all have this abilty within us.

I believe we are what makes up god.
We create our reality.
The web that ties every individual together is GOD. That would explain synchronicity.

Imagine now knowing who you needed to know ahead of time. And then knowing what info you need from them to help you in the future.

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