part 2 world banking collaspe, disclosure a step nearer?

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PostThu Mar 12, 2009 10:48 am » by Harrylime

, if lending millions and millions to people for houses they could not aford, or repay, the houses are still there they must be worth something, the banks still own them, whole banking systems and countries would not in the long run lose, its more than that, politicians should have not let the greedy men regulate themselves, there should be hundreds of prosecutions to ceos who frauded the system and all there assetts siezed, brown let the cat out the bag talking about offshore banks, thats were most of the money is being stashed. the peoplewho got out first, got more for the shares, these had insider info, a thought well if ufo disclosure was about to happen, and someone let the cat out the bag wouldnt something like this happen, after all how much would lockheed or boeing shares be worth if a anti- gravity system landed on earth powerd by free energy, :hell:

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