Patriotism Means No Questions?

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PostMon Aug 16, 2010 7:57 pm » by Reinaul

Public Enemy Number One, The American Press

Gordon Duff
Veterans Today
Sun, 15 Aug 2010 02:13 EDT

It's 2010 and a few members of congress have noted that we have a corruption problem in Afghanistan. Over a period of 9 years. $2.4 trillion dollars has been stolen with a dozen enquiries, dozens of reports, audits, all saying the same thing. The "war on terror" was more "pickpocketing" and not so much "Osama bin Waldo." It's 2010 and reports are trickling in that, just maybe, terrorist mastermind Osama has been dead for years and years. More reports tell us, finally, that he never ran a terror organization at all. For years, all those threats from a dead man. What a pack of fools we are.

Remember Pat Tillman, the brave soldier, great athlete and hero? The press told us he was killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Then the rumors came out that it was "friendly fire." Now we know the truth or do we? There is a movie about Tillman coming out. How much will it tell? Tillman, not just an athlete but a very bright guy, had picked up on the fact that Afghanistan was a total scam and was talking about it. The administration ordered Tillman's murder. Pat Tillman was executed. Enough high ranking members of the Bush administration and the military were involved in the cover up that, in any real democracy, not only jails would be filling but the execution dock as well. Murder is a capitol crime. Those involved in Tillman's murder should be executed, no matter who they are. We are talking about every conspirator and members of the press who helped "spin" the tale.

Anybody know who Dr. David Kelly was? American papers said he killed himself because he was publicly attacked by Prime Minister Tony Blair who was upset because one of the world's best known weapons scientists had gone to the press saying that Blair was a traitor for pushing the illegal invasion of Iraq. Kelly knew Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and was aware that Blair was lying to the public.

Dr. David Kelly was murdered. This was a government "hit." The proof of the crime is beyond question. Now, years later, the British press is demanding arrests. If they get those responsible, chances are many will be the most powerful leaders of the last Administration. General Colin Powell went before the United Nations with a pack of humiliating lies, shaming himself and the United States. What could make a wonderful man like General Powell, a West Point graduate, lie like a dog? If you are waiting for a Sunday Morning talk show to have Powell on and ask him about this, you will die of old age first.

Our next joke is Iran. One of our writers, Bob Nichols, an expert on nuclear weapons design from one of those government top secret facilities, keeps telling me that Iran has no nuclear weapons program. He says the only way they could enrich uranium is using a laser system that has never been mentioned. There is absolutely no evidence they have one of those but there is vast evidence that they systems they do have could never make a nuke in a million years.

He also says the same about North Korea.

With America's top secret nuke sniffers detecting that North Korea's lone nuke was bought, not built, Nichol's theory is proven correct. With Brits falling all over themselves with shipping receipts, loading crane designs and bomb cradle drawings on this North Korean rogue nuke, the picture is pretty clear.

Someone wanted North Korea to look like a nuclear threat when they really weren't one. North Korea is a donkey driven third world rathole and no more than that. End of story.

Another major issue being buried by the news is that our terrorists we had been capturing for years have mostly turned out to be the wrong people. By mostly, 75% are proven the wrong people and maybe 75% of the other may be also.

This means that if we catch a thousand terrorists, 5 of them are real and the rest are jailed and tortured for years by mistake.

Funny thing, years ago we used to talk about reasons for terrorism. At first it was bin Laden after America because we had bases in Saudi Arabia and had "defamed" their religious shrines. This was all totally made up, never happened.

Now we make excuses because people fight back after we bomb or invade them. By these standards, we are terrorists and they are freedom fighters.

The only country that bin Laden or any of the others were angry at in the first place was Israel, not the United States. With only Muslims fighting beside our own troops, not one Israeli is helping defend America, we have to list America's biggest ally as Pakistan. They are a nuclear power, have a competent million man army and take orders like "good little soldiers."

Israel does little but get us into trouble and they don't have a single man in the field anywhere Americans are fighting, not on our side anyway.

Another fun story the news has covered up is the fires in Russia. We are being told that the area around Chernobyl is burning and that some radiation is blowing across Europe. What we aren't told is that the secret city of Mayak, an area with nuclear pollution a thousand times higher than Chernobyl, is on fire also. Waste from decades of building nuclear weapons covers miles of open area, radiation now moving into the atmosphere.

Reliable figures place the output as 4 times higher than the Chernobyl disaster. The Mayak facility, as Nichols tells me, is 15 times larger than Chernobyl and is putting 241 million lethal doses of radiation in the air.

He says that if you are in Europe, its time to "get out of Dodge."

There are little stories that escape the press entirely. Perhaps "escape" and "little" are the wrong words. Does anyone remember Mike Cullen? This was one of the GOP computer guru's who helped develop the "backdoor" that reset the count on voting machines in 2000 and 2004. When he was caught and forced to testify, he asked to be put in witness protection.

He was refused.

He said that Karl Rove had threatened to have him murdered.

Soon afterward Cullen died in a suspicious plane crash. The story was small and local. The accusations were that one man was murdered to shut him up and that two presidential elections were rigged. Though everything here was in local papers, not one news service carried this outside Northern Ohio.

Can we prove that George W. Bush was never legally president? Well, I suspect we can.

But, we can't report this, can we? I keep being haunted by the aeronautical engineering figures that proved that a Boeing 757 can't fly low enough to hit the Pentagon at 400 mph. Were I a member of the press, oops, I am it seems, the first thing I would have asked is if the "premise" was technically possible.

I would have done this long before I started looking for little green men with box cutters.

Then again, I keep seeing poor, sad Colin Powell, duped by fratboy Bush to sell his honor and credibility to a pack of gangsters.

This is the same press that follows protesters around, supporting their complaints about how the constitution is being trashed but nary a word when habeas corpus was suspended allowing indefinite detention of any person detained anywhere in the world not carrying an American passport on them, even inside the United States. Yes, this is exactly what was done, something 5 members of the Supreme Court seemed to relish in. Anyone you can lock up, you can kill or even throw into a gas chamber, even if it's 6 million people. We learn from the best.

All rights in the constitution are built from the concept of habeas corpus. Funny, when tax cuts to billionaires are threatened, our press crowd jumps on the bus pretty quickly.

None of this would be possible without the scumbag press. ... ican-Press
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PostMon Aug 16, 2010 7:59 pm » by Reinaul

Flash Back Soldier: Army ordered me not to tell truth about Tillman

Wed, 25 Apr 2007 19:07 EDT

[*] Soldier says his account of incident was altered after he wrote it
[*]Inspector general says investigators did not inspect computer
[*] Last soldier to see NFL hero alive says he was ordered not to divulge truth
[*]"The truth is always more heroic than the hype," Jessica Lynch tells panel

The last soldier to see Army Ranger Pat Tillman alive, Spc. Bryan O'Neal, told lawmakers that he was warned by superiors not to divulge -- especially to the Tillman family -- that a fellow soldier killed Tillman.

O'Neal particularly wanted to tell fellow soldier Kevin Tillman, who was in the convoy traveling behind his brother at the time of the 2004 incident in Afghanistan.

"I wanted right off the bat to let the family know what had happened, especially Kevin, because I worked with him in a platoon and I knew that he and the family all needed to know what had happened," O'Neal testified. "I was quite appalled that when I was actually able to speak with Kevin, I was ordered not to tell him."

Asked who gave him the order, O'Neal replied that it came from his battalion commander, then-Lt. Col. Jeff Bailey.

"He basically just said ... 'Do not let Kevin know, that he's probably in a bad place knowing his brother's dead,' " O'Neal told House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry Waxman. "And he made it known I would get in trouble, sir, if I spoke with Kevin on it being fratricide."

The military instead released a "manufactured narrative" detailing how Pat Tillman died leading a courageous counterattack in an Afghan mountain pass, Kevin Tillman told the committee.

Also Tuesday, former Pfc. Jessica Lynch told the House panel that the military lied about her capture.

Lynch testified that after her vehicle was attacked in Iraq in March 2003, she suffered a mangled spinal column, broken arm, crushed foot, shattered femur and even a sexual assault.

But it only added insult to injury, literally, when she returned to her parents' home in West Virginia, which "was under siege by media all repeating the story of the little girl 'Rambo' from the hills of West Virginia who went down fighting," Lynch said.

"It was not true," she said before gently chiding the military. "The truth is always more heroic than the hype."

Waxman, D-California, said the military "invented" tales about Tillman and Lynch.

"The bare minimum we owe our soldiers and their families is the truth," Waxman said. "That didn't happen for two of the most famous soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars."

Brother calls tale 'calculated lies'

As the tide was turning in the U.S. battle against Afghan insurgents -- and as media outlets prepared to release reports on detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib in Iraq -- the military saw Pat Tillman's death as an "opportunity," Kevin Tillman told the panel.

Even after it became clear the report was bogus, the military clung to the "utter fiction" that Pat Tillman was killed by a member of his platoon who was following the rules of engagement, the brother said.

"Revealing that Pat's death was a fratricide would have been yet another political disaster during a month already swollen with disasters," Kevin Tillman said. "The facts needed to be suppressed. An alternative narrative had to be constructed, crucial evidence destroyed."

Tillman bristled at the military claim that the initial report was merely misleading.

Clearly resentful, he told the panel that writing a field report stating that his brother had been "transferred to an intensive care unit for continued CPR after most of his head had been taken off by multiple 5.56 rounds is not misleading."

"These are deliberate and calculated lies," he said.

Pat Tillman, who became a national hero after he gave up a lucrative contract with the NFL's Arizona Cardinals to join the Army's elite Rangers force, was awarded the Silver Star, the military's third-highest combat decoration, after the Army said he was killed leading a counterattack.

O'Neal testified that his superiors had him write a statement about the incident for Tillman's Silver Star commendation. He said the final version contained false statements about enemy fire that had been inserted by someone else.

Thomas F. Gimble, the Defense Department's acting inspector general, said that investigators could not determine who altered O'Neal's statement and that no attempt was made to examine the document's electronic history.

The Army later acknowledged not only that Tillman was killed by his fellow soldiers, but that officers in Tillman's chain of command knew the counterattack story was bogus.

Still, Senior Chief Petty Officer Stephen White told the official heroism-under-fire story at a May 3, 2004, memorial service for Tillman.

"It's a horrible thing that happened with Pat," White, a Navy SEAL who was Tillman's friend, told the committee. "I'm the guy that told America how he died, basically, at that memorial. It was incorrect. That does not sit well with me."

Though the military blamed the erroneous report on an inadequate initial investigation, Mary Tillman told ESPN Radio last month that everyone involved in the shooting knew immediately that her son had been shot three times in the head by a member of his platoon.

"The Tillman family was kept in the dark for more than a month," Waxman said. "Evidence was destroyed. Witness statements were doctored. The Tillman family wants to know how all of this could've happened."

Lynch: Truth 'not always easy'

Lynch's testimony began with a recollection of the March 23, 2003, attack and her purported rescue nine days later.

As she and her fellow 11 soldiers drove through Nassiriya, Iraq, they noticed armed men standing in the streets and on rooftops. Three soldiers were quickly killed when a rocket-propelled grenade slammed into their vehicle, Lynch said.

The other eight died in the ensuing fighting or from injuries suffered during the fighting, she said. Lynch later woke up at Saddam Hussein General Hospital.

"When I awoke, I did not know where I was. I could not move. I could not call for help. I could not fight," she said, explaining she had a six-inch gash in her head and numerous broken bones. "The nurses at the hospital tried to soothe me, and they even tried unsuccessfully at one point to return me to Americans."

On April 1, U.S. troops came for her.

"A soldier came into the room. He tore the American flag from his uniform, and he handed it to me in my hand and he told me, 'We're American soldiers, and we're here to take you home.' And I looked at him and I said, 'Yes, I'm an American soldier, too,' " she recalled.

She was distraught to come home and find herself billed as a hero when two of her fellow soldiers had fought bravely until the firefight's end and another had died after picking up soldiers and removing them from harm's way.

"The American people are capable of determining their own ideals for heroes, and they don't need to be told elaborate lies," she said. "I had the good fortune to come home and to tell the truth. Many soldiers, like Pat Tillman, did not have that opportunity.

"The truth of war is not always easy. The truth is always more heroic than the hype," she said.

Lynch became a celebrity after U.S. troops filmed what they said was a daring raid on the hospital. Hospital staffers, however, said there were no Iraqi troops at the hospital when the purported rescue took place.

In the March 23, 2003, attack, Lynch, the Army claimed, was shot and stabbed during a fierce gun battle with Iraqi troops that left 11 of her comrades dead. It was later learned that Lynch never fired a shot during the firefight because her gun was jammed with sand.
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PostMon Aug 16, 2010 8:02 pm » by whitedeath

Remember Pat Tillman, the brave soldier, great athlete and hero? The press told us he was killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Then the rumors came out that it was "friendly fire." Now we know the truth or do we?There is a movie about Tillman coming out. How much will it tell?

Tillman, not just an athlete but a very bright guy, had picked up on the fact that Afghanistan was a total scam and was talking about it. The administration ordered Tillman's murder. Pat Tillman was executed. Enough high ranking members of the Bush administration and the military were involved in the cover up that, in any real democracy, not only jails would be filling but the execution dock as well. Murder is a capitol crime. Those involved in Tillman's murder should be executed, no matter who they are. We are talking about every conspirator and members of the press who helped "spin" the tale.

Seems to have made up his mind pretty sharpish there lol interesting read though thanks "R"

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PostTue Aug 17, 2010 12:35 pm » by Sengine

Stuff like this is why I stopped reading the paper and watching TV over 2 years ago.
The best way to win the psyop game is to simply stop playing.

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PostTue Aug 17, 2010 1:35 pm » by Aragajag

Bring back the R
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PostTue Aug 17, 2010 2:21 pm » by Samkenman

I hate the media...nothing but a bunch of selfish, lying morons spewing full lies and half truths all backed by the government. They are told which stories to run and which to not. Any whistle blower is met with death or worse.
Take that bastard Sean Hannity for instance...that POS couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it.
Listen to his radio show today or pull up his last couple of radio shows....he has been going on and on about how this rich Islamic guy is wanting to build a mosque at ground zero...

A mosque at ground zero?? Really Hannity?? Well...I just checked out your story and it is completely false!!

#1. It is not going to be built AT ground zero. It is going to be built over 2 blocks from ground zero. 51 Park Place, New York city map it! Anyone who has ever been to New York knows that traveling 2 blocks can induce culture can go from China Town to Irish Town in 2 blocks. You can go from speaking Spanish to speaking Russian in 2 blocks. That is one of the many beauties of New York...its diverse culture....just about every nation is represented there...all contained on one little island.

#2: It is not JUST a Mosque. It will be a community center that just happens to have a mosque on ONE of its planned 13 stories! The new community center is open to everyone, not just Muslims. It will have a swimming pool, daycare, preschool, adult education center (for G.E.D.'s), athletic room, a seasonal (winter) homeless shelter complete with kitchen, showers and bathrooms.....and the list of amenities goes on and on....

And if you call into his radio show, trying to call him out on his lies...he cuts you off, talks over you or breaks to a commercial. He is a puppet owned by the Republican party/Government. Crap like this is par for the course in the U.S. media and the U.S. government.

Karma is a bitch and I can't wait for the day that Karma bites all these Fu***** in the arse

Reasons like this are why I come to DTV. DTV is one of the few places to get true, un-bias news backed up with citations that are easily tracked.

George Washington is rolling over in his grave due to all the b.s in the U.S. right now.

Every lying piece of scum, from the government down, will have is day....a day that needs to be today!
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PostTue Aug 17, 2010 2:28 pm » by Cornbread714 ... es_coverup

NEW YORK/ST PETERSBURG – Russian emergency officials have come up with a novel tool to smother the spate of heat wave caused wildfires that threaten to tear through radioactively contaminated forests and lands during the country’s hottest summer, releasing radiation: pull information about fires in radioactively contaminated areas and threaten punishment for those spreading “rumours.”
Charles Digges, 16/08-2010
On Friday, Sergei Shoigu, head of Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Services (MChS in its Russian abbreviation) issued a strong demand to “deal with” those groups of environmentalists and media who had reported on the “rumours of radiation dangers from the fires in the Bryansk Region,” a Russia-Ukraine border region that was hit heavily by fallout from the 1986 Chernobyl explosion, the world’s worst nuclear power plant disaster.

Shoigu also demanded that those who reported on the spread of radiation fro fires burning in contaminated areas be made known to authorities.

As a consequence, public information about fires in areas posing a potential radiation hazard were ripped down from government websites, most significantly the site of Roslesozashchita, Russia’s forestry agency, which pin-pointed areas most at threat from radiation redistribution into the atmosphere of fires that have been burning across Russia since July.

Whether the information was taken off the website by Roslesozashchita unilaterally or whether it had been ordered to do so by the MChS or the Kremlin could not be established Monday. A spokesman for the forestry agency referred Bellona Web to the MChS for comment, where another spokesman, who refused to give his name, repeated Shoigu’s denial that any radiation dangers were posed by the fires and commented no further before he hung up the phone.

Hitting delete doesn’t put out fires

The forest fires, however, continue to threaten a large number of Russia’s nuclear facilities and contaminated lands, according to information obtained by Bellona Web, including the All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics, a nuclear research facility in Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod Region. Fires still smouldering near Novovorozh Nuclear Power Plant in the Voronezh Region, 42 kilometers south of Moscow, have headed further southwest into ‘the neighbouring Belgorod Region. The Belgorod region borders on Ukraine’s west, an area of special concern given its proximity to Chernobyl.

Fires in the Chelyabinsk region continue to rage, threatening evaporation of lakes and rivers and the spread of radioactive silt.

The disappearance of the information bears the earmarkings of so many other Russian nuclear mishap cover-ups from the Kremlin’s stony silence following Chernobyl, to radiation dangers surrounding the Russian Northern Fleet to Russia’s attempted media black out surroundig the sinking of the Kursk nuclear submarine in 2000 – among dozens of others.

“Neither MChS nor Roslesozashchita have the right to hide information about the environment from Russians, a right that is guaranteed by the Russian Constitution,” said Vladimir Sliyvak, co-chair of Russia’s Ecodefence in a statement to Bellona Web.

“It is evident that fires have taken place on (radioactively) contaminated areas and that there is a possibility of re-distribution radiation – its stupid to deny it,” he said.

MChS could blame self for spreading ‘rumours’

Environmentalists, reporters and government officials, including the MChS, had previously warned that the spread into the Bryansk of Russia’s wildfires during this summer, which his the hottest since records started to be taken 130 years ago, could cause a new release of radioactivity into the atmosphere.

On August 5, 10 days ago, Shoigu himself warned of possible radiation spread should fires enter the contaminated zone surrounding Chernobyl.

"In the event of a fire there, radionuclides could rise [into the air] together with combustion particles, resulting in a new pollution zone," he told Russian national television.

Bellona’s executive Director Nils Boehmer and Sliyvak, said – in echo of Shoigu’s warnings –that fires could lift irradiated material left over from the Chernobyl explosion into the air, perhaps bringing it as far Russia’s already smog choked capital of Moscow.

“When fires spread to contaminated zones, they lift radioactivity up into atmosphere and the wind distributes it,” Slivyak told Bellona Web last week.

He was also critical of government agencies playing down the dangers of the fires.

“It reminds me 1986 when Chernobyl accident happened – at first officials also insisted there was no radiation problem,” he said. “And as a result, a lot of people suffered.”

By last week Roslesozashchita website was reporting – before it was taken down – that 269 fires were burning over 664 acres in the Bryansk Region.

But that was not all.

Roslesozashchita’s website also reported more than 500 other fires still raging through more than 4000 acres of radioactive trouble spots: In the Kaluga, 11 fires raged over 22 acres; Twelve fires were burning over 155 acres in the Kurgan Region; Tula hosted six fires over 109 acres; The Orlov Region held three fires over 32 acres and the Penza region, 34 fires over 206 acres.

But most worrisome of all, the Chelyabinsk region, home to the Mayak Chemical Combine, Russia’s nuclear reprocessing facility and one of the most radioactively contaminated areas on the planet hosted 401 fires over 3,536 acres.

Yet now the information is gone in a puff of smoke, but Slivyak’s Ecodefence managed to maintain a copy (in Russian) of what had been pulled from Roselesozachita’s website here.

The area surrounding Mayak poses special dangers unanticipated in Russian fire fighting efforts. Not only are irradiated trees, land and nuclear waste in danger, but rivers and lakes into which the Mayak Chemical Combine has for decades been dumping radioactive waste – principally the Techa River Cascade and Lake Karachai – have been evaporating, exposing irradiated silt to the air and wind.

Enviornmental groups in that area, most notably the local Movement for Nuclear Safety has sent an appeal for help to Chelyabinsk Regional Governnor Mikhail Yurevich, asking that he tend to the issues of silt that could arise in the event of winds, which could cause a radiation hazard equal to that of one that happened in the region in 1967.

During that year, exposed banks of the irradiated Lake Karachai, wrote the group in their appeal to Yurevich, were hit by strong whirlwinds and spread radioactive silt throughout the Chelyabinsk Region, necessitating the evacuation of several thousand people from the region and neighbouring areas.

Slivyak in his statement to Bellona demanded that Roslesozashchita return the information for public consumption.

“If it is true that mobile laboratories are working in the radioactively contaminated areas, then the data must be accessible to any taxpayer, as they are paying out of their pockets for the work of MChS and other expert organisations,” he said.

Alexander Shurshev contributed from St. Petersburg
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