Peaceful Palestinian Protest

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PostSat Jun 04, 2011 12:41 am » by Perronick

boondox681 wrote:
We've been poking these people's eye for more than 100 years and now we accuse them of being violent and angry. Dude, stop pissing people off.

here's the thing..
EVERYONE has been poked for one reason or the other.fuck,i'm a native american.
that doesn't give them the 'right' to act like savages.
that's what these people are doing.
1.quit living in the past.
2.start taking some personal responsibility for your own words,acts and deeds.

something these fuckers know nothing about.


Agree, nobody wants to live in the past but, have you seen the news lately? I see the very same policies and the same stupid wars as in the past. Instead of Cambodia, Korea, Vietnam we have Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Instead of Honduras, Argentina, Chile we have Bahrein, Yehmen and Libya. We have the IMF raping the 3rld world as usual, literally. The Berlin was has fallen down, but the war on terror has begun and the war on drugs keeps going. We still live in a permanent state of alarm.

Same thing with Iran. They have 2 of its inmediate neighbours (Iraq and Afghanistan) military invaded (3 if you include Kuwait) and 1 more being dronned (Pakistan). The US is all over the place and the EU keeps providing logistics and gets to test its Eurofighters and stuff in real combat once in a while (you know, to make "a buck" selling them later). We are on the same page as 50 years ago using the same lies. War = Peace and Debt = Freedom.

I can tell you one thing, this "fuckers" they are the ones in need of real peace and change and they'll be the first to react positively if there was something to react to.


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