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PostTue May 04, 2010 9:30 am » by Tboom

Reading the forum; I come across a topic "something is interacting with are SUN"
In examining the topic issue i find something strange, so i post.
But all the people there were just posting stupid i hate you messages.

I found something that should be looked at but all they could do is talk bad to one another.

Thank you chronicnerd for taking interest.
top right hand coroner
Here is the image
at the very bottom of page

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PostTue May 04, 2010 10:09 am » by Tboom

First off, your pic is tampered with.
This is a legitimate claim, just wondering what it was.
I got the pic out of the original video and did not tamper with it.
look at for your self, frame 14 ... r2_512.mpg

Why do you even come here? to be stupid? If so Please go do it some place else!
Let the people who are here to question and learn do so.
If you have nothing positive to say or some constructive criticism, with i don't know, maybe some thought behind it.

Like: What could they have been or a time line of what we should have been looking at in that particular moment.

Time is short, we don't have to act like this, this is why it is hard for people as a group to move forward, because of a few. The problem is, we need YOU ALSO to help! Focus that energy helping not reprimanding!

So, does anyone have an IDEA!

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PostTue May 04, 2010 10:39 am » by Aardvaaks

Tbom, unfortunately yesterday we had some problems with a few posts getting non related stuff posted repeatedly, so an instance of one person trying to disrupt us true seekers of info from this site.
One can spoil things for the many, it caused a minor irritation to those of us experiencing the noob but we carried on regardless, best way in the circumstances,
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