Parents find CURE for sons "INCURABLE" disorder!

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PostTue Feb 10, 2009 2:40 pm » by Drjones

Well from David i thought this was interesting :flop:

'Reuben Grainger-Mead suffered a condition so rare that doctors did not even have a name for it. The schoolboy suffered from a low level of red blood cells, which left him with a weak immune system and needing blood transfusions once a month.

Doctors compared his condition to living with a permanent hangover. But after years of research his parents Michelle and Peter, discovered Reuben lacked vital amino acids and proteins and put him on a course of dietary supplements. Now his red blood cell count is above average and he is catching up to his school friends in height.'

Actually the real reason i posted this is that i just got back from the docs last week for a fungal toe nail infection....she told me that i would have to go on a 6 month course of a drug called terbinafine and that every 3 months i'd need a blood liver test :ohno: :help: .I was very uncomfortable with this,i managed to order myself online a natural topical ointment called Zetaclear that deals with this problem and i can say now that i have been using this product for a week now and it is already beginning to work :banana:

I'll be sure to let the doc know in 3 months :sunny:

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