Paranormal writer Colin Wilson dies at age 82

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Prolific British writer Colin Wilson passed away on Thursday, December 5. He had suffered a stroke earlier this year and had been in poor health.

Wilson will be remembered for his large body of work including those that may be familiar to Forteans and Paranormalists. He also wrote several Lovecraftian Cthulhu Mythos pieces, also about true crime, biographies of historical figures, and serial killers. Some of the popular books you may have or have come across in your library:

The Unexplained (1975)
Mysterious Powers (US title They Had Strange Powers) (1975)
Enigmas and Mysteries (1975)
The Geller Phenomenon (1975)
Mysteries (1978)
Poltergeist!: A Study in Destructive Haunting (1981)
The Goblin Universe (with Ted Holiday, 1982)
The Psychic Detectives: The Story of Psychometry and Paranormal Crime Detection (1984)
The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries (with Damon Wilson, 1987)
Unsolved Mysteries (with Damon Wilson, 1993)
From Atlantis to the Sphinx (1996)
The Unexplained Mysteries of the Universe (1997)
The Atlas of Sacred Places (1997)
World Famous UFOs (2005)
Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals (2006)

It’s fair to say that almost everyone who grew up interested in mysteries of the unexplained owns or has read a Colin Wilson book ... at-age-82/
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You Little Curious Mother fucker

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